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In Topic: Parts From A DVD Player

19 June 2008 - 06:29 AM

simple way to discharge those pesky Caps (so they dont discharge into you). First off, MOST capacitors hold charge for only about 24 hrs MAX (some larger ones hold longer) depending on the electrolyte (chemical inside). anything that has been powered off and UNPLUGGED for a week or so SHOULD be safe. if you are unsure how long it has been out of service, you can plug the unit in and turn it on. while it is still on unplug it and let it slowly power off that way. If using a TV / comp monitor, you will notice thebrightness slowly fade - this is because the cap is discharging at its designated rate.

Also when opening a TV, be careful to NOT break the CRT (picture tube). if you do, and notice a powdery cloud HOLD YOUR BREATH and get away from it until it settles (once away u can breathe again ;) ) The inside of the screen is coated w/ phosphorus (which is what creates the picture when exposed to high voltage) and when the vacuum is suddenly removed it becomes airborne & can do a # on the lungs. To avoid this situation use a pair of pliers, grab the nipple @ the end of the pic tube, and wiggle til it cracks and the vacuum will slowly neutralize in pressure w/out creating the phos cloud.

There You Go Getting All O/C Education On Us Again :P

In Topic: Pearl paints

10 June 2008 - 11:30 AM

I'm With Led On This One, IMHO A Nice Bright Chrome Is The Best Base For Pearls. Silvers Work Too But The Chrome Just Seems To Give It More Depth And A Nice Pop <_<

In Topic: What are your favorite car songs?

03 June 2008 - 01:50 PM

Dirk: You're Brave. DJ-ing A Car Show With Such An Intimidating List Of Possible Songs To Play. Good Luck And More Power To You!

I'm Surprised Nobody's Thought Of This One: "Riding With Private Malone" by David Ball.
And Of Course There Are The One's That Have Been Said That Need To Be Said Again To Emphasize They're Importance:
"Hot Rod Lincoln" "Sweet Caroline" "Highway To Hell" "Fun Fun Fun" etc...
I Also Know Two Really Good Car Songs From A Guy Named Frankey Scott In Florida. "Model A Ford" and "Chopped Top Chevy", They're Rockabilly, And You Probably Can't Find Them On Limewire Or Anything Like That, But If You're Interested PM Me And I'll Send Them To You Somehow.

In Topic: Real or Model #41 FINISHED!

03 June 2008 - 01:31 PM

I say it's Real. The background looks photoshopped to be fake. :)

In Topic: LHS Love

03 June 2008 - 08:48 AM

I've Heard Of The One In Pawtucket (Darlington Hobby) From A Friend Who Loved It When She Was Younger, She Just Can't Get There Now. Hopefully Me And Led Will Be Going Down There Soon. :)

I'm Graced Enough To Have Hobby Shop Owners That Are Actually Into Modeling. I Think One Of The Best Shops I've Seen - When You Look At Diversity In What They Sell, Friendliness, And Interesting People Who Know What They're Talking About - May Be Harry's Hobbies & Collectables. They're Real Good To Me And Led As Well As (To My Knowledge) Everyone Else. They Give Us A Discount For All Our Support, And They're Some Nice People To Just Chat With. They Carry Everything I Can Think Of From Tamiya Paints And Model Masters To After Market Parts And Tools Galore!