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Dennis' 2014 Line Up

25 December 2014 - 09:27 AM

Had a pretty productive year with 7 hitting the display case. Especially considering I didn't finish any models last year. Here they are in order of completion:


IMG_0790-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


IMG_0805-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


IMG_1028-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


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1927 Ford Modified Roadster

23 November 2014 - 04:35 PM

This project started by receiving an unsolicited resin '27 roadster body in the mail one day from my pal Jon Ferren. Tucked inside was a short note reading, “Thought you could make something cool out of this – Jon.”

Like most (all?) of us, I already had plenty of projects needing attention but decided to show my appreciation for Jon's gesture by getting to work right away on making something out of the body. The body was originally intended to be used on the new Monogram / Revell Slingster dragster kit. Having just built the one Slingster I had before receiving this body, I had to come up with an alternative starting point for the chassis. The only thing I had on hand was an unbuilt Double Dragster rail so that's where I started. 


AMT Double Dragster frame modified with re-worked bars in cowl area to better fit T body. New seem-less front cross member made from 1/8” tube. 

AMT '57 Chevy '409 engine block, heads and valve covers. Axle holes in block filled. 

AMT Chevy parts pack bell housing and direct-drive “in/out” gear box.

AMT Chevy parts pack chrome oil pan and Potvin super charger modified to fit '409. Double Dragster magneto wired.


AMT Double Dragster headers - drilled. 

Revell '32 5-Window Moon fuel tank with re-clocked brackets. Fuel system plumbed.

Revell Orange Crate front axle and suspension parts with scratch built steering link.

AMT Double Dragster quick change rear axle.

Revell Tony Nancy 22 Jr. front wheels and tires.

AMT New '33 Willys Halibrand 5-spoke rear wheels and AMT parts pack slicks.

Altered States '27 Roadster dragster resin body.

AMT Double Dragster seat, parachute, dash board, tachometer and steering wheel with Revell Tweedy Pie gauge decals and photo etch bezels.

Testors 1-coat Fiery Orange paint with miscellaneous decals.

















1934 Ford Cabriolet - Early 50's SoCal Hot Rod

10 August 2014 - 03:48 PM

Fresh off of the bench is this 1934 Ford Cabriolet. Built using parts 1950 or older and representing a classy finished hot rod in Southern California back in the early 50's.




Revell-O-Gram “Thom Taylor” '34 Cabriolet body, top and frame.

AMT '34 Coupe grill.

36 Ford headlights.

'37 Ford taillights.

Revell '32 Ford 5-Window front cross member and axle/suspension.

Disc brakes replaced with early Ford brake plates from Revell '40/'48 Ford's.

Steering linkage converted to side steer and modified '40 Ford box.

Complete rear axle and brakes from Revell '48 Ford's.

AMT '34 Coupe wheels and front tires.

Rear wheels made .040” deeper and wrapped in .010” sheet.

Monogram '41 Lincoln rear tires.

Revell '50 Pickup engine block/trans, oil pan, front cover/water pumps, belt drive and fan.

Edelbrock finned heads, generator, starter and exhaust headers from Revell '40 Ford's.

Dual intake and Stromberg carburetors from Revell '37 Pickup.

Model Car Garage carburetor risers.

Carburetor scoops made from exhaust tips.

Detail Master pre-wired distributor and wire separators.

Modified Revell '32 Ford radiator.

Hildebrant oil filter from Revell Orange Crate with stock Ford filter lid.

Revell '50 Pickup dash board.

'40 Ford steering wheel.

Modified Revell '32 3-Window floor, seat and door/side panels.

Body, frame, wheel color: Tamiya Maroon.

Engine color: Tamiya Racing White.

Suspension color: Tamiya Mica Silver.




















1950 F1 Pickup UPDATE 6-15-14

03 June 2014 - 05:40 PM

Here's the beginnings of my newest hack & whack job. I've seen a number of people attempt to make these trucks fender-less over the years and have had it in my mind for a while now to take a stab at it. Only time will tell of it works out or not.

So far I removed all of the extra junk hanging off of the frame rails, Z'd the frame just behind the cab while at the same time losing 1/2" out of the wheelbase to bring the rear wheels forward. The cab lost about 1/8" off it's lower edge, 1/4" right out of the middle, 3/16" out of the height of the roof and 1/4" channel the full thickness of the frame. The bed lost 1/2" out of the middle. Wheels and rear tires are '41 Lincoln and the planned motor is the Caddy out of the Revell '49 Merc.













Slingster Dragster

31 May 2014 - 07:21 PM

I've been wanting to dig into this kit since I got one back in January. Got a few other projects out of the way so it was finally time. I did make some basic changes to give the kit a personal touch.
 - Rear wheels, M&H slicks and fuel tank from Tony Nancy 22JR
 - Blower, drive belt, 4-port injector and scoop from KS Pitman Willys
 - Fuel pump, magneto, rear axle shield and decals from AMT Double Dragster
 - Ignition wires and fuel hose
 - Testors 1-coat Deja Blue on the body panels, Tamiya Light Gunmetal on the frame