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In Topic: R.I.P. Scott VanSlooten

13 February 2013 - 09:59 AM

Scott was the founding starter for the "Meet & Greet" club. Our first meeting was with "Spooter" aka Paul Spolhof,and my self. We set up the ground rules. "No judging allowed of others builds",and "you must bring one,or more to display to each meeting if possible,even if it was under construction". Then the guys on their own started swapping parts,or donating parts they didn't need. We started only using a small table at the resturant...now it has gotten so big...the display table ended up being on the pool table in the resturant ! Scott was the one who would get the dates the guys chose,and he was the one who called the resturant,and set up the date with them. Scott,and his ife Sandy let us use their basement a lot. He would also help guys in their builds. He was into building "Pro-Street" builds. He challenged me to get out of my 50s "custom" builds,and do a "Pro-Street" build. I ended up doing a 60 Ford. It was hard for me not to put on fender skirts,and wide whites ! LOL! This shows what a big part of our club                hewas.He will be missed.