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In Topic: Help with applying a gloss over decals without ruining the decals.

Today, 07:13 AM

Future is the preferred material.If you insist on using paint over your decals Testor "One Coat" clear works fine and won't wrinkle them like TS-13 does.Spray it as lightly as possible-it goes on a bit thick like all Testor paints but once it's polished out it looks great.

In Topic: Porsche 944 & 944 turbo Convertible - Italeri

Today, 06:31 AM

I just got the coupe kit(in a Testor box) last week as a gift.Since the engine looks a bit too basic the kit looks to be a candidate for an engine swap.A Ford small block or maybe a GM ZL1 come immediately to mind.Blown Gasser Hemi Porsche perhaps? :wacko:

In Topic: Ross Gibson...engines...sad news

Today, 05:38 AM

I hope that someone does pick up the molds and continues production of the engine kits.Excellent products.

In Topic: Australian V8 supercars

Today, 05:34 AM

It made me chuckle when I read that Roger Penske announced that his group was going  V8 Supercar racing in Australia just as Ford was pulling out of the series(and the whole Australian car industry is heading to the dumper).Perfect timing,RP,perfect timing.Marcus Ambrose may be back stateside sooner than he anticipated.

BTW,V8 Supercars aren't anything like NASCAR Cup cars.Cup cars are tube frame,non production based cars.V8 Supercars(correct me if I'm wrong) are production car based racers with a cage system added.

In Topic: Good deal

18 December 2014 - 11:43 AM

Deals happen where they happen.I've gotten deals at model shows,club meetings,hobby store clearances,purchased collections,and swap meets.When I'm

feeling bucks up I'll make a special trip to the Model Cave in Ypsilanti and get deals there from John and Melissa on the offbeat kits that I like.