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In Topic: 1/25 Revell Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon 2'n'1

Yesterday, 09:37 PM

I have the correct rear bumper from the Revell Chopped Ranchero. Wonder if it fits?

Let us know, Andy. 


If it does, would any of the resin-casters be willing to cast it? I'll buy one.


Charlie Larkin

In Topic: Jaguar XJ6 V8 Swap - Worth It?

01 July 2015 - 08:03 PM

You have a real project.


To keep the price manageable, learn how to restore and re-finish wood. Plan on doing your own upholstery, too. Jaguar bodies are touchy, leave the body repair to someone who know what they're doing unless you're a trained bodyman.


By '86, the Jag engines were pretty much reliable and were nowhere near as bad leakers as the 1970s-early '80s. I'd seriously look into rebuilding it and putting it back in. I think you'll be quite happy with the performance. You might also want to consider exchanging it and the transmission for rebuilt units from Jasper or one of the other remanufacturers. It could save you a ton. 


The major problem from what I remember with a couple of my friends with Jags of this vintage was the engine electrical. It might worth looking into upgrading to newer components from Bosch or perhaps even Mallory or MSD if they have something that works. 


For wiring harnesses, call Rhode Island Wire. They can supply you an all-new harness (or mostly new if they want to re-use your connectors,) and that harness, I can almost guarantee, will out-perform the original Lucas harness.


Charlie Larkin 

In Topic: DOH pulled from TV Land

01 July 2015 - 07:56 PM

So when they show a civil war documentary , they'll have to blur out the conferate flag?

What about civil war reinactments?  

Two very legitimate questions.


I'm sure if certain factions had their way, history would be erased or altered.


Speaking as an (armchair) historian and a American of Armenian descent (read up on the Armenian Genocide and the continuing issues,) the efforts to destroy and change history are alarming. And no matter how disturbing or upsetting it might be, we have to be shown the truth. 


Charlie Larkin

In Topic: Year of change 1949 X "old" 1948.

01 July 2015 - 07:53 PM

Nice to see a '49 in something besides red or black. That cream-yellow is pretty.


Charlie Larkin

In Topic: 68 Camaro Replica

01 July 2015 - 07:49 PM

Very nicely done.


Charlie Larkin