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In Topic: Little Known Car Facts

Yesterday, 07:52 AM

:lol:  :D

In Topic: Yet another 57 Chevy done

Yesterday, 07:52 AM

Nice color combo. It grabs your eye .

In Topic: So that's what that little hickey's for ?

Yesterday, 07:48 AM

Cheap boot?   :lol:

In Topic: My Other (Sometimes) Car Related Hobby

Yesterday, 04:07 AM

Yes I agree they are a very cheap form advertising .

I did not know casinos were still giving them out . They are even hard to find in the stores. 

In Topic: 'Simple' Headers for early Funny Car/Gasser: How to make?

Yesterday, 03:58 AM


This just one of the answers I got from typing headers into the ips section Gene. Many more one here and some mentioned Youtube .