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In Topic: Is the AMT 1970 1/2 Camaro any good?

Yesterday, 06:10 PM

What is the kit number for the 'avoid-at-all-costs' kit?

Don't know, but it's obvious by the box art--the only one w/ the older style AMT/ertl box art and in red--IIRC, this kit had only 1 issue.   The later tooling kit has been out in green and orange on the box..

In Topic: Gratuitous...? Hell YES! God bless Mopar!

Yesterday, 06:01 PM

I'd love to see this car kitted...would be nice for Revell..yet they are doing a '13 instead, inexplicably.

In Topic: I believe that model building is more popular than we might think

Yesterday, 04:10 PM

So here's an interesting couple of questions; " Given the chance, do kids still like to build things with their hands? And, " Do kids like cars? If the answer to those questions are yes, (and I think they will be) then it's game on and it's just a matter of exposure. But somebody has to be willing to take the plunge.


The following state isn't going to make that happen:


" They can do both. So could we... but our kit manufacturers heads are stuck in the 1960s.

And others have said that the kids like the older subjects and need to be exposed to them, but I can't see that being a viable business model--- maybe a small subset of young people are into the past, but I can't see young people en masse being interested in model subjects (or 1:1 cars) from their grandparents era.


 I know there are far fewer adult and child 'car guys' today (interest in cars in general pretty much goes hand in hand w/ interest in model cars) than when I was a kid in the '80s, but I would think the majority of younger people that are into cars would be more interested in modern cars and modern subjects rather than obscure subjects from the distant past.

In Topic: Is the AMT 1970 1/2 Camaro any good?

Yesterday, 03:24 PM

It's the old AMT annual kit (last issued as a '77) backdated. MPC's was updated through '81, but should still exist in that form.

Good to know..wasn't sure of the origin of that kit.  I have a bunch of the '70s-era tooling AMT and MPC Camaros, never noticed much difference in them as far as the tooling.

In Topic: do you like radials?

11 July 2014 - 05:35 PM

Or howzabout a radial engined VW?