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Cannonball 2015 build Ferrari 250 GTO 5/2/15

02 May 2015 - 03:18 AM

I don't like that my build posts get lost in the huge Cannonball Community Build thread so I'm doing what others have done and start a separate thread for the build ... more for my own ability to find it! :lol:  These will be duplicates of posts made in the Cannonball thread.


This follows the rules set for this Sleeperball Cannonball Run:

1. Take a car that is not normally considered fast. Make it fast without altering its appearance that might let on that it's fast.


2. If the car IS normally thought of as fast, it should be in such poor condition/appearance, that no one would give it a second glance.


There is no limit on, year/make or model, as long as it meets the above criteria.

The subject must appear to NOT be capable of running such a race. Sky is the limit on imagination. HOWEVER this time we won't be limited the parts used on the racer to this year, so feel free to use those modern drivetrains and rolling stock.




Monogram Ferrari 250 GTO


OK .. I'm committing to a group build .. I have trouble finishing any of these I start, but I have trouble finishing any build I start! :lol:  I'm going to really try to get this one in the race.


(please note that this story is pure conjecture and imagination based loosely on fact)

This is the one out of 39 Ferrari 250 GTO's that has disappeared since it was rumored to have been sold in 2014 for $39 million. It was owned by the Violati family since 1965 and , again per rumors, to have resided in an old wine brewery in northern Italy. Found by Ricardo Violati who used the barn to house his wrecked Lamborgini's and newer Ferraris from his father after his drunken rides through the Itialian alps. Ricardo had no respect for the value of money.  He was  handed anything he desired by his wealthy family and cast all aside as he was given new toys. He also had no respect for the great engineering that created the automobiles that he so carlessly abused and cast aside. Yes, Ricardo was a spoiled rich kid.
Despite his disrespect for the automobile, his favorite movie was " Cannonball Run", not for the excitement of the various vehicles but for the way they were abused. On reading of a new Cannonball Run for 2015 he decided he HAD to participate in this American tradition and "show those amatures how to drive!". Reading rule two ...If the car IS normally thought of as fast, it should be in such poor condition/appearance, that no one would give it a second glance .. he decided he had many cars to chose from.
He ricochetedoff the the Alps to his winery cache and chose the missing 250 GTO he spent a night polishing the seat with the acidic heaving of his stomach. The winery rats had had their way with the seats and the leaking winery roof took it's toll on the body. The smashed right front fender he crushed on that last night could be replaced easily with a replica. Mysteriously one of the wire wheels was missing ... he wondered if it might have been that bothersome guy trying to buy this derelict. It would be cool to see a set of American mags on the GTO anyway ... nice fat ones in back! The rest could be fixed with duct tape and paint from the local ValMart.

This model is a glue bomb from an ebay jumk pile of sports cars I got for a Porsche 944 build. It had virtually no paint, other than the oddly used black in body panels. The builder had troubles applying the tube glue effectivly as it was sparce in some places and way over glued in others. The glue could be plainly seen everywhere. Looking at the car cloesly I could see why the Monogram Ferrari 250 GTO was released by many companies .. it is a very nice kit for it's age and nicely detailed.

So, I threw it in the freezer to see if it could be taken apart. It all reverted to it's "natural" stay pretty well .. many broken locator pins, but they are easily replaced. The only piece that remains stubborn is the glass ... it refuses to budge loose. I started to just grind it out  but it still won't come loose. I may just leave it and mask off for painting.


No box art but here's the starting condition and what I've done to date ..







and now ..






1001 uses for Bondic 4/30/15 thin post repair

28 April 2015 - 07:24 PM

I started this thread as a continuation to crazyjim's thread Anybody tried Bondic yet? I've been using this product in my building whenever is seems it will do the job easier and better than what I'd normally use. This is a light-cured liquid plastic and cured after 4 seconds of exposure to the included light.


I'm going to paste here my replies from jim's thread and will be continually adding to it as I find new uses. This will let me edit the thread topic to reflect new additions.



The Bondic came and I had a good test as a quick casting compound. I can't afford to use resin because my casting needs are few and far between and doesn't justify what would be 30 years of casting resin for a few hubcaps once or twice a year. I have resin probably 20 years old sitting on a shelf .. I know .. it's too old.


So I chose the front VW logo from Revel's Samba kit. I bought the kit just for that separate logo to use on a build of my Dad's '56 Bus that I couldn't paint the cast on logo to my satisfaction.


I did all this today! I made a mold with RTC silicone 2 part Mold Putty (this IS 20 years old too but still works). I 'drew' the logo with the Bondic .. moved the application pen around the letters trying to not get any between them. It has a nice consistency ... a little thickish but flows out and levels well. I nudged it around with the tip to get it evenly placed. Then a 4 second light application ... well, I did it for about 10 seconds to be safe. Then I pulled it from the mold! It just popped out easily .. no stick to the mold at all. A part of the outer edge was missing .. so I put it back tight in the mold and added a small drop at the missing area. Cured it and popped out. Couldn't tell where I patched it!




Here's a link to the Bondic web site



The photo shows the mold, cast logo and the original logo (in white). The Bondic is basically clear. You can see a little roughness around the edges which are my quick mold process more than anything.



This photo shows the logo after I sanded it a bit. It sands like plastic. The material is a bit flexible ... you can bend it without breaking. I also cut out some with the knife where it spilled over the mold. Easily trimed like plastic.



This is after a coat of primer. It does need a little light sanding, but I'd call this done and useable. Very nice!



So, I feel Bondic is another good tool to add to the arsenal we usr building cars. It's quick and easy for those little things we NEED!  I haven't tried it yet as a bonding agent .. :lol:

Truck suspension on Monogram Chevy Sport Pick-Up 4x4

05 April 2015 - 10:42 AM

I'm not a truck expert so I need some help identifying and locating pieces from the Monogram Chevy Sport Pick-Up 4x4 I am using to go under a '49 Merc Wagon. The pieces are circled in red on the attached photo from the instructions. I can see how the cross bar attaches but the ends have no attachment point on the axles or frame. These ends also are enlarged with a smaller diameter ending that looks like it should fit in a hole. I did search online   anything I could find on this and had no luck. Even if you can identify what this is called would help.



American Truck Simulator is coming ..

03 April 2015 - 04:26 AM

 ... but not until August 2015. :(   This is being developed by SCS Software who publish Euro Truck Simulator2. It will have American trucks and America, though it's expected the whole of America will be released pieces at a time as this is a huge area to create and detail! It looks like it will be very similar to ETS2 with new things added.


Here's a video of an early Alpha version for you truckers to see. It's an hour long ... sounds like driving a long haul truck .. eheh.


A short pre-release review. with photos





My Class of 2014 for Dummies. hehe all still WIP ;)

27 December 2014 - 08:37 AM

As usual I didn't complete any builds during 2014, but I SURE Had fun! So, while everyone posts their builds in Under Glass I have a tradition of posting everything I worked on during the year here.  :P


The '32 is still outside the paintshop door ..



'69 Bug ... extractor is gonna get redone I think



yikes.. I DID slow down this year. only the two recent ones  left!


... Subaru Sambar




and the jacked '49 Merc Wagon