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In Topic: Delivered mail - "lost"...

Yesterday, 05:59 AM

Thank you all for your input! :)


@Tom, wow, 5 years! At least they return it.


@Covis, I will not hold my breath on the reply for the USPS, probably they will wash their hands saying that it shows was delivered...


@Danno, I'm looking into the Postal Inspector, and the link will send me to the USPS, when I select Mail Theft, it show up another scroll down window, and on the list there is nothing that can apply to my item.

Here the list:



The one that could be close is Precious Metal.


Thanks again guys!

In Topic: Bartoletti Transporter and the Daytona Coupe...

Yesterday, 05:25 AM

Some more details on the front and rear axles.





In Topic: Tamiya LaFerrai

Yesterday, 05:24 AM

Agree on the carbon fiber, looks great.

In Topic: Ol' Gypsy

Yesterday, 05:23 AM

Looking good!

In Topic: 1966 Chevy Nova Show car

Yesterday, 05:22 AM

Looks good! I like the color too!