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In Topic: 1/25 AMT '69 Chevrolet Corvair

27 October 2014 - 02:19 AM

AMT did not have the prior to Production  for many Kits for the '68 MY . The Impala is a good example of one of them . It was similar to a bash of a '67 & '68 . No back window . The Camero / Firebird were close but no Cigar . MPC got the nod instead of AMT . The MPC kit was accurate . The '65 - '69 MY Corvairs did not change much . As AMT lacked the forward information , this kit was produced . GM Bean Counters had declared the only changes to the Corvair were restricted to updates to keep it inline with the Regulations for (then new Government) MY Mandates . The Corvair would get the Axe when Costs were amortized . This decision was made in the Summer of '65 and not publicized outside the Corporation . Most dealers did not know this especially the Independent Dealers . Look at the Option list over the ensuing years and how it shrank . Corvair RPO's became impossible to obtain . When this point was achieved in 1969 , these were deleted . All on order with Customers waiting did without or took what was in the Inventory period . The Dealerships were given 6 weeks to return all parts or eat the Cost . Anyone having one being repaired and the parts suddenly not available .. were just out of luck . The general did it it's MO . Offered large discounts and Huge Trade in Value . The Dealership I worked in at that time had one in the Body Shop . When this came to pass , the Customer took the Sucker Bait . The Wrecked Corvair was scrapped . 

   Tha '60 MY Corvair had not only a Gasoline Heater . It was available with the Hot Air from the manifolds as did the VW . All later models had the Heat Box only . Both worked poorly until around the '63 MY . I did get the opportunity to fix both types . My '60 had the non-functional Gasoline . While trying to diagnose the problem , I had wished for the HOT BOX . A changeover was next to impossible BTW .

   I have a Slush Cast Corvan . It is workable , not shake - remove contents and there is a build . PM me for contact information . I am not aware if he is or is not still selling these . I do not think it is Fair to give free advertisement here on the site . Only game in town as far as I know .

   I did contact Modelhaus about a '6O MY Coupe . I have the available to me necessary parts to make one for a Master . Rampsides were only limited production due to slow consumer response . Not many people wanted one for many reasons related to Corvairs . Many customers walked away from the first Chevy Vans for the same reasons . Sitting on the Driver's seat and turning the key to view Corvair Idiot Lights was such a turn off . Many ran away actually .. I witnessed this on a Used Unit . Gotta Love the Bean Counters .

   I do collect Corvairs . I just don't want to be near a 1:1 . My neighbor of recant years past bought one . I did "admire it from afar" as I am a survivor of a Killer Corvair . BTW , keeping the tire pressure at 15 # in the rear did not negate the danger .   Thanx ..

In Topic: The Corvair Topic

24 October 2014 - 09:47 AM

It is funny how History twists things . Corvair Stories just continue to deflect the truth . The Rear Suspension Design was ';

BANNED BY EVERY SANCTIONED COMPETITION ORGANIZATION WORLDWIDE DUE TO INSTABILITY WHEN DIVERTING FROM A STRAIGHT AHEAD DIRECTION .,. PERIOD . This came to pass in 1953 . The Corvair came equipped with this Death Trap Design to save the Corp .50 per car . So what's the cost of a few deaths . None unless it is one of your loved ones . Does anyone else remember Ernie Kovacs ? In the 1964 MY , the Safer design the Engineers wanted in the first place was made the only Production process for these units . The comments still continue today how safe these were to drive . I owned a 1960 in 1966 . I would not sit in a Parked and disabled one today . Especially one making any other attitude than straight ahead . 

    Ralph Nadir did not hate the Corvair . Nor hate GM as a matter of fact . He just had a walk on Easy Street pointing out how dangerous the Cars were at that time citing GM blunders . Pnrdl's anyone instead of PRNDL's ?  Unbelievably Gm was the best at  producing Cars that would fail and kill people . Just like Today this is inarguable   . Also , Ralph did own a Late Model '55 Chevy . He drove it for less than a month and sold it . The dangers of this Vehicle scared him that he spent the rest of his life in the back seats while others drove . So , let us not honor a significant piece of Automotive History by giving it the proper recognition it does deserve . If just to honor the Victims that were killed due to this wholesale recklessness upon consumers .  

    I am proud to have Corvairs in my Collection . I don't want a 1"1 near me .. Thanx ..

In Topic: Header Help. Please!

24 October 2014 - 07:26 AM

Yes , these are the same type as in the Studebaker kit . An alternative would be making these from Solder or wire one by one . I have these from the Stud kits .  PM me , we can trade .. Thanx ..

In Topic: Jaguar kits

24 October 2014 - 05:12 AM

As far as a D Jag .. only a resin from the '80's existed . It was based on the Ideal - Ringo - Lindbergh kit . Full detail it was not . One Appeared in a Model Car Magazine in the early '80's IIRC . These are on Evil bait cheap ..

In Topic: 61 Continental Restored Update 10/31/14

24 October 2014 - 04:32 AM

If someone is looking for Ideas .. WIP's I have are ;

   '42 Blackout Continental Convertible , '46-'48 Continental Convertibles . Yes , that's right from the Lindbergh / Pyro kits . A decent Engine is available . Wheels are a Major Stumbling Block . Many other modifications are required . I've done one in my first Collection . Tucker Steering wheels can be sourced from Modelhaus . Preston Tucker bought Contemporary Continental Steering Wheels from FoMoCo .

   '55 MY was a conversion R&R kit . '56 MY was a R&R conversion kit . '57 MY a new Modelhaus kit . I have the Hendrix Mfg kit . It needs much as it is a conversion . The Modelhaus kit s complete . The Continental MK II was an F&F kit . Ed Fluck III does not have the molds . I see someone out there in Casting Land has one kit in the planning stages .

   Yes , I do factory Stock Builds .

     If I am able to post here again , I would show my built string from '58-'68 . Thanx ..