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Beam Axle for Revell Deuce easy & cheap

Yesterday, 12:40 PM

Many people were disappointed when the Rat Roaster did not come with a beam front axle rather than the tube axle found on all other Revell Deuces. For the first Revell Deuce I built with a beam axle I used the very nice one in the AMT ’41 Woodie. For the second one I used just the central beam section from the Revell ’40 Ford Coupe Street Rod. That got me thinking that now I have another two incomplete kits so there must be a better solution. With my second beam axle Deuce I was able to maintain the basically pretty good Revell Deuce front-end suspension system except for the mandatory lowering modifications, which makes life easier so, rather than robbing another kit I decided to try substituting #271 -  .060” – 1.5mm I-Beam Evergreen Strip Styrene.

Mythology – see photos below

1 – De-chrome and do whatever lowering and wheel mounting modification are necessary. De-chroming allows you to do a good clean up of seam lines etc. but you could forgo the de-chroming and just use Bare-Metal Foil.

2 – Cut out the tubular center section. The remaining tubular upturned axle ends can be filed to give a flatter surface, which will not be very obvious once the shock absorbers are in place.

3 – Give some curvature to a length of the Evergreen I-Beam. The warm of your hands is enough to do this.

4 – Cut the I-Beam to length. Slightly longer is actually OK as it gives some tension to the curvature. In the final photo the I-Beam section has not been glued into place but by using liquid plastic glue any gaps will be eliminated.

5 – If you desire you can drill the I-Beam before installation

6 – Chrome with Alclad or paint and you have an easy and cheap beam axle without robbing another kit.

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Stone, Woods & Cook 41 Willys - Revell Selected Subjects Program re-release

26 May 2015 - 10:35 AM

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I picked up the Revell Selected Subjects Program re-release of the venerable Stone, Woods & Cook ’41 Willys and it makes me very happy. Willys gassers were my favourite drag cars back in the day and I have wanted to build both the SW&C and Mazmanian cars for a long time. For years I wanted one of the original SW&C kits but could never find one at swaps and I am not an Ebay guy. I was thinking of modifying one of the newer Revell Willys kits but never did. I finally bought a previously started molded in blue kit just two months ago but now I have one that has never been touched and is still bagged.

I was very pleased to open the box and see white styrene and surprisingly very little flash. There is a new set of decals, which includes blue decals for the interior and blower scoop, seat belts and white walls for the front tires. This was a very impressive kit when new with opening doors and trunk, pose able steering, separate chrome body trim, very detailed running gear and interior.

I am looking forward to building this model alongside the newer Revell Willys for a classic and modern modelling experience. About the only time I will likely change is to use the newer kits headlights.

The box art is much like the original issue but has a great looking newly built model on the box ends.

The original car still exists but without the distinctive custom front end. There has also been a very accurate replica of the Mazmanian car built and both cars have been featured in The Rodder’s Journal.

Formula 1 with larger diameter wheels

22 May 2015 - 08:02 PM

Michelin is promoting a return to F1 if there is a shift to modern larger diameter wheels and lower profile tires which have been used on Le Mans race-cars for a number of years. I have been in favor of this for a long time and built a model to reflect how an F1 car would look almost a decade ago. F1 would of course have to make regulation changes to suspension and braking specifications with this change. The model is based on a 1/24 Revell of Germany Williams with parts-box wheels & tires and home-made decals
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Deuce Days in Scale Victoria BC Canada July 24, 2016

15 May 2015 - 10:12 AM

Yes it is a long-time in the future but the full-scale Deuce days is an extremely popular event so if you think you might attend you might want to make a cancellable reservation soon. Check out the website given on the poster.
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Deuce Hiboy Roadster- running gear &suspension update -May20

12 May 2015 - 06:25 AM

I am building nothing but Deuce models for the next 14 months in preparation for Deuce Days in Scale July 24, 2016 in Victoria BC Canada. This one will be a tribute to the orange Dennis Kyle Hiboy Roadster which was photographed in profile for a Rodders Journal poster that hangs on the wall of my model room. It was also chosen as one of the 75 most significant Deuces. I am aiming for a close resemblance rather than an exact replica.
Some of the special features of this car that will need to be added to the Revell Hiboy are the louvered hood, trunk and gas tank; a buggy sprung quick-change rearend, a 283 Chevy with tubular headers; the wheel/tire combination and molded front spreader bar. I quickly found parts to complete all of these features but knew the biggest challenge would be up-top so that is where I started.
Not being aware of any after market source of a Deuce roadster contemporary up-top meant I had to fabricate one. I searched my parts box for all the up-tops I could find and chose the top from a Monogram 56 Corvette as a starting point. I also used sections from three other tops, some Ever-Green styrene and a bunch of putty. The bottom lip is from the AMT Phantom Vickie and the rear window started with the one from the AMT 50 Ford but was still too big so I grafted in the window slot from a 1/32 36 Ford. The stock windshield frame was chopped about 2 ½ scale inches when I discovered the one from the Rat Roaster did not directly fit the older Roadster cowl. The top will be painted with Testors Custom Lacquer System Fabric Tan.
I used the louvered trunk lid from the Revell 5-Window Coupe. Once the roadster trunk lid was cut out some sanding was required to fit the louvered trunk lid. Another 5-W trunk lid was used for the louvers on the gas tank. The louvered hood from Monogram 1/24 Deuce is about 2.5mm longer than the 1/25 hood so material was trimmed from both ends.

The wheels and front tires come from the Revell Willys Gasser with rear tires from the Willys Street Rod.

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