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In Topic: Don Grotheer 1970 Cuda

18 July 2014 - 01:56 AM


Chris- I think your fact checker may be a bit out of calibration. Very few got anything from the factory even the Sox & Martins of the world and if they did it was seconds and the teams were thankful for it! The car clinics that the factories put together were for the benefit of the car buying public more so than that of the race car teams. I've heard the color white story a zillon times, I don't know who started that one but 95% of those cars took a bath in acid before any construction began so color was irrelevant.



Sounds like a bit of confusion - "Body- in- white" is a term that  has nothing to do with color- it's a term referring to an assembled car body bare, without mechanical parts or trim (or even a VIN), not a "white car body".   


Don't know how these would have been shipped, either bare metal or the dip tank primer seem most likely


As mentioned most of the race cars were acid dipped and given additional tweaks- Chrysler didn't build the cars, the big racers generally had good sized shops of their own and a stripped unibody was the easiest start for cars.  Obviously you had to have a "Direct Connection" to buy a "body in white"- not something the factory was wanting to sell regularly to the general public.  A "Factory" team would still have to buy their own parts but have better access to them then the average customer.  Being able to buy a stripped body rather than a complete new car still offered a substantial savings to a racer wanting to run a current model "stock appearing" race car


Still haven't figured out how the "exact" shade of pink/orange/red could possibly be important enough to generate so much excitement :)   

In Topic: 1971 duster by AMT.

17 July 2014 - 03:30 PM

Never enough bronze Dusters :)



In Topic: Don Grotheer 1970 Cuda

17 July 2014 - 09:39 AM

How about just looking at the photo and trusting your eyes? Does the (red/orange) in the second photo look like the same color (Moulin Rouge) that's on the first car? No! I mean Seriously, wow. But, it does look like (red/orange in second photo) the same color that's on his jacket, that's because it is!  Anyone that says those colors are the same is color blind, or , has some other issues regarding this thread. :D

 Sure then you can have a model that matches the look of a 45 year old color photo but probably isn't even close to the original car :)


Seriously- the first photo looks quite a bit more faded than the second and it seems rather far fetched that a well known driver would switch colors on  a "signature" paint scheme for part of a season


Or that the main color chosen would be one probably not yet released by the factory- although stock appearing these cars were built from the ground up as race cars- they were never assembled street cars- Chrysler supplied the factory racers with bodies-in-white and parts- not a complete vehicle.  The Panther Pink color wasn't released until late in the model year (and proved unpopular enough not to be brought back for '71) so seems an unlikely choice for a custom paint job


Just using common sense rather than just the eyes :) 

If everyone "just looked and trusted their eyes"  Vegas magicians would rule the world

In Topic: Plymouth 273 Engine Source

16 July 2014 - 12:50 PM

I believe the AMT Duster "street machine" had some valve covers that might look convincing if you're building a high performance 273

In Topic: 70 HEMI CUDA Finally Done 7/19/2014

16 July 2014 - 05:00 AM

Didn't mean to sound nit-picky- just tend to be a bit "short" when typing :)  


Have this kit and was contemplating a detailed build and was just wondering about the fit when adding these parts


Great looking build