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Yesterday, 08:01 PM

Art.......nice Fab / Brass work.........your getting to be a Pro at this......I can see how hard this piece must have been to make.......tiny.

Thanks, Johnny! It was definitely harder than it looks, at least in brass, for me...


Art... Awesome Brass work buddy. Looking good. I gotta agree with John, you are becoming a Pro. Looking forward to your next update.

Well, Chris, that's why I continued to finish it. I almost threw in the towel and went to styrene, but I knew if I finished it in brass, I'd be better for it.

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Yesterday, 11:11 AM



You continue to amaze me with your work. Incredible!



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Yesterday, 10:40 AM

Fabrizio, that's hilarious, and well-done!



In Topic: Vel's Parnelli Jones F5000 Al Unser Car

05 July 2015 - 09:28 PM

Hi Art,looks like the start of sumpin beautiful, I,am a big fan of Parnelli's,I'm actually working on his 1970 boss mustang Trans am car,this one looks like it's gonna have some serious details. One thing,I think the rear uprights are solid,? If so maybe you could do some whittling might be cool.Shaun



Thanks for looking and the suggestion. While you are correct in that the uprights are in reality hollow, the fact is that the only visible sign of that is a hole on the backside which is obscured by the tire and wheel. I considered it though, until I revisited the references... ;)



In Topic: Vel's Parnelli Jones F5000 Al Unser Car

05 July 2015 - 07:12 PM

Thank you all for looking!
I stalled a little on this because I needed to do some fab, but I am back at it. The exhaust pipes don't have a support bracket in the kit, so I decided to make my own. I did it in brass because I thought it would be stronger, but I could have done it in styrene in a tenth of the time. I struggled with it for a couple of days, thinking about it many hours and several do-overs! All for a simple part...
I also re-bent the headers so they came out more to the side rather than down to match the references I had, but I broke one of the white metal pipes, so I decided to replace the pipe with aluminum tube. It's a little rounder than the original casting and might help save weight on the model which will help save wear and tear when travelling. This sucker is going to be heavy!