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In Topic: Porsche Carrera RS 3.0 - DRAG

Yesterday, 04:36 AM

Way cool out-of-the-box build!

A few years ago there was a dude in New Jersey that was dragging a Carrera4S. Wheel standing 9 second in the quarter.

In Topic: 1960-61 Falcon semi-pro touring restoration

Yesterday, 04:30 AM

Nice build! Great save!

Now if I could only start on my original glue bomb Grumpy's toy 70 Camaro!

In Topic: Gunze Oval Window Beetle

Yesterday, 04:26 AM

Rusty Flugelhorn!? I see what you did there! That takes some brass!

Love the build. Thanks for sharing.

In Topic: My 2014...so far

Yesterday, 04:13 AM

I would SO drive that Camaro!

Thanks for sharing!

In Topic: My 2014 Builds...

Yesterday, 04:10 AM

Wow. Just WOW! Love those drag cars!