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In Topic: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

25 July 2014 - 11:57 AM

Thanks guys!  John, I know the color will be great as I have used this Tamiya TS-54 in the past.  


The Story
McNally tells Lt. Det. Troy that the dealer who sold him the car called him to say that the nephew wants the belongings in the car back and that he is waiting for him to call.  He'll set a meet and hopefully take him down as the assassin wanted by the Feds and the Mass. State Police.  McNally now has the unpleasant task of arranging a capture of the assassin known as Peter Danka with State Police Capt. Ferrow, who will try to stop him from capturing Danka on his own.
The Build
I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this hood!  The lines of the cover still show through the Bondo even with very light sanding.  I think part of the problem is that the cover is only glued on two sides of the hood and not on all four and the cover flexes as I sand it.  I cleaned out as much putty from the inside of the cover as I could and filled the space with glue and then inserted two thin strips of styrene and pushed them into the space and let it dry.
My pushing the styrene into the space below has push Bondo up through the top of the hood and I'll sand this down.  A coat of primer will show if the line still exists.  If it does, I'll probably try the same procedure on top of the hood.
I mocked up the engine and chassis and found the the trans mount is too high and I notch it to lower the trans and make additional clearance for it with the interior floor in place.
McNally will return...

In Topic: 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

24 July 2014 - 02:36 PM

Thanks guys!


I finally got some gloss black paint, but not just any gloss black paint.  I bought a bottle of Alclad II Gloss Black to try it.  This is just a couple of light coats.


I got my heater hoses hooked up and my ground to the engine block installed.


The radiator is set to go in!



More to come...

In Topic: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

20 July 2014 - 06:31 AM

Thanks guys!

Looks good Mike. Did the bleach clean those wheels that clean??

Yes, it did!  But, it doesn't remove the lacquer undercoat which is fine with me since I plan on using primer on the wheels before paint.


The Story

McNally receives a phone call from his friend Wayne, the dealership owner.  Wayne tells him that the nephew of the owner of the Lincoln wants the belongings he had in the Road Runner back ASAP.  McNally tells Wayne to give him his business card and to have him call to set up a meet.  Wayne asks about the belongings and McNally tells him that he won't tell him anything the belongings for his own protection.  The less he knows, the better off he'll be.  Wayne says he understands and he will give the nephew McNally's business card.

The following morning finds McNally entering the Detectives Squad Room at BPD Headquarters.  Det. Darvell is attempting to fill out a report on his computer using the "chicken-pecking" method.  Lt. Det. Troy is in his office reviewing reports and he sees McNally and waves him into his office.  He tells McNally about the "mess" that he handed to him.  The gun was used in several murders in southwestern Mass. northern Connecticut, and New York state. 

The Build

I am struggling a bit with the hood cover.  The gap towards the front of the hood keeps showing after filling with putty, but I'll keep at it.  The floor pan is ready for embossing powder after sanding and filling the shifter hole.


I separated the exhaust from the rear axle..  Then I sanded a beveled edge on the exhaust tips.  The tips will be painted gloss black and Aclad II Chrome paint. 


I drilled a hole in the steering column for a column shift lever.


The distributor has been drilled out for plug wires and the carb has been painted with Model Master Aluminium Metalizer.


I was anxious to see some color, so I went and painted the wheels and wheel backs.  I like the color!


The 383 CI engine was primered and then given a coat of Mopar Street Hemi Orange Engine Enamel.



McNally will return...

In Topic: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

18 July 2014 - 03:13 PM

Thanks Jim!

Carl, I use Bondo Glazing And Spot Putty.  I'll probably putty those seams this weekend.


The Story

Lt. Det. Troy and Det. Darvell arrive at McNally's home to pick up the fingerprint samples that were found on the Colt.  Adam is happy to see his friend, while Darvell has his usual look of disgust on his face.  McNally shows them the box and the gun and money that was inside.  Adam will take all the evidence downtown to Forensics to see if they can find more prints and to test fire the gun for ballistics.  

The Build

The wheels, valve covers, and carb have been dechromed and cleaned and are ready for paint.


I drilled plug holes in the heads of the 383 CI engine.


I have a picture on my desktop of a '70 Road Runner without wheel opening moldings.  I really like that picture and so my Dremel came out  and removed the moldings from the Road Runner body.  I need to do more sanding to smooth out the fenders.  The hood is ready for primer after I puttied the air scoop cover as I want a smooth hood.



McNally will return...

In Topic: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

13 July 2014 - 01:29 PM

Thanks guys!

Riley, you are not the first one to suggest that and you'll probably won't be the last.  I have a friend who has written a detective novel at around 90,000 words and he has not been able to sell it anywhere in several years and it hasn't stopped him from writing more stories.  I would expect about the same if I tried writing a novel myself.  Besides, I am strictly an amatuer at writing and my stories are lacking in details.  I keep them short for a reason, they're just to illustrate what is driving my build of a model and to provide a little entertainment along the way.   

Pssst...Harry, I've seen it both ways, but I corrected it just for you Buddy!  Thanks!  ;)


The Story

McNally gets out his fingerprint kit and starts disassembling the Colt.  He finds a few partial prints on the barrel and several complete fingerprints on the empty magazine in the gun.  He removes the prints with 2" wide clear tape and then he calls his friend Lt. Det. Adam Troy of the Boston Police Department Homicide Unit.  Adam tells him that he'll be right over to get the fingerprint samples and he'll run them through Forensics.

The Build

First order of business here is to strip the chrome plating from the wheels, valve covers, and carb.  I am trying bleach this time to remove the chrome and I am very impressed with how well it works.


There is a large sink hole on the transmission pan and I filled it with Bondo Spot and Glazing Putty.  I scraped the seams and will putty them later.


Since this Road Runner has a standard 383, I glued in the flat hood panel and covered it with Bondo.



McNally will return...