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1990 Mustang LX Speedster

28 May 2013 - 05:36 PM

Roof i don't need no stinkin' roof!...


Ok, I know a bunch of you are still steaming over the Revell LX Mustang, but I've been wanting to build this for a while...



I'll probably keep mine front engined for simplicity sake, and make the rear scoop a brake scoop. I am still waiting for the LX I ordered to arrive, of course if anyone bought one of these and wanted to give up theirs, having more than one would make the project easier.  :D

1959 Buick Invicta 60's style custom

27 May 2013 - 06:18 AM

This is what I've been working on recently. I picked up this Rough Buick Invicta Built up at the MDA model show in Roanoke VA a few months ago. It had multiple thick coats of brush paint on it, and took about a month to strip. I'm building into a sixties style custom using the rear fenders, front and rear valences, and up-top from the Monogram 1959 Chevy impala, as well as the chassis, engine compartment, interior windshield and cowl from the Monogram 1959 Cadillac, I know the chassis is not accurate for this car, but my story is that the builder swapped chassis and floor boards so he could use the Cadillac air suspension.











Model car builders mindset list 2013

10 March 2013 - 01:20 PM

Most have heard of the mindset list. usually devoted to the mindset of those entering college this year. Here is the mindset list for model builders born in 1995.
1. There has always been several excellent versions of 1969 Camaro kits available
2. Revell and Monogram have always been the same company.
3. There have always been Photo-etched detail sets.
4. There has always Been resin conversion kits.
5. There have always been two or more high quality Model car magizines to choose from.
6. The don't remember when mail ordering a model kit invoved sending an sase for a catolog or stock list.
7. You could always find nearly any model kit you wanted on eBay.
8. Johan kits have always cost a lot.
10. The Revell 32 fords have always been available.
11. there have always been internet forums.
12. Automotive paint has always been available pre-thinned in convenient hobby sixed bottle from several sources.
13. there has always been high quality NASCAR stock car kits and an almost endless supply of aftermarket decals for them.
14. there has always been Bare metal foil and Alclad.
15. When you bought an old glue bomb you could always buy replacement parts for them from Modelhaus.
16. NNL has always been in the model car lexicon.
17. MPC was always part of AMT
18. There has always been a National Model Car Museum.
19. they have always gotten same day, (and in some cases real-time) notification of new release announcements.
20. there have always been numerous large regional model car contests.