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Ideas for display options

21 October 2014 - 06:53 PM

As I drive around delivering my groceries, it gives me a lot of free time to think, and one day I was thinking about how often I see "I don't have enough space for trucks and trailers" or "I don't have enough trailers for my tractors" etc. Well, it dawned on me one day recently, for some of those saying this, try thinking outside the box and use the tractors as loads. 


The thing that actually made me think of this was a stack of new Volvos passing me, and it dawned on me for those with more tractors than trailers, make transport stacks! This would apply to any rigs, because they don't have to all be the same make and model if you add a little imagination for a back story, like a dealer sending used trucks from one lot to another. 


The other option is actually having a tractor or two as loads to save space if you don't have much room to display complete units but do have at least enough room to display one pulling a lowboy and one or two tractors that don't have trailers on the lowboy as a load. Of course, if this setup may actually be in a contest "as is", some thinking about the load trucks would be required to make it realistic such as the height of stacks, air deflectors/condo roofs and the total height of the lowboy and load, but just to save shelf space at home just load the lowboy up! I figure the AMT lowboy should be able to haul two tractors with no problem, freeing up some shelf space, and a stack of three bobtails should take no more space than a full unit.

1/16 Scale General Lee

05 October 2014 - 02:42 PM

I've been out of building thanks to some turns in life the past few years, but I finally found a little bit of spare time where all I wanted to do was work on something, but what I really wanted to work on and finish (my large custom Ford big rig) wasn't a possibility because of needing extra cash to buy some more parts I want to add to it, so the only thing I could find to satisfy my hunger for getting back to building and not become a major project that would require my yet unfinished model room and could be built on the dining room table for now is a kit I (and my dad) originally built as a kid at my dining room table, AMT's reissue of the MPC 1/16 scale General Lee!  The original issue was my first build and first time painting a kit (complete with GREEN sunvisors!! :lol: ) and unfortunately I lost it in a house fire in 1997, but I figured I'd build this just as the first, but with the skills I've developed throughout the past 30 yrs. I'm not going for an accurate replica since I know this kit was based of NASCAR kits and is by far not even close to an accurate street Charger or General Lee, but merely a fun trip back to simpler times and my childhood. I was even thinking of painting it pink to commemorate the odd colors I used to paint the original, but decided against it! :lol:  


 I've got a little done on the Hemi:




and the frame:




and the body in its first coats of Testor's Custom Lacquer System Hemi Orange.



New Ride

01 July 2014 - 11:28 AM

I got a new (to me) ride at work last Wednesday. I'm not sure what year it is, I think it's a 13 but not sure, I didn't look at the door sticker. 




It replaces my 06 Century I was driving, which from what my dispatcher said is getting traded in and going to be heading to South Africa.

Pics of the new style Qualcomm Antenna

03 March 2014 - 02:39 PM

Ok, I know at one time there was another thread here somewhere that brought up the discussion of the new style Qualcomm antenna, and the best pic I could supply was this one from the ground of the back of my 2012 Pete that had one on it hiding up in the roof fairing. 




Well, a couple weeks ago, I started a new job and doing orientation, it dawned on me to get some pictures of the antennas they had for the Qualcomm training units in the orientation room. The days of the old round dome are gone, they are square and flat now.