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New Start

04 April 2015 - 06:43 AM

The first three months of this year have been a total disaster, and I ended March leaving that behind. The year started with the flu and bronchitis and two weeks later my back threw a major fit related to the compression fracture to my L1 vertebrae in Dec 2013 and was out a total of a month of work. On top of all that and the related catch up on bills, I found out something that ended my relationship of almost two years. I'm not going into more detail than that, but I moved out March 29 and am now staying in my truck until I find a new place and everything else is in storage. Well, almost everything, my big Ford custom project is safely packed in tons of bubble wrap in boxes under the bunk LOL! I'm hoping with my new start and newly found peace and quiet, once I get a new place and get it set up, I can spend my time off getting the custom finished.

Revell, great quality for over 35 years!

06 February 2015 - 04:02 PM

Now, I know that I have read quite a bit here and around the interweb (REALLY NEED TO CUT BACK ON "FAST AND LOUD" :lol: ) about the "quality" of some of Revell's new offerings like the deformed roof of Mustang LX and the latest of modelers buying Golf GTIs and getting Cabrio parts and vise versa, but who knew they had this "quality" 35 years ago!! I stumbled across this researching some pics for another thread, and couldn't believe my eyes! :huh:




Ummmmm.......is it just me, or is that not even close to the real car?!?!




I guess it is at least "close enough", it is the right generation at least!! :rolleyes:

One of those days I wish I would have stayed in bed!

18 January 2015 - 08:49 AM

I'm sure those of us who do more than build big rigs but drive them to afford our hobby too all have had days like this, a day when you wish you would have just stayed in the bunk. Well, yesterday was one if those days for me! :rolleyes:


It all started with it actually being one of my scheduled days off, but I decided to work it for a couple reasons, one being that I had just gotten back to work on Wednesday after two and a half weeks off thanks to the flu that ended up turning into bronchitis. The other reason was my girlfriend has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so I figured I'd take today and tomorrow off instead of the scheduled Friday and Saturday. Anyway, the first part of the bad day started when I first got my load assignment for the day. It wasn't the load itself, but the last of four stores (for those of you that don't keep up, I drive on a dedicated Walmart grocery account) just happened to be a store that I have been to three times in the past two months to and each time that store has left me sitting for over two hours each time just because of store associates that seem they just don't care to actually work for their paycheck, but other stores in the same area can have me in and out within 30 minutes, so seeing that store on the route didn't thrill me, knowing it was my last load for the week and that store's performance would dictate whether or not I slept in my own bed last night. I went and got my paperwork and hooked up to the trailer and found the last driver figured he was too good to top off the reefer fuel like we are supposed to before dropping the trailer, so a few more minutes of time wasted for me to fuel it. After that I went to scale out before I checked out at the guard shack, and steer axle weight was 11,700 lbs like normal, the drives were 33,600 lbs, and them I rolled the trailer tandems on it and seen 36,000 lbs on the scale readout, NOT GOOD!! :o


I turned around and went into our office, the dispatcher let the DC know, and I had to get one pallet taken off, so I had to put it back in a door, and I go to the door the DC assigned me, and there is a trailer in front of it!! It wasn't in the door, just parked (poorly if I might add :lol: ) about 10 feet from the door blocking it, and it was an outside carrier trailer to boot! Another 5 or 10 minutes of wasted time getting another door, and then more time for the DC to pull the pallet and rework the paperwork. In all, just for 2,000 lbs and one pallet, I lost 2 hours! I seen the chance of actually getting home last night slipping away very fast, especially with the last store and their poor unloading reputation, which even the other stores in that area have heard about and other drivers have been complaining about in our office as well. 


At least after my trailer went on a diet and I scaled out legally and I finally got rolling, the day got better even though I was 2 hours behind what I planned to be. The other three stores all got me in and out in about 30 to 45 minutes each, and even the nightmare store surprised me! Even though it took them almost 30 minutes to let me in the back door at the docks to be unloaded and the manager heard about the past three times I had been there and I'm used to waiting up to an hour just to even be let in, he actually had me unloaded and in and out (including the wait to be let in) in just a little over an hour!! :D I made sure I thanked him for getting me out so quickly, hopefully some things are starting to change at that store, because I told him because if it had been like the past three times, I would have probably not had the time to make it home last night. 


And yes, the day ended much better than it started, because I had plenty of time to get the truck back to the DC and get in the car to come home and sleep in my own bed last night!

Ideas for display options

21 October 2014 - 06:53 PM

As I drive around delivering my groceries, it gives me a lot of free time to think, and one day I was thinking about how often I see "I don't have enough space for trucks and trailers" or "I don't have enough trailers for my tractors" etc. Well, it dawned on me one day recently, for some of those saying this, try thinking outside the box and use the tractors as loads. 


The thing that actually made me think of this was a stack of new Volvos passing me, and it dawned on me for those with more tractors than trailers, make transport stacks! This would apply to any rigs, because they don't have to all be the same make and model if you add a little imagination for a back story, like a dealer sending used trucks from one lot to another. 


The other option is actually having a tractor or two as loads to save space if you don't have much room to display complete units but do have at least enough room to display one pulling a lowboy and one or two tractors that don't have trailers on the lowboy as a load. Of course, if this setup may actually be in a contest "as is", some thinking about the load trucks would be required to make it realistic such as the height of stacks, air deflectors/condo roofs and the total height of the lowboy and load, but just to save shelf space at home just load the lowboy up! I figure the AMT lowboy should be able to haul two tractors with no problem, freeing up some shelf space, and a stack of three bobtails should take no more space than a full unit.

1/16 Scale General Lee

05 October 2014 - 02:42 PM

I've been out of building thanks to some turns in life the past few years, but I finally found a little bit of spare time where all I wanted to do was work on something, but what I really wanted to work on and finish (my large custom Ford big rig) wasn't a possibility because of needing extra cash to buy some more parts I want to add to it, so the only thing I could find to satisfy my hunger for getting back to building and not become a major project that would require my yet unfinished model room and could be built on the dining room table for now is a kit I (and my dad) originally built as a kid at my dining room table, AMT's reissue of the MPC 1/16 scale General Lee!  The original issue was my first build and first time painting a kit (complete with GREEN sunvisors!! :lol: ) and unfortunately I lost it in a house fire in 1997, but I figured I'd build this just as the first, but with the skills I've developed throughout the past 30 yrs. I'm not going for an accurate replica since I know this kit was based of NASCAR kits and is by far not even close to an accurate street Charger or General Lee, but merely a fun trip back to simpler times and my childhood. I was even thinking of painting it pink to commemorate the odd colors I used to paint the original, but decided against it! :lol:  


 I've got a little done on the Hemi:




and the frame:




and the body in its first coats of Testor's Custom Lacquer System Hemi Orange.