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Tired of the what I built (Last year) crowd

03 January 2015 - 06:13 AM



I enjoy seeing what people built in 2014 --- it was a banner year from what I can see ---


I am in awe of almost everyone who posted their accomplishments on the forum ----congratulations to you all ----


BUT --- I think it is time to have a separate forum just for last years builds ---  like maybe have it up for the first month or so and then move on to the excellent single builds that people are already engaged with ---


Several nice builds that were posted only in the last few days are now 3-4-5 even 6 pages down in the "Under Glass" section ---


The idea was to get some feed back on what you finished "recently" NO???  


Like I said ---- I LIKE THE 2014 BUILDS!!!!!  Its just that they need a section all their own for a month or two-----


Seems a bit counter intuitive to me to "bury" everything else for a series of single posts --- 


OK --- off the soap box.



Bill (Duntov)



1940 Ford Mild Hot Rod (AMT) - Finished

02 January 2015 - 04:37 PM



I started this at Thanksgiving as a "quick build" -- you know how that goes!


This is a basic build up of the venerable old AMT '40 Ford Kit. (The '83 re-issue):


I added a new dual exhaust system from Evergreen styrene tube,


Detailed the kit flat head,


Added scale sized windshield wipers from an HO scale railroad diesel engine detail photo etch set (Gold Medal Models),


New door handles from aluminum rod,


License plates from wine bottle tin,


License decals and side view mirror from the Galaxie Chevy kit,


Wide whites from the Modelhaus --- and Tamiya gloss black paint.  Interior is stock except for the floor shift.



This is the link to the build:




Hope you enjoy this as much I did building it!



Bill (Duntov)



















1940 Ford Mild Hot Rod (BMF update)

18 December 2014 - 10:49 AM

I have several of these kits in my collection and it has always been favorite of mine ---


(I reviewed this kit last year --- here is the link to that review ---)




This is a pretty standard build with a mild rake (kit drop-axle is sufficient for this one)--- detailed kit flat-head--- new dual exhaust system from 3/32 styrene tube ---  color will be black ---  progress to date is shown below --- 




Stance with the kit supplied drop axle and Modelhaus #480 wide whites ---




Door details ---




Scratch built handle --- from flattened, curved and polished aluminum .032 rod ---


I retained the cast on handle boss and drilled a hole in the center for the new handles---




Chassis with new exhaust -- and added header pipes fused to frame sides---




New Splash plates, NBW's and retainer strips --- the header pipes fit flush against the

cast on kit exhaust header on the engine -- no glue or tabs used --- they tuck in out of sight!!!




Engine, interior and first paint shots in the next update ---



Bill (Duntov)

Revell (Germany) Mini Cooper 1964 Monte Carlo Rally Winner Review

01 June 2014 - 02:37 PM



Went to the HS today and this kit caught my eye ---


It is the Revell (Germany) Mini Cooper 1964 Monte Carlo Rally winner kit -- (You probably know the one--)




This is the Paddy Hopkirk 1964 Monte Carlo Winner --- Google that for more info ---


The kit overall is very nice --- I was impressed to say the least ---


The instruction sheet (---ah --- Instruction book!!) Is clear and well done --- painting guide is good but study the real thing for a better representation.


Some minor flash here and there but nothing to get your shorts in a twist ---


One more item --- as I have said === this is a small model and getting parts off of the frets will require patience and a VERY sharp knife --- work slowly here for best results---


Two chrome frets are very well done as are the four (very small tires) this car is modeled in 1:24 and is STILL very diminutive!!!!


About the tires --- they are small - no-name black walls --- with excellent tread pattern --- and could be used as is with no dull coat --- your choice --






Some parts are molded in grey and some in white --- the main frets (two in total) are all in white ---


This is a typical Revell multi-part interior build up --- nice for painting and detailing ---




The main roof top is in white --- nice given that the real thing is white as well ---




The body casting --- one piece --- is very well done -- has some minimal flash here and there but very nice --


A bit schizophrenic as the hood is cast in white --- but oh well --- still quite nice overall!!!!


Once you get your hands on this part (the body) you can see how small this car really is -- both in 1:1 and in scale !!!!


This was a VERY small automobile --!!!




The decal sheet is nothing short of stunning --- the numbers, Monte Carlo logos and gauge sets are all just excellent ---  and all of the parts needed to build the 1964 Monte Carlo winner are included ----that means a lot of lights --- seven on the front clip alone and a roof mounted spot light to round it all out!!!! ---- one possible item is missing -- seat belts --- again check your references and act accordingly --- 


This is a RHD car so it will be a great addition to your rows and rows of yank inspired LHD cars!!!!!


I did not do a photo of the glass but those parts are again VERY well done ---reasonably thin and include the trim pieces molded in place---you can expect to spend some time here with your BMF to represent the chrome trim on those parts ---


Do be careful prepping the body as there are several lines and panels here and there that DO NOT need to be removed --- they are in fact part of the real car ---SO be careful in that regard ---check your references --- they are plentiful!!! SO NO EXCUSES!!!!!


The "little" engine is comprised of only a few basic parts (fifteen by my count) but with some attention to detail; wiring, plumbing, painting etc etc -- should yield a nice representation of the real thing ---maybe some parts box weber carbs???  Again check your references --- Webers would look good but might not be entirely accurate---


I am NOT going to get into rivet counting and mindless measuring here --- this is a quality kit and should build up very well --- a real winner for the detail painting crowd... a great kit out of the box to replicate the 1964 Monte Carlo winner --- with some attention to detail this thing should be a real winner!!!-----------TAKE YOUR TIME here!!!!!!!!!!


Go grab one --- I think it is worth it big time!!!  Glad to have this one in my collection ---!!!  (and I am a CORVETTE bigot!!!!)



Bill (Duntov)

63 Big Tank Corvette Club Racer

11 May 2014 - 04:15 PM

This is a simple build of the Revell 63 Corvette Coupe snap kit ---


I scratch built a big tank and added wheels and tires from the old AMT Ertl 49 Olds die cast bank........


I used some old parts box head lights in place of the grille and blacked out what would have been the stainless steel window trim to represent a car that had the trim removed for racing --- a common practice ---


Seat belts are made from wine bottle tin and the fire extinguisher from an AMT 40 Ford kit has been added --- BMF is used for the cookie sheets and wiper arms ---


Wind wings, emblems and door handles are hand painted using chrome paint extracted from a calligraphy pen and brushed on ---


The positraction label and jacking instructions are photo copies of the real labels reduced to 1:25 ----


Since the basic kit is an A/C car I reworked the dash to represent a radio and heater delete car ---


The decals are from Gopher Racing ----