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Jaguar XJ220, Tamiya, 1/24

09 November 2014 - 09:22 AM



Getting an even coat of smoke tint or clear colours over a large area...?

02 October 2014 - 10:19 AM

Anyone got any suggestions on how to lay down a transparent, even, non-distorting coat of a clear colour?


I'm finally getting back to the workbench (I hope) with the Jaguar XJ220. The XJ220 has a well-smoked sunroof, and in theory should also have blue-green tinted windows. I've done a few "smoked" windows notably these:




...but you can't really see clearly through them, and it doesn't really matter since you can see in through the main cabin windows, and all they are concealing is the "boot", really. The other times I've used the clear colours it's been on small parts like lights, or the odd cabin window on a helicopter, where the optical quality is a lot less noticeable.


The sunroof on the Jag is one of the main ways to view the cabin, and obviously if all the other windows are green-tinted, I need them to be as optically "clean" as possible as well. I've got Tamiya clear colours, and could try tinted Klear. The problem is whenever I've tried airbrushing either, I get a slightly "frosted" look.


Has anyone got any top tips for a foolproof way of tinting clear parts that leaves them as transparent as unpainted plastic...?


Any and all suggestions much appreciated.




Classic British Cars Kit inventory

25 September 2014 - 06:31 AM

Hi, all... this is something I got started on Britmodeller, where a bunch of locals contributed to it. I thought some of you guys might find it useful, and feel free to add to it as well. I'll try and keep both lists up to date with all new information.


NB: This is NOT a "wish list" thread -- just kits that you KNOW exist, please!


Aston Martin:
DB5 "James Bond" (original issue), 1/24, Airfix
DB5 "Spy Car", 1/25, Aurora 
DB6, 1/24, Airfix (modified James Bond tooling)
DB5 1/24, Airfix (Doyusha kerbside plastic)
DB5 James Bond (with some spy gadgets and resin James Bond and Oddjob figures), 1/24, Doyusha
DB5 street version, 1/24, Doyusha (Kerbside and quite simplified)
DB4, 1/24, Monogram (working doors etc, old kit, shapes a bit off)
DBR1, 1/24, Profil24 (resin)
DBR, 1/24, Merit
DP214, 1/24, Profil24 (resin)
Ulster, 1/32, Matchbox (gem of a kit)
International, 1/32, Pyro
Le Mans, Pyro 1/32
DB5, 1/32, Airfix (pretty terrible)
DBS (1970s), 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
DBS, 1/24, Tamiya
DBR9, 1/32, Airfix
7 Chummy, 1/24, SE Finecast
7 Ulster, 1/24, SE Finecast
7 (BMW Dixi), 1/24, Heller (reboxed by Revell)(rather different from an Austin 7 in some areas, but a starting point)
A40 "Gasser", 1/25, Revell
Maxi, 1/32, Airfix
London Taxi, Imai, 1/24 (also reboxed by Revell)
4.5L Blower, 1/32, Airfix
4.5L Blower, 1/24, Heller
4.5L Blower, 1/24, Union (not the same as Heller)
4.5L Blower, 1/12, Airfix
Competition Speed Six, 1/32, Pyro
Continental R (52-55), 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
Bug, 1/32, Airfix
A/V Ambulance, 1/16, Frog
1914 Fire Engine, 1/32, Airfix
1914 Fire Engine, 1/16, Entex
Anglia (59-66), 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
Anglia (dragster), 1/25, Revell
Lotus Cortina, 1/32, Airfix
Cortina Estate, 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
Consul, 1/32, revell
Consul Cortina Mk.1, 1/16, Frog
Zodiac, 1/32, Airfix
Escort Mk 1, 1/32, Airfix
Escort Mk. 2, Esci, 1/24 (Zakspeed, Rally Rothmans, clear-bodied 1800) (also Himbrol and Revell Rally reboxes)
Capri, 1/32, Airfix
Capri Mk1, 1/24, Doyusha (ageing ex motorised kit)
Capri II, 1/24, Monogram
Escort XR3, 1/25, Revell
Sierra XR4i, 1/24, Tamiya
Transit Mk.2, Esci, 1/24 (rare and expensive to find)
Sprite, Gunze, 1/24 (Hi-tech and standard boxing)
Sprite Mk1, 1/32, Airfix
Sprite, 1/32, Monogram
Sprite Mk2, 1/32, Lindberg (very basic. Maybe same as Monogram)
100/6, 1/25, Revell (also released by Matchbox and ?AMT?)
Austin Healey, 1/32, Revell (also sold under Advent label in USA)
Austin-Healey 3000, 1/32, Aurora
Healey 3000 Mk 2, 1/24, K&R Replicas
Healey 3000 Mk3, 1/24, K&R Replicas
Cabriolet 1940s (Staff Car), 1/32, Airfix ("Monty's Humber")
'E" Type, 1/32, Airfix
E Type Convertible, 1/24, Airfix (ex Heller, with factory hardtop) (also "racing" boxing)
E-Type Convertible, 1/24, Airfix Hi-Tech (Gunze Sangyo Hi Tech kit with white metal engine and etched parts)
E Type Coupe, 1/24, Heller
E-Type OTS, 1/24, Heller (convertible)
E-Type Lightweight, 1/24, Profil24 (resin)
E-Type Lightweight Lindner-Knocker, 1/24, SMTS (resin/metal)
XK-E ,1/25, Revell, (open top, with factory hard-top)
Jaguar E-type Coupe, 1/24,Monogram (shape not very good)
E-type, 1/16, Frog (motorized kit)
Jaguar E-Type Coupe, 1/8, Monogram (fantastic kit, expensive and hard to find)
XK120, 1/24, Revell (also metal body version)
XK120, 1/32, Gowland and Gowland (also issued by Merit)
XK120 Coupe, 1/24, K&R Replicas (white metal kit) (also Monthlery version)
C-Type, 1/24, K&R Replicas (white metal kit) (various versions from different events)
D-Type, 1/24, K&R Replicas (white metal kit) (various versions, including long-nose)
D-Type long-nose, 1/24, Fisher Model and Pattern (1955)
XK140, 1/32, Lindberg
SS100, 1/24, SE Finecast
SS100, 1/16, Entex (also Gakken and Minicraft)
SS100, 1/32, Matchbox
SS100, 1/32, Tomy (later Hasegawa, detailed kit with metal, plastic and etch parts)
Mk 2, 1/24, Tamiya
420, 1/32, Airfix
Mark X/420G, 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
XJ220, 1/24, Tamiya
XJ220, 1/24, Italeri (also reboxed as Heller)
XJ220, 1/25, AMT
XKSS, 1/24, Revell
D-Type, 1/24, Lindberg [hard to find, but not rare, can be bought for around the £10 mark, a very basic kit though]
D-Type, 1/24, Strombecker
XJ13, 1/24, K&R Replicas (white metal kit)
XJ6, 1/24, K&R Replicas (white metal kit)
Daimler Sovereign, 1/24, K&R Replicas (white metal kit)
XJ-S, 1/24, Hasegawa (TWR, Targa, Coupe, TWR racing)
XJ-S, 1/25, Revell (New Avengers, Gambit)
XJ-S, 1/25, Revell (snap kit version of above)
XKR GT, 1/32 Airfix (Scalextric-derived)
Land Rover:
Mk2 SWB Station Wagon, 1/25, Monogram
Mk III LWB, 1/24, Esci (in both "Safari" station wagon and FFR Paratrop armed open top. Reissued by Italeri)
Mk III?, 1/12, Airfix ( Sean the Sheep set)
Defender 110, 1/35, Hobby Boss (military series)
109 MkIII SAS "Pink Panther", 1/35, Tamiya
WMIK & Snatch, 1/48, Airfix [both can be civilianised]
LWB soft top and hard top, 1/76, Airfix and JB
Range Rover Mk1, 1/24, Esci (Standard, Dakar Rally and Police)
Range Rover Mk 2, 1/24, Aoshima (Standard, “Tuner”) reboxed by Revell
1907, 1/32, Airfix
Super Seven, 1/24, Tamiya
XI, 1/24, Profil24
Elan S3, 1/24, Gunze (Hi-tech and standard boxings)
Elite, 1/24, Profil24 (resin)
Elite, 1/24, Airfix (ex Japanese kit, rally version)
Europa, 1/24, Tamiya 
Europa Special, 1/12, Nichimo
Esprit Series 1, 1/16, Bandai/Hales
Esprit S1, 1/24, Gunze (also Airfix rebox)
Esprit Sport 300, 1/24, Monogram
Esprit Turbo, 1/24, Monogram
Caterham Super Seven (BDR, BDR Cycle Fender, JPE), 1/12, Tamiya
1100 Saloon, 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
1100, 1/32, Airfix
MGA 1600, 1/32, Monogram (reboxed by Lindberg?)
MGA twin-cam, 1/24, Strombecker
MGB, Aoshima 1/24 (street and competition forms, metal and rubber bumper versions)
MGB, Airfix 1/24 (rebox of Aoshima)
MGB roadster, 1/24, SE Finecast (metal kit, and expensive) (also rubber bumper version)
MGB GT Coupe, 1/24, SE Finecast (also rubber bumper version)
MGB GT V8, 1/24, SE Finecast
MGB, 1/32, Revell (also sold under Advent label in USA)
MGA Coupe, 1/24, SE Finecast
MGA 1500/1600, 1/24, SE Finecast,
TC, 1/24, Monogram (also metal body kit) (also reissued by Revell)
TC, 1/24, SE Finecast
TC Sports, 1/32, Matchbox
TC, 1/16, Gakken (Academy/Minicraft reboxes)
TC, 1/32, Revell 
K3 Magnette, 1/32, Airfix
K3 Magnette, 1/24, SE Finecast Autokit
'M' SE , 1/24, SE Finecast Autokit
TD, 1/24, SE Finecast Autokit
TF, 1/24, SE Finecast Autokit
Metro 6R4, 1/24, Profil24
Mini-Minor, 1/32, Airfix
Austin, 1/24, Tamiya
Morris, 1/24, Tamiya
Cooper, 1/24, Tamiya  (rally version)
Cooper Mk1, 1/24, Revell
Cooper, 1/24,  Revell (1964 Monte Carlo rally)
Cooper, 1/24, Imai
Innocenti, 1/24, Imai
Cooper, 1/24, Fujimi (several versions: "Old Mini Cooper", "Union Jack version", racing version, 1/3i w/Minilites)
Cooper, 1/12, Tamiya (“Rover Mini Cooper”)
4/4, 1/24, Tamiya
Plus 8,  1/16, LS
3-Wheeler 1935, 1/16, Minicraft
Cowley 1923, 1/32, Airfix
Cowley 1926 (Bullnose), 1/32, Airfix
Cowley "roadster", 1/32, MPC
1100 Mk.1, 1/16, Frog
Minor, 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
Minor Traveller, box scale (about 1:38), Revell
Marina, 1/32, Airfix
Rolls Royce
Phantom Mk1, 1/32, Matchbox
Phantom II Continental, 1/16, Revell
Phantom II Henley Roadster, 1/24 scale Monogram
Silver Cloud, 1/24, Minicraft
Phantom II, 1/24, Italeri
Sedanca Coupe, 1/32, Pyro
1905, 1/32, Airfix
1911, 1/32, Airfix
1909 Silver Ghost, 1/32, Pyro
Silver Ghost Touring Car  1/32 scale, Revell
Town Car, 1/32, Pyro


P5, 1/32, Revell
Alpine, 1/32, Revell (also sold under Advent label in USA)
Tiger, 1/32, Aurora
Rapier, 1/32, Airfix
Tiger, AMT, 1/25
Herald, 1/32, Airfix
TR2, 1/24, Gunze (hi-tech and standard boxings)
TR3/3a, 1/24, Gunze (hi-tech and standard boxings)
TR3, 1/32, Aurora
TR3, 1/32, Lindberg (maybe same as Aurora. Very basic)
TR3a, 1/24, Minicraft
TR4a, 1/32, Airfix
TR4, 1/32, Revell (also sold under Advent label in USA)
TR4/5, 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
TR6, 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
TRS, 1/24, Airtrax (resin, Finland)
GT6, 1/24, Pyro (reissued by Lindberg)
Spitfire, 1/32?, Aurora
TR7, 1/25, revell (New Avengers, Purdy)
TR7, 1/24, Airfix (Rally, ex- Gunze)
Prince Henry, 1/32, Airfix (gem of a kit)
Cresta, 1/32, Revell
Victor Estate, 1/16, Frog
Vauxhall Victor 2000 Estate, 1/32, Airfix
Viva, 1/32, Airfix




(if anyone else want to chip in below, I'll copy paste additions into this list)

What do these bumpers look like to you?

15 September 2014 - 09:28 AM

I'm looking to bring the Tamiya Jag Mk2 up to "Callum" spec. I've got plenty of details to work from. The kit has cut outs for mounting the metal bumpers. I'm wondering if you guys can tell me if the "modern" bumpers on here remind you of anything that I can source?





I think the rear one looks a bit "80s Porsche", but at the front end I'm lost...


Any ideas?




Now THIS is how to "breathe" on a Jag

07 September 2014 - 08:27 AM



...I guess it helps if you're the design director of the company that built it in the first place.


I want one... (and if anyone knows a good source of those wheels, I'm all ears...)