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Pink Panther

Yesterday, 11:31 AM

Seeing this mentioned in the "iconic cars" thread made me wonder... how did that happen, then? How did an animated character in the credits to an early 60s British take on a French(ish) cop film end up with THE coolest "rod" -- or whatever you guys would call it -- on TV (much, much better than the Monkeemobile...)? Bear in mind that when I was growing up, I didn't see any bespoke cars in the flesh -- they were in TV shows or the catalogues of die cast makers or plastic kit boxes.


Was the Panthermobile an existing special that was "rebranded"? Did Hanna Barbera (I assume it was them -- everything animated that wasn't Looney Toons or Disney seemed to be) commission the thing to be built just for the "live action" credits to the cartoon show? Was it even a real car -- I guess that credit sequence could have been all model work... it's decades since I saw it.


It had a powerful effect, since it's really the only "hot rod" that I have any urge to build, so can someone tell me the full story?




Jaguar XJ220 -- Tamiya, 1/24

07 July 2014 - 07:10 AM

... you know how sometimes a project just seems like the right one to do right now? Well, I've been noodling with the Murcielago SV, but I suddenly got the urge to build an XJ220. Don't ask me why...
The usual start with Zero Paints for the body. This is meant to be "Silverstone Green", one of the exclusive colours for the XJ220. It's NOT meant to be any kind of British Racing Green, and I found some excellent pictures of a car on sale that categorically is Silverstone Green. This is specially mixed by Steve at Hiroboy -- a "Pacific Green" originally found on a Mustang. The colour codes for the original paint are not in the 15 pages of database entries for Jaguar colours on Lechler mixing tool, so I had to get something close. One source pointed to Boyd "Chezoom Teal" which is available in a Testors can, but is not in the DB either, so this is the closest I could get after rather a lot of online research. I wanted to keep the wing painted with the body to make sure it was exactly the same colour -- I learned that lesson the hard way!
As always, the clear coat transforms the colour. I'm quite happy with this, since it matches my reference pictures pretty well. It's hard to photograph! The headlight covers raise and lower, and fit rather well -- these are taped on for effect and came slightly loose before I took the pix.
On to the rather neat engine now...

Alfa Giulia Sprint GTA, Tamiya 1/24

22 June 2014 - 11:57 AM

OK... the Lambo is still  under way, but this one is now done!
Lovely little kit of a lovely little car. The only thing I'd do differently if I did another one would be to thin out the body at the wheel arches, to give the dropped suspension a bit more room to move...

Tamiya Alfa Giulia Sprint GTA and Aoshima Murcielago SV, 1/24

18 May 2014 - 04:54 AM

Two very different cars, but both a tribute to the best of Italian sports car know-how...
The GTA in primer. I'm trying out the technique suggested by "Cruz" in which you wash the shut lines with black while the car is in primer, before painting. He suggests rescribing the lines first, but I thought that the GTA had crisp and deep enough lines out of the box to test the technique without needing to scribe them.
The Murcielago in primer. I wanted to get as many parts of the body together as possible to avoid having to match the colours, and glue clear-coated pieces together. In practice, this means the extreme nose, skirts and lower edges of the extreme rear can be attached. Doors and one intake (which has a segment of body colour inside) have to remain separate...
The Murcielago will be Giallo Orion -- a pearl yellow colour -- with lots of black/grey carbon trim. This is, once again, the ever reliable Zero Paints system of ground coat, base coat and clear coat.
Whereas the Giulia Sprint GTA is in a colour scheme inspired by some of the racers I've seen at Donington over the years. More Zero Paints, this time Alfa Rosso Corse and Lamborghini Powder Blue (a Miura colour which eventually lost out to the lime green when I built mine, but I may still do another in this colour, because it looks so cool...)
And now with the clear coat on. You can see how much it changes the apparent colour of the base coat, especially on the Lambo. I think the change is even more intense with the pearl finish because it reduces the scattering of light by the pearl layer, and lets you "see through" to the base coat more directly. I also tried using clear over a decal for the first time, (the Alfa "snake" on the bonnet) which has worked very well. There are the odd spot imperfections here and there, but once again the Zero 2K clear has done its job and settled into a smooth, glossy finish all over.
These will now go away into plastic boxes for a week or so to fully cure before polishing out those spots.
It's good to be back at the bench!

Weathering tires

15 May 2014 - 11:31 PM

Sometimes, especially in Revell kits, you get vinyl tyres that are very black and very shiny. I've come across rubbing the tread on sandpaper to "weather" it, but does anyone have any techniques for dulling down and making the whole tyre more "grey" and realistically rubber like?