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Fiat Topolino Fuel Altered

23 December 2014 - 02:02 PM

Ok, new project has begun, a Fiat Topolino Fuel Altered, from the Double Dragster kit. I have chosen the longer chassis for this, chopped the roof and extended the front of the body. I will extend the rear for the rear axle. More to follow.

Rambler Gasser

09 December 2014 - 10:35 AM

The Rambler is now done. I decided to do a little patina here and there, a little worn paint, weathering on the underside and mechanicals. I turned a Moon tank on my lathe, but did it in four parts. The centre section is ally tube, this makes it easier to drill into by hand. The ends could be then machined and designed to just press fit into place, then comes the cap with the spout combined. The strapping was made out of photo etched brass strip. The head lights were also turned, with photo etch mesh for the grill, this shows off the radiator, and you can see all the way through to the front of the engine. The hood pins are from the Revell Dodge Daytona kit. 
15975493742_aca43cef62.jpgDSCF8645 by doomcrew, on Flickr
15356568483_f7d045f2d6.jpgDSCF8647 by doomcrew, on Flickr
15974213521_53970abde0.jpgDSCF8650 by doomcrew, on Flickr
15976187435_e03f3c8cd6.jpgDSCF8652 by doomcrew, on Flickr
15976191255_dca07cefee.jpgDSCF8655 by doomcrew, on Flickr

69 Rambler Gasser

09 November 2014 - 01:49 PM

This is what I have been working on, a Johan 69 Rambler. The chassis has been modified at the front, where the moulded front rails have been removed, and a scratch built section put in it's place. The centre of the original radiator has been removed and replaced with photo etched mesh. The headers are scratch built with plastic sheet, five core solder, plastic tube and heat shrink tubing.
15750094171_8dc9458d38.jpgDSCF8483 by doomcrew, on Flickr
15751988835_e6119b6660.jpgDSCF8487 by doomcrew, on Flickr
15132033044_3e06cc5771.jpgDSCF8488 by doomcrew, on Flickr
15728283316_a903445c98.jpgDSCF8494 by doomcrew, on Flickr
15566129659_c9540d4114.jpgDSCF8495 by doomcrew, on Flickr
15566833987_06f04d0c67.jpgDSCF8491 by doomcrew, on Flickr
Stay tuned for more.

40 Ford Flat Bed "Old Henry"

19 August 2014 - 11:21 AM

Well the "Old 'Henry" 40 Ford Flat bed is finally finished. 
14786512880_d5fec38d8c.jpgDSCF7763 by doomcrew, on Flickr
It fought me a little, but I managed to get it done. There are many machined parts, inc dash clocks, gear lever, gas tank, pulleys, oil filter, brake discs, air filter and the tops and bottoms of the air bags on the suspension. The bags were machined on the lathe and covered in black heat shrink tubing. Once on, they look exactly like rubber and there's no painting. The front suspension is mostly scratch built and the brake calipers were modified from the parts box. 
The hood and front wings were made as one, and the nose was modified where I took out a wedge section at the front, which sloped the nose down. The front hinges on scratch built hinges. The bed is scratch built with plastic sheet, square section and wood veneer. It hinges up and stays in place with an earth magnet and steel pin. Paint is pearl venom yellow and crystal flip flop red pearl over black. This was then cleared and polished.
14786604328_d1c80665d3.jpgDSCF7762 by doomcrew, on Flickr
14970107191_dc765a8332.jpgDSCF7766 by doomcrew, on Flickr
14786525899_3e13b8e728.jpgDSCF7767 by doomcrew, on Flickr
14973217055_d0b05d5dd7.jpgDSCF7770 by doomcrew, on Flickr
14786541369_811309510c.jpgDSCF7783 by doomcrew, on Flickr

Flat bed 40 Ford pick-up

08 June 2014 - 01:50 AM

This what I have been working on, a 40 Ford pick-up, with a flip front and flat bed. Saw a similar model in Scale Auto Contest cars, and got inspired to build my own version. Not sure what the colour will though.
Thanks for looking.