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In Topic: My 1972 Impala

Today, 11:28 AM

Wow , Gene !

You have assemblled an impressive mix of Bow Ties ! Keep up the great work !

In Topic: 1972 Chevelle SS for summer time

Today, 11:26 AM

Nice to see a '71-'72 instead of 1970 Chevelle. I have always liked more these '71 and '72 Chevelles than '70s.

I concur ; the 1971-1972 Chevelle / Malibu just looks *cleaner* versus the 1970 model , in my opinion . Love the quad , round tail lamps , too .


Years ago , I built a phantom 1972 LS-6 from the AMT 1972 SS-454 (LS-5 only by 1972) . The stock SS wheels included in the kit (vis-a-vis 1970 Z-28 origins , in "1:1" ) , painted in Gunze's Burnt Iron ; Tamiya gloss black ; Krylon semi-flat black interior ; and no stripes .


Wish that I had some pics of it ...


But , I divulge . That's one gorgeous 1972 convertible SS-454 ! Last year of the A-Body droptops .

In Topic: Question, was ther a Plymouth van kit by MPC from the 70s?

Yesterday, 11:01 AM


and the very rare version of the Dodge Omni based  Rampage... the Plymouth Scamp.  I only saw one once!

I remember seeing those when they were new , on the lot at O'Leary Chrysler-Plymouth-Imperial in Whittier ( Ca. ) . The identifying decal was exactly the same as the 1971-1972 A-body decal !


I always liked the Rampage / Scamp . They looked so neat ! There were a couple of Direct Connection "enhanced" versions around town .

In Topic: 1/25 AMT Heavy Chevy '70 Impala Custom SS Hardtop

Yesterday, 04:24 AM


I just checked and yes, the 1970 Impala interior is for an automatic!  And it has a bench seat.  That works for me since I will be building it with a small block / auto and my car had that same bench seat.  Now... does anyone know of a plentiful kit that has an honest 350 / automatic in it that I can pirate?

I like bench seats :) . Looks like I'll have to either dig up a TH-400 , or add the correct amount of pedals .


The AMT 70's Chevy Van/A-Team Van should be some sort or SBC with an Automatic Tom, and it doesn't have any holes in the engine block for a wire axle to run through either!

The "generic" small block in the AMT Chevy vans from  that era is a nice one . The only downside (same one as the MPC versions) ? Manual steering ! Other than that , it's a nice engine / TH combo .

In Topic: 1/25 AMT Heavy Chevy '70 Impala Custom SS Hardtop

23 January 2015 - 06:46 PM


Maybe not on the 1:1, but in 1/25 scale, options tend to carry over without strict regard for factory availability. Not sure how far back this kit traces its lineage, but I want to say at least to the '68 annual(?) kit?

Well , so long as the amount of pedals match ( e.g. , clutch pedal and its corrosponding manual transmission ) , then I'm okay .

I can't stand it when the interior has an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal , and an automatic trans shifter , but the engine has a manual trans attached to it ( ?!? ) . To wit ; the MPC 1971-1975 Duster , 1971 Demon , and 1975-1976 Dart Sport : all of them have an "automatic" interior , but there's an 833 four speed behind the "generic" 318 / 340 / 360 !!

Now , if the console was an option with the 4-speed Dart , et al. , after the 1969 model year , then the console wouldn't be an "issue" ; however , console with 4-speed was dropped after 1969

( truly , its only availability was with the GTS Dart --as an option over the standard Torqueflite-- and the Formula-S Barracuda [same scenerio] . The Swinger 340 wasn't available --to the best of my knowledge-- with a console / 4-speed , as the "LM23" was a base model .


Okay , now I'm just picking at nits :rolleyes:


Thanks for your responce , Casey :)