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Spring Cleaning-kits-parts-decals

12 April 2014 - 10:58 AM

Have the following items for trade. Kits are complete, nothing is started or painted. Will consider 2 for 1 trades. Please respond by PM.


REV  Hawaiian Charger funny car.                                               Speed City Resin 65 Dodge Segan AWB

MK  Kenz & Leslie Cougar funny car

PL Gene Snow Charger funny car

PL Don Schumacher Cuda funny car

PL John Mazmanian Cuda funny car

PL Candies & Hughes funny car

AMT '75 Duster/Dart  includes resin pro stock interior tub

AMT '69 Mustang

REV '69 Mustang  in AMT box

AMT '66 Galaxie 

REV  funny car bodies includes glass,tin  Duster/Demon, Monza, Schumacher Vega (2)

65/66 Physco Mustang body  fits MK chassis

'65 Fairlane resin grill, bumpers, tail lights, teardrop hoot

'65 Galaxie resin teardrop hood

resin headers for Jo Han '64 Dodge S/S (2)

AMT parts pack chrome engines on 2 trees 283 Chevy, 292 Hemi, 421 Pontiac, Corvair

REV parts pack chrome engines  283 Chevy, 292 Chrysler, 421 Pontiac, 365 Cadillac  2 each

MPC rear engine dragsters  same as Garlits kit  2 kits one blue one red  no box

Front engine dragsters  2 Young American no engine,tires,wheels, box 2 Hemi Sphere, same a Garlits kit  no boxes

funny car chassis one PL one REV

Jo Han Comet pro stock  one green one turquoise no engines or box

Group of 18 misc engines flatheads , 4 cyl, 6 cyl, small block Mopar

SLIXX Decals                                                                                                Fred Cady Decals

Dick Landy 64-65 Dodge                                                                               Dave Strickler 64 Dodge

Trojan Horse Mustang                                                                                   Hubert Platt 64 Fairlane

Jungle Jim Camaro                                                                                       Jack Chrisman Comet

Wally Booth 69 Camaro & Hornet                                                                 Bob Ford 64 Fairlane (2)

Super Cuda                                                                                                    Dick Brannan 63 Ford

Hombre Vega                                                                                                Mike Schmitt Galaxie

Kenny Goodall Duster                                                                                   Bob Ford A/FX Mustang (2)  blue is too light

Jegs 2010 Challenger

Arlen Vankee Duster                                                                                     BOOKS

Bill Jenkins 67--68 Camaro, 68 Nova                                                           Woodward Avenue  Cruising the Legendary Strip

Bill Jenkins 71,78-79, 83 Camaro                                                                 Lost Drag Strips

Dick Harell 69 Camaro pro stock                                                                  Grumpys Toys History of Grumpy's Cars

                                                                                                                      John Force The Straight Story                              

                                                                                                                      Fuel And Guts The Story Of Top Fuel Racing                                 


WANTED                                                                                                       Resin pro stock interior tub for MPC Duster/Dart

REV 62 Corvette Gasser

REV 40 Ford

REV 50 Olds Custom

REV 57 Ford racer

MPC Ohio George Mustang

AMT 66 Fairlane

AMT 67 Mustang

AMT Parts Pack Competition T body and parts  also found in some AMT 25 T kits

Fred Cady Ford Drag Team decals  need several sets

Slixx Dougs Headers Chevy 2 Much Decals

Bumpers from REV 70 Cuda

Ford 427 SOHC and Boss 429 engines

Blown Olds engine from old REV 41 Willys

REV Gasser kits Anglia, Henry J and Austin


Please complete and unstarted and unpainted only. This stuff has to go Let's Deal!

Resin 65 Dodge Sedan AWB

14 March 2014 - 09:17 AM

I have two resin items available. Please respond by PM only.


Speed City Resin 1965 Dodge Sedan AWB  includes body chassis interior bumpers grille hood


Competition Resin  1972 Dodge Demon Pro Stock  includes body interior bumpers grille hood and scoop


I am looking for 1980s MPC generic funny cars  Nitro Vette,  Firefighter Vette,  Boss Bird Firebird, Nitro Bird Firebird , Burnout Bird Firebird,

and especially Nitro Charger Omni and Prime Time Omni  Kits must be complete, unstarted, unpainted and have decent glass.

Krylon Shimmer Metalic paint

08 February 2014 - 12:13 PM

Just wondering if anyone has used Krylon Shimmer Merallic paint and what they thought of it. Supposed to be a metallic finish with flakes in it. At $9.95 a can I don't want to buy it if it doesn't work all that well.

1980s MPC Funny Cars question

26 January 2014 - 08:19 AM

In the mid 1980s MPC made several generic funny cars including Prime Time, Nitro Charger, Fire Fighter, Nitro Vette, Burnout Bird and a couple others. A few of them had smoked glass for the windshield. I am trying to obtain some of these kits but I don't like the smoked glass and I'm terrible at making windshields.If you have any of those kits could you look at them and let me know which ones have the smoked glass. Thanks!

1965 Ford Galaxie NASCAR Stocker

24 January 2014 - 06:26 AM

If you are thinking of building the NASCAR version of the AMT 65 Galaxie kit pick up the March issue  of "Modified Mustangs And Fords". There is a great article on a restored Holman Moody NASCAR racer.