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In Topic: Mysterous hood.

Yesterday, 02:24 PM

Pretty sure that it is from a Vega kit. the T bird hoods are more flat all the way across.

In Topic: Revells next release from the Model A Roadster tool - a 30/31 Coupe

Yesterday, 02:18 PM

put me down for #10.  :)

In Topic: Widest engine for '29 Ford with hood sides?

Yesterday, 09:40 AM

I just went out into the garage and measured my real all henry steel 1929 tudor. On the body just below the fuel tank in the cowl just as it transitions from the flat hood sides to the rounded hood top it is 32 3/4 inches wide. Same place on the rad shell where it transitions from the flat hood sides to the rounded hood top it is 22 inches wide.

Those measurements should be the same for coupe/roadster or tudor in 1928 and 1929. 4-door bodies were custom built by two different manufacturers and the measurements will be different at the cowl. The rad shell should be the same. 1930 & 1931 measurements are different than 1928/29. The cars got slightly wider in the 1930/31's

In Topic: AMT 1953 Ford "High Stepper" Instructions?

Yesterday, 09:26 AM

Same, kit reissued many times.  :)  automodelismo-autos-escala-124-2790-MLM3

That one isn't the same kit. The one in question is a 53. The one with the Roth artwork is a 56. It is one of the old Revell "opening everything" kits that give a lot of people (myself included) fits of frustration trying to build a decent model out of it.

In Topic: OK, what ever ya do on the new Model A kits, let's not get carried away.

Yesterday, 09:12 AM

The coupe Toner 283 refers to as the "Deathtrap" is actually called "Death's Doorstep". The other info appears to be correct. It's pretty awesome :D

Doh. My bad, Brainfart on my part. Spex is right. Deaths Doorstep is the correct name of that coupe.