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In Topic: Animated shows you'd like to see kits from.....

15 December 2012 - 06:01 AM

did anyone ever kit the wacky racers?

In Topic: Cool cars your grandparents owned

15 November 2012 - 04:15 AM

grandpa had a red and white 66 bronco

In Topic: What Do You Think was the Worst Car Made?

27 October 2012 - 04:17 AM

I have a few friends who work on jaguars , they both have told me to never get one.

In Topic: Is Ebay really that evil?

25 October 2012 - 04:47 AM

Thank you Ace GarageGuy and Too Old,
There are several instances in Mr. DeAngelo's reply that don't make sense to me and don't really apply to selling on Ebay
I started to respond with my thoughts/experiences but I've already said what I had to say and I thought best to just let it go.


The original posters question was why is there so much anti ebay sentiment , I tried to give him some answers

I do use ebay ,and will continue to use ebay but it does not mean i have to be thrilled about it.

In Topic: Is Ebay really that evil?

25 October 2012 - 04:13 AM

Let's see,
I can rent a table or spot at an open air flea market, set up and sit in the heat all day waiting for a tiny percentage of passersby who might be interested (and financially liquid enough to buy them) while watching my items melt in the sun and gather dust, then have to pack up all over again and go home, and then unload everything again there,
For a total 12% or 13% charge (sure I would rather it be only 8% or 9%, not that much difference really from 12% or 13%) I can expose my work to the PLANET and let USPS pick SOLD items up from the front porch in the FREE boxes that they not only provided but delivered.
No gas, no wasted time, no renting a spot, no packing and unpacking


Guess which one I pick??

The fees are a good part of the frustration on ebay but no where near the whole issue of why people dislike selling there . And as for the fees if you dont pad your shipping costs the fees can run between 20 and 25 % , a 10 dollar model with a 10$ shipping is going to set the seller back around $2.60 -2.70 in fees. if you do over your 50 fress auctions a month it jumps over $3 if you were only working on a small percentage its time to start thinking about if its worth it at all

their customer service , while well meaning , leaves a lot to be desired . many calls are routed out of the country and if they put you on hold for more than a minute or 2 it disconnects, every time ive had a problem it usually winds up being over an hour and several calls before i can get a hold of anyone that can help. And then they usually tell me im out of luck

they are constantly tinkering with the site and glitches pop up often , i recently listed a lot of 200 cds and typed out every single title only to have a glitch in the system erase all my work when i went to change the shipping information

rule changes , and fundamental unfairness twords the sellers
sellers cannot leave negatives to buyers
paypal is pretty much a must use whether you like it or not
according an email from ebay if you did not opt out and close your account you gave up your right to join in any class action suits against ebay
ebay now has given itself the right to award partial refunds to customers without asking you , ie you sell something and the charger doesnt work they will ask the customer to get a price on a charger and refund it to them
If you accept credit cards through paypal you now accept returns whether you like it or not ( In fairness this is with the credit card co's not paypal)
and finally if you sell something for example a model kit sealed , the customer opens it and the body is warped , he can now file a significantly not as described claim and either get his money back or ship it back to you and leave you on the hook for the shipping costs . (hasnt happened to me yet but it certainly could )

sorry for the long winded rant