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Tamiya Mercedes Benz SLK for trade

17 November 2014 - 03:30 AM

I found the box pic online.

If necessary, however, I can take detailed pics of the box contents, but the kit is unstarted, with all parts still sealed in factory bags:




In trade I would like to get either one of the following, complete and unstarted (all are Revell kits):


68 Mustang GT - Bullitt box

58 and 59 Impala (2 in 1 releases)

37 Ford Coupe Street rod (Goodguys or California Wheels editions)

48 Ford 3 in 1

40 Ford pickup ("Trucks" edition)

65 Chevy Stepside ("Trucks" edition)

67 Camaro SS (2 in 1)


I would also trade for Fujimi classic Ferraris and Porsches, as well as most classic Italeri Ferraris - the 250 SWB in particular, if anyone is willing to go that way...

As an even longer shot, I am currently also on the lookout for the Revell BMW M3 and the Jo-Han Cadillac DeVille's.

PM me if interested and willing to trade across the pond :)

Thanks in advance and kind regards,





Revell Lamborghini Countach Metal Kit

12 November 2014 - 02:38 AM

I have a brand new Lamborghini Countach LP500 S from Revell's Metal Kit series.

It is a simple no glue kit with a pre-painted metal body (opening doors and both hoods), but it does feature a set of nice waterslide decals.

The kit is absolutely perfect for a younger beginner, but since I am not likely to have any kids in my immediate family for quite some time, I figured I'd check if any of you guys have a child or grandchild who might be interested in a kit like this. I am basically looking to get most any complete and unstarted glue kit in trade, preferably American and built pre 1970.

I got the pic off the internet, but I can provide more photos of the kit contents if necessary.

PM me if interested and willing to trade across the pond :)





Interesting/rare restoration projects for trade

04 November 2014 - 01:53 PM

Both came with a box of built-ups/parts kits I found at a flea market... They are cool kits, long out of production and quite obscure, but unfortunately the subject matter does not interest me, so I thought I'd check if anyone here is into these two...
First is a Protar Ferrari 126 C2 Turbo F1 car for the 1981 championship, driven famously by Gilles Villeneuve.
The kit is mostly assembled but unpainted, I have not fiddled with it much, but it does seem like it can be taken apart enough to be detail painted. Decals are untouched so I'm sure it can be completed very nicely.
Second is a Marui Lamborghini Countach, which is a really interesting full-detail kit featuring opening doors, a wind-up motor, and electronics for front and rear lights, among other things. It is entirely unpainted and mostly assembled - like the F1 kit, however, this one is a bit more of a gluebomb with somewhat fogged side windows and headlight lenses, and quite melted/distorted wheels. Also, I cannot vouch that the electronics are functioning, but a skilled modeller with a decent parts box at hand might still be able to save this one.
I will trade one for one, for kits in similar state, or both for one complete/unstarted kit. My main area of interest are American hot-rods, muscle cars and pickups pre 1970 or so. I will also consider some European and Japanese classics. I would prefer to ship without original boxes, so as to save on shipping costs, but I am willing to negotiate on this :) What you see on the photos is what you'd be getting, but I can provide more detailed pics of the kits if need be.
PM me if interested.

The Dukes of Hazzard - the Croatian way!

01 October 2014 - 01:01 AM


This occurred a few days ago in a small town on the Croatian coast...

The 58-year old female driver claims to have been blinded by the glaring sun and did not realize the draw bridge was being raised :P

What's fascinating, even though it must have been quite a shunt because all of her airbags deployed as a result, is that she continued on her way as if nothing had happened, and was found by the police 15 minutes later casually sipping coffee on a terrace of a cafe-bar! :D



Ferrari 348 kits

23 September 2014 - 03:50 PM

I realize there are plenty to choose from out there... Made by Revell, Italeri, Hasegawa and Fujimi, in various versions as far as I know.

However I recently purchased Revell's ts (targa) version, and immediately noticed inaccuracies in the interior, specifically the seats and center console.

I do know Italeri's kit is pretty much the same, but I was wondering how the Japanese kits compare in terms of interior detail?

Thanks in advance :)