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In Topic: Another w,i,p. 1984/5 BLUE MAX MUSTANG F/C (reference help?)

Today, 09:36 AM

 More progress made, have found body up photo  of the car at Don Garlits museum, which is great help and confirms things like no computer, 8 plug heads, blue plug wires etc, as far as build goes i have attached salvaged/repaired heads to the block and made some adjustable rear axle mounts, (cut from an old scrap chassis) attached to plasticard, which will allow me to adjust the rear ride height at a later stage, see 2nd photo.

In Topic: Another w,i,p. 1984/5 BLUE MAX MUSTANG F/C (reference help?)

Yesterday, 11:18 AM

Got some more done, built up the ends of the original spoiler with car body filler and sanded back, attached larger spoiler, made from a piece of plasticard which i rolled a bit of a curve into, and then fixed a narrower piece underneath, also started engine (stripping and repairing previously assembled one) photo shows repairs to cylinder head underway.

 Thanks for the info Mike and i think your right body needs to be lowered (and header cut outs made), but i think the heads will be single plug (seen short pit video clip showing one mag) i think it they went to dual plugs later in the year when Raymond Beadle quit as driver !!?


In Topic: First ever competition win !

28 April 2015 - 10:16 AM

Thank you all for your kind comments, and heres a body down shot for Dave, the main parts body & most of chassis was an AIRFIX Black Belt funny car (probably a repackaged MPC kit for Uk sale) Slixx decals (didnt fit this body side stripes had to be cut into 20 sections each side !)

In Topic: HELP ! Golden products decals

13 May 2014 - 10:53 AM

Yeah that's the ones, just found I jpg of them through google, but cannot see them on slixx site anymore, now to find someone with some old stock.

Thanks Don