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Yeah, drive safely everyone...... we're supposed to be getting some snow tomorrow.  I'm not letting it scare me from going like happened last year.  Seeya's there...

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Today, 06:12 PM

It's an uncontrollable sickness, one detail leads to another to another to another....... I also wish sometimes I could just shake the box and use only what falls out, with just a little paint. That'll never happen. Lol



Yep... some of us have it BAD.  Once you wire your first engine and it comes out good, it's just "easy" to do it on every model.  The engines just look so bare without the wiring...  then you add brackets, and fuel lines, and master cylinder brake lines, and battery cables, and heater hoses, and a radiator overflow line. and a windshield washer fluid line............ that snowball just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Don't get me started on interiors...!!!   :lol:

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Today, 09:55 AM

Your best bet for masking is to use Tamiya tape.  It is GREAT stuff, although a bit pricey... but well worth it.  Burnish down the edge real good and you get NO paint bleed under the tape.  Use it along the edge of your first, lighter paint color, and mask off the rest of it with regular masking tape.


A well-stocked Hobby Shop should have it.  Or you can order it from   http://www.modelroundup.com/     It's listed under "Glue/Paints/Tools" and is $5.75.  You won't be disappointed.

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Today, 09:36 AM

Steve, you'll have to send Norm Veber an email at:     ReplMinCoMD@aol.com     and order the parts (and a catalog = $3.00 ?)  He unfortunately doesn't have a website or pictures of his stuff, but, like Modelhaus' resin products you can be sure of excellent quality.


I believe the price for the door handles and window cranks is $5.50.  I just ordered 3 pkgs. that I'll pick up from him at the NNL East show.  I like to have enough on hand for all of the older 50's kits and promos that I work on


I believe that Norm will only be a "spectator" at this year's NNL because he said that he is trying to catch up on all of his current orders.  His is a "one man shop" and his stuff is so good that he has trouble keeping up with all the orders.  I give him credit for wanting to fill his order backlog before wanting to produce stock to sell at a big show, although it would be great for him if he could manage to do both.

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Yesterday, 09:52 PM

Nice job on that '40 James.