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1954 Dodge Model Finished - Class of '54 - Entry #1

Today, 04:25 PM

I picked up this resin kit last November from a guy named Roger Bartholomew from CA on EBAY.  While it is an unusual 50's car to find a model of, the kit was sort of a bear to get together due to less than perfect casting.  


The body and interior were OK but final assembly was difficult due to; 


1)- Poor fit of the dashboard to the cowl after installing the vacu-formed glass.  It required a lot of sanding and trial fitting.


2)- The thickness of the bottom of the resin interior bucket and the thickness of the top side of the chassis prevented the chassis from seating properly with the interior in the body.  Both required A LOT of

      grinding with a Dremel and repeated trial and error fitting to get everything to go together properly.


I was originally so frustrated with the ill-fitting parts that the unassembled car sat in a box on my shelf for about 8 months.  Today I was determined to "beat it into submission" and finally won the battle.


The kit did not come with wheels and tires.  I wound up using tires from my parts stash along with '53 Ford hubcaps which closely matched Googled reference pictures of '54 Dodge's hubcaps.  The wheels are mounted on brass rods run through the chassis's molded in mounting points.  The bumpers and grille came chrome plated.  The deck for the continental spare was molded to the body and I added a chrome tire cover and panels from Modelhaus.  


The car is painted with Duplicolor Gray Primer with a clearcoat and the trim is BMF.  I imagined that a '54 Dodge would be a rather plain-Jane car which might have been owned by an older person.  The chrome tire cover was used to give the car just a touch of bling.  I installed clear headlight lenses, a mirror, and a wire antenna.  The taillights are Tamiya clear Red paint.








The interior consisted of the bucket with rear seat molded in, separate front seat, dashboard and steering wheel.  I painted the dash body color and detailed it with gauges, chrome silver paint and BMF.  The steering wheel is painted Black with a chrome horn ring from a used up ballpoint pen.  The carpet is flocked Black and the seats and door panels are flocked Gray with Flat Black panels.  The convertible boot cover is painted flat Black with PE bits for snaps and really wouldn't sit down right on the tulip panel of the car..








Overall it's really not a bad looking car and makes an unusual but cool addition to my '50's car collection.  The fact that it only cost me $26 makes the building troubles all the more bearable.


Thanks for looking in on this.  As usual all comments are welcomed.


Yesterday, 12:20 PM

I finished this car a little while ago.  To recap, it is painted Tamiya Purple, clearcoated and polished.  It was built as a mild, period Custom, using a custom tube grille, PE headlight half moon shields, Olds Fiesta front spinner hubcaps on wide whitewalls from my parts box.  It has resin skirts and continental kit deck from Hendrix and a chrome tire cover and panels from Modelhaus.  The lake pipes are from my parts stash.  While they might be a slight bit larger than scale, they were the only ones I had.  The taillight lenses are red LED light covers from an old electric stove panel that I took apart many years ago.  Spotlights and antenna are also from the parts stash.








I used the rear bumper(s) from the AMT '57 Ford Fairlane to make an extended bumper for the connie kit.




The engine has an M.A.D. prewired distributor with Purple wires and I added a chrome air cleaner from the parts stash for a little bling.  The interior is a resin set from Ed Fluck in a tuck & roll pattern which I painted Lavender and flocked with Violet flocking with Black flocked carpets.


While it's not my best effort, it looks good on the shelf and makes a good addition to the "Class of '57".


Thanks for looking in on this.  All critiques and comments are welcomed.

I'm looking for these Custom taillights.

25 October 2014 - 11:35 AM

I'm looking for these custom taillights and taillight bezels ('58 Edsel Wagon) to use on a future custom project.




If you have a complete set and can spare them, please PM me to see if we can work out a deal.  Thanks very much.

Is there a place to get model car kit instructions online?

20 October 2014 - 05:57 PM

A friend needs kit instructions for a '70 Plymouth Superbird.  Where can those be found online?

Would anyone be interested in these?

14 October 2014 - 04:41 PM

About a year or so ago my neighbor gave me a couple of 1/25 scale slot cars that he didn't want anymore.  I'm not into slot cars and really have no use for them.


One is a Dodge Charger








I have no idea what the other one is...








I'm assuming that these will still run, but I don't know for sure.  The mechanisms all seem to be connected properly.  I also have no idea what these might be worth.


I'd be willing to Trade these.  I'm looking for the following 1/25 scale cars;


1950 Oldsmobile Custom kit.  Must be complete and unbuilt.

1955 Dodge promo.  Must be complete and not warped.

1955 Plymouth promo.  "     "         "          "     "       "

1957 Plymouth promo.  "     "         "          "     "       "

1959 Studebaker Lark promo.       "          "     "       "


If you are interested in these Slot Cars and have any of the above listed cars that I'm looking for, please PM me and see if we can strike up a deal.