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In Topic: 1932 Ford Pro Street Chassis.

Today, 07:14 AM

Too bad it's only going to be available on Facebook ,  otherwise I'd be a customer too !  :(

In Topic: CAR-Toons Model Contest

Today, 04:55 AM

Any update on the prizes that are going to be added?


I have a verbal commitment for prize donations from two people whose names you will know ,  but until we receive them and can take photos I'd rather not make any official announcement .


Stay tuned !  :D

In Topic: 70 Baldwin Motion Camaro

Yesterday, 01:18 PM

Very , very nicely done !

I went thru your wip and your work is very impressive !

Congratulations on a job well done !  :)

In Topic: 65 Corvair Corsa

Yesterday, 02:59 AM

Great looking '65 Corvair !

I owned a '65 Monza that was one of the most fun cars to drive I've ever had .

Thanks for the memories !  :D

In Topic: AMT Mustang AWB drag car

Yesterday, 02:54 AM

I'm with you Ray ,  pretty basic kits that are a blast to build !

Your Mustang looks great !  :D