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Custom Dave Deal car hauler trailer

06 September 2012 - 07:39 PM

I dont think Dave ever designed or drew any pictures of trailers but I am trying to create one similar to what I think he might have done. I wanted to put all of my Deal models into one grouping but I thought a display case was a little too boring. So, I figured, why not have the Vanman pull the Trans Um and zzzzzz-28 on a trailer?

Coming up with an idea for a trailer that would look like something Dave might have done hasn't been easy, and I still dont know if mine is wacky enough but here are a few progress pics. I tried to make it really rounded and swoopy, kinda like the cars it's pulling.

Let me know what you guys think. The part on the back is going to be a fold up ramp that the cars drive up on. I plan to cover the top with diamond plate coverd in bmf. The frame color will be a bright metallic blue. I am also making another Vanman to match the trailer in the same blue.

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73 Trans Am Brewster Green

13 August 2012 - 01:30 AM

Hey guys, I am going to build one of Dave Deals' Tirebirds and since it comes with green tinted windows I thought it would look good as a tribute to a 73. That was the only year for that color. Does anyone know of a close color to the Brewster green in rattle can form that I could use?

AMT Caterpillar D8 rippers

26 July 2012 - 09:26 PM

Hi guys,

I am building one of AMT's old D8's for my father. This will be part of a really long build diorama that I am still sourcing parts for. I have the D8 but am still trying to track down parts for the Chevy Bruin mechanics truck that I want to build to replicate his 1:1 truck.

In the meantime, the D8 is just about done but I would like to add 2 additional rippers to it. The kit has the provisions for a tripple shank ripper but only 1 actual ripper comes in the kit.. Does anyone know of a source for a couple extra?

I recently purchased a resin molding kit from HL but I have yet to open it and I am a little nervous about how well it would turn out especially on something I am building for my dad. I want it to look perfect and haven't had any practice with molding.

Is there anyone out there that I could send the original ripper pieces to and have them cast a couple extras for me? Does anyone do that?

If anyone has any pointers I would greatly appreciate it.