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1961 Ford Falcon Station Wagon

14 July 2014 - 10:30 AM

These are pictures of the 13th project in my build theme of "Models of Cars I Have Owned or Driven." In late 1960, my Dad brought home a new 1961 Ford Falcon Station Wagon for our family car. I immediately hated the looks, color and gutless performance. However, I said nothing because my Dad originated the phrase "It's my way or the highway." I had a lot of "first dates" in that car, but not many "second or third dates." That was because many girls did not want to be seen in a station wagon with a fold down rear seat. LOL!

I combined an AMT 1961 Ranchero styrene kit with a ModelHaus resin 2-door Station Wagon kit and converted it to a 4-door. The good news was that I found a reference picture of me and my brother John next to the car. The bad news was that I found that reference picture; I realized I needed to add the side trim and roof rack to the build. And I needed to take out a loan for the BMF, too. LOL!

I modified the front seat and painted the interior with Desert Sand Duplicolor Interior paint. I followed that with BMF and detail painting. I made the side and rear window glass from clear .010 styrene plastic. I used .040 half round styrene for the side trim and made the roof rack supports from .060 half round. I adapted other roof rack parts from a 1959 Rambler kit and my parts box. I had the Mint Green paint custom mixed at a local auto paint store and shot it through my air brush. I covered that with Duplicolor Clear and finished up with polishing pads plus Novus and Meguires polish.

I had a lot more fun building the model than I ever did driving the 1:1 car!










1965 Thunderbird

18 May 2014 - 10:59 AM

These are pictures of a model 1965 Thunderbird I built for my good friend, Ron Nelsen. Ron and his son worked on a 1:1 '65 T-Bird together, but his son passed away.


I found a vintage AMT 1965 Thunderbird screw-bottom metal-axle kit on EBay and was off and running. I used Duplicolor Ford Sonic Blue Metallic Paint for the exterior with a polished Duplicolor clear coat. The interior was completed with Duplicolor White upholstery paint, Bare Metal Foil and other detail painting. I added chrome pieces and headers to the engine as described by Ron and finished up the project with two license tags and a rear window sticker found on the real car.


I hope Ron likes it and that it brings back good memories of working on the 1:1 car with his son.










1988 Chevy Custom Pickup

28 April 2014 - 09:39 AM

These are pictures of my 1988 Chevy Custom Pickup. I keep a supply of snap kits on hand to provide an occasional "slump-buster/morale-booster" project. But this time I chose an inexpensive 1988 Chevy Pickup Promo I bought for $8 at a model car show.


I slammed the chassis, added Pegasus Chrome Rims/white wall tires and covered the body with Spaz Stix Candy Gold over a Silver Base. I cleared it with Rustoleum 2x Gloss clear and polished that with pads and Meguires Ultimate polish. Some detail painting, a custom bed cover, bare metal foil and a custom license tag finished up the low drama/high fun build I was after.















1959 Chevy Biscayne Custom

06 April 2014 - 06:39 AM

These are pictures of my 1959 Chevy Biscayne Custom Car. I used a Hendrix resin body and a Revell/Monogram 1959 Chevy Impala donor kit. It features a slammed chassis, a 427 435 H.P. Corvette engine / 4-speed transmission and custom 19" Rally wheels with Pegasus big 'n little "rubber band" tires. Custom features are a custom 1960 Mercury grille, custom rolled and pleated seat inserts, an Oldsmobile steering wheel, filled hood air vents, a hinged hood and Ala Kart nerf bars. It is finished in 'Sinful Creations' Let's Talk purple nail polish with polished Duplicolor clear. The pretty much stock interior is painted Lavender acrylic with coats of Krylon Matte clear.








Yet Another 1949 Ford Three Window Coupe

23 March 2014 - 08:34 AM

These are pictures of my 1949 Ford Candy Red Three window coupe. I combined a Hendrix resin body with the AMT 1949 Ford Coupe styrene kit. I lowered it, installed deep-dish Kelsey Hayes (Chrysler) wire wheels, added matching rolled pans front and rear with "floating" 1955 Chrysler grille bars at both ends, and frenched and tunneled the headlights. The rear grille bar sports 1949 Ford taillights. I went with a Chrysler Hemi motor and transmission. The interior is basically stock except for a tonneau cover and chromed dash, steering column and steering wheel. The interior was sprayed with acrylic red paint covered with Krylon matte clear. The exterior is finished with Duplicolor primer, Spaz Stix silver metallic base and candy red paint and polished Duplicolor clear. I brought it to the Magic City Modelers Birmingham Classic model car show, where it won the highly coveted "Ho Hum" award. LOL!