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Atlanta Car Model Enthusiasts (ACME) Model Car Paint Tool

29 April 2015 - 04:10 AM

How to make an Atlanta Car Model Enthusiasts (ACME) Model Car Paint Tool


Materials: (I found mine at the Home Depot.)


(1) Flat 1/8 inch thick by 1 ½ inch Wide by 96 inch long Aluminum Bar.

(1) Roll Rubber Foam Weather Seal Self Stick Tape ¾ inch wide by 7/16 inch thick.


Measure in 8 inches from one end of the Aluminum Bar and draw a line across it. Measure another inch and draw a second line. Measure another inch and draw a third line.





 Measure another 8 inches and draw a fourth line. Use a hack saw to cut the bar at the fourth line.  Clamp the 18 inch bar in a vice with the middle line at the top of the vice. Use a hammer to bend the bar to a 90 degree angle.  Do the same at the other two middle lines. When you are done, your tool should look like this.




 Adjust the outside bars so that the gap between them at the end is about 2 ¾ inches. Place a 1 ½ inch length of the Weather Seal tape on each outside edge of the tool so it looks like this.




 You can now paint your model car bodies with great flexibility and coverage.







 And when you’re done, you can hang the tool/model so that dust or mites won’t get into your paint job while it dries.




Hobbytown USA Show and Swap Meet, Kennesaw, Georgia

25 April 2015 - 01:07 PM

Atlanta Car Model Enthusiasts (ACME) was well represented at today's show and swap meet at Hobbytown USA in Kennesaw, Georgia.


I was very pleased that my 1957 Corvette Gasser won First Place in one of the two Automotive categories and also very pleased that three of my models cumulatively won Best Paint for all categories. Other club members won awards, as well.







1951 Blue Chevy Custom

23 April 2015 - 05:18 AM

This is my 1951 Chevy custom, patterned after the second custom car I saw. The 1:1 was slammed, featured frenched headlights, a cool sounding exhaust system and 1957 Corvette taillights.


I started with a Flintstone 1951 Chevy resin 2-door hardtop body that features a radically chopped top. I enlarged the windshield and back glass areas to improve the appearance. I slammed the suspension and added a Chevy 350 small block / automatic transmission drive train. For a smoother look, I removed the front and rear bumper guards. I have seen very few Desoto grilles on 1951 Chevys so I went that route.


I finished the body with Duplicolor primer, Duplicolor Ford Teal Blue Metallic (I can't paint all my builds Candy Red, can I?), and highly polished Rustoleum clear.















1989 Firebird Formula 350

11 April 2015 - 10:57 AM

One of the fun things I like to do in the model car hobby is to build scale replicas of cars/trucks I have owned or driven. This is the sixteenth build in that series.


These are pictures of a model of my 1989 Firebird Formula 350. I bought it new in 1988 and put almost 100,000 fun miles on it. The only customizing was to use a hot air gun to loosen and remove the "Formula 350" emblems from the doors and "5.7 Liter" emblems from the hood.


I built the 1/24 scale model using the Revell 1992 Firebird Formula kit as a base. I added parts from the Revell 1985 Trans Am and 1991 Firebird Formula kits. I reproduced all the features of the 1:1 as faithfully as I could, including the aftermarket sun roof.


It was a fun build that brought back good memories of high performance cruising in the 1:1.















1953 Chevy Candy Red Custom

28 March 2015 - 10:14 AM

With approximately 120+ completed projects, I have only built one other slammer. The other project was not well received, but this build was a fun one!


While wandering through a local hobby store, I spotted a Lindberg "Bel Air Bomb" 1953 Chevy kit with a hopping chassis and illuminated headlights and taillights. I almost passed it by, but then I noticed it had a nicely chopped top and nicely extended and frenched headlights. Since I had a 40% off coupon in my hand, I decided to buy it and go for a retro custom project. I dechromed parts of the body and channeled it over a donor Monogram 1953 Chevy chassis. I added extended frenched taillights and removed the front and rear bumper guards. I installed deep chrome reverse wheels and wide white wall tires. I painted it my favorite color, Spaz Stix candy red, and added bare metal foil to take me where I wanted to go.