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Dyno Davo's 2014 builds

30 December 2014 - 12:08 AM

Although i've been a bit quiet on the posting front the time I have had I've been madly building. 2014 collection

















T Bucket Show rod circa early sixties

08 March 2014 - 10:09 PM

Yep its me again, this is the Lindberg Bull Horn kit with a twist. I picked this up a few years ago before the current re-release. I've always wanted in my collection a model T Bucket that represented the iconic show rod era of the early sixties so it took a fair amount of re-work to get the Bull Horn kit to look the goods. Firstly I channeled the bucket a bit more so it sat evenly down over the rails. The kit rear end and front end were used but I scratch built new front shocks. I added photo etch brass to the grille and used the wings and emblem for the radiator from the Minicraft Model A kit (they were more to scale). I scratch built new wheel rims and used buttons which I applied Alclad to for the mini moon caps. I used a my resin cast M&H drag slicks for the rear and some parts box tires for the front. The engine was given extra detail with extra chrome parts, clear fuel lines and a fuel pump. I smoothed out the firewall and chrome plated it. The seats were piped using color matched jewellery wire. All the gauge pods were milled on the lathe and then Moon gauge faces added. The gear-knob is a genuine Topaz Swarovski crystal. The fuel tank was also milled on the lathe. The paint is Topaz metallic craft paint with hand laid pin-striping. The windscreen was chopped as well. Hope you like.












All the best - Dyno Dave



57 Ranchero Custom

08 March 2014 - 09:49 PM

Hi everyone, it's been a while since my last post, sometimes other things in life just get in the way of spending time building models :D . Anyway I've managed to bowl over a couple of builds in recent times so I thought I'd get to posting them. This was originally a 1/18 diecast stocker Ranchero so I completely disassembled it down to every last piece, stripped off all the paint and started like it was a kit, only with a metal body. I gave it a serious lowering, added steelies with home made beauty trims and chrome centre caps. The only part of the original grille is the outer surround, all the pin heads were cut and glued into place. I also cleaned up the front end a little and made new headlight buckets and correctly scaled 7"headlamps. The interior got a make over with some 58 Esdel trim bits and steering wheel. The bed cover is all hand made using velour and pins. I also added some laker pipes. The paint is satin finish nail polish.










All the best - Dyno Dave