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Trojan Horse question

26 August 2013 - 06:12 PM

Hi all, I'm getting together info for my next build. Does anyone have a spec sheet for Larry Fullertons 74 or 75 Mustang II  Trojan Horse funny car? I checked Draglists and didn't get anywhere. I'd like to get just  the wheelbase if that's allI can get and any ref pics would be a huge help as well. Thanks for any help

WIP 84 Candies&Hughes funny car 1/24

20 April 2013 - 11:41 AM

Hi all , Posting a new build of the 84 C&H car.I'm gonna be using the Revell/Monogram trans am kit and the Slixx decals. I've passed it too many times at the NHRA museum saying I gotta give that a shot, so here it starts.For the body I've shaved off the rear spoiler of the Prudhomme Wendys car and pulled out the nose of the car to give it more of a point.

Attached File  IMG_0062.JPG   210.38KB   98 downloads

Attached File  IMG_0001.JPG   86.89KB   133 downloads

I've started already on the frame painting it Arctic Blue Metallic with a pinch of magenta, adding fuel cell, front suspension, rear axel, and roll bar padding, seat, and some engine work done

Attached File  IMG_0123.JPG   87.46KB   139 downloads

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I'm using Pro-Tech plug wires and will use Pro-Tech braided line and hex nuts to plumb the car so it can look as accurate as can be.

Thanks for looking!!

Nancy and Ivo new builds

11 March 2013 - 06:22 PM

Hey I just got these done recently , yes I'm sure everyone in here has built there own Nancy rear engine so I finally got around to doing mine. It's all mostly stock except for the body skin which I made a vaccuform one piece body instead of the never fitting panels that are in the kit. Also the rear wheels are a little bigger and I made correct wing struts that attach to the top of the bell housing. The Ivo car, I couldn't resist making a car I wanted to make a log time ago.  Thanks for looking.Attached File  1-IMG_0007.JPG   78.62KB   256 downloadsAttached File  1-IMG_0016.JPG   108.85KB   355 downloadsAttached File  1-IMG_3418.JPG   76.77KB   375 downloadsAttached File  1-IMG_3434.JPG   101.93KB   279 downloads

83 Candies &Hughes

19 February 2013 - 09:02 AM

Would anyone possibly have pics of the chassis and engine area ? I would think that the 84 chassis would be pretty close as well and thats in Garlits museum in Florida.Didn't want to bother anyone but this is a plea of last resort. Thanks in advance!.And yes I did get in trouble at the Pomona museum for trying to lift the body up for a quick look see.


great Ivo decals

14 February 2013 - 12:45 PM

Just want to say thanks to Chuck Boerne for really great decals, and to Greg Fox for really good resin to put them on. I've been wanting to build this car for quite awile. I will need to pick up his Black Stange decals to put the car next to my Black Magic carAttached File  ivo small closed.jpg   31.92KB   142 downloadsAttached File  ivo open small.jpg   43.33KB   134 downloads