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Today, 01:27 AM

haven't heard that small circle of friends song in many many...decades.



How's 'bout his (now days all but forgotten) Draft Dodger Rag!? That one pretty much vanished after '75.

In Topic: Name That Tune....

Yesterday, 02:47 AM

Like the Nights when the Northern Lights perform

There'll be Icicles and Birthday clothes, and sometimes there'll be sorrow

Another unanswered tune - Little Green, by Joni Mitchell

In Topic: Name That Tune....

Yesterday, 02:46 AM

Ridin' down the Highway, Yes my back is gettin' stiff

Thirteen Cars piled up, they're hangin' on a Cliff

 Looks like this ones going unanswered - Outside of a Small Circle of Friends, by Phil Ochs

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30 March 2015 - 05:04 PM


Serious frig Ed!   But then you do live in the middle of no where! I would recommend adding a a bit  of Brooklyn Brown Ale to the collection\

 Yep. I just hate to need to travel to the Store more than once a Week ;)  As too adding an Ale to my Cache, if you look on the Top shelf on the Door - Bottles 2+3 from the left cover that "need".

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30 March 2015 - 03:24 PM

Thae Adhesive for Gold/Silver Leafing is also caled Leafing Size or Adhesive Size.