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02 May 2015 - 05:46 PM

I forgot where I copied this from but it has some good tips. Some sound like they're tips for things other than cars.


Uses of Household Items for Model Cars


  • Windex or other ammonia based window cleaner is a great acrylic paint remover.

  • Diamond fingernail files can be purchased at our local hardware and drugstores for about $5 each and are great for fine filing work.

  • Water bottle caps make great disposable holders for super-glue. Just put what you need in the cap and use a toothpick to dip out what you need. Toss when done. (If you are really thrifty you can pop the dried s-g out and re-use the cap.) P.S. use the unlined caps.

  • "Butcher" or freezer paper is great to protect work surfaces from paint and glue.

  • Need sheet plastic for gap filling, etc.? Use the fake credit cards that come in the mail (most are plastic, some are not.)

  • Cat whiskers make great radio antennas (don't let wife catch you, and just use the ones that cat drops off.)

  • Rigging antenna wires or WW-i rigging wire from stretched sprue? cut slightly longer to attach. When cement or super-glue cures fully use a fireworks punk to apply heat. Heat will cause the sprue to shrink. Works on mono-filament fishing line, also. Use an incense stick instead of a punk and you will have a nice smelling work-room on top of all. You can use the smoke from the stick or punk to see where the heat is rising to get it where you want it. Experiment with distance and be aware that the "shrink" will happen quickly once temperature is reached. Make VERY sure not to leave a lit punk lying around.

  • Normal household glycerine is a great lubricant for your airbrush needle after cleaning. It's very cheap and works as good as the one the airbrush mfrs sell. Just put it on and then wipe it off. Just a drop does it.

  • Ask your tooth fairy if you can have the pumice polishing compound after your visit to the dentist. It's free and they are happy to oblige because they just throw the little cup away after they are done.

  • On good terms with your dentist? I got some really nice cutters, grinders and polishers that way - free.

  • Prescription bottles are great for left-over small small parts. Use each bottle for similar or like parts.

  • Save larger pieces of brass photo-etch frets when project is complete.

  • Whitener toothpaste (kind with the fine grit, not the gels) is a great polishing compound.

  • Final surface prep for metalizer style (Alclad II ?) done with the fiber "wadding" Brasso will polish to a perfect finish.

  • A drop of liquid dishwashing detergent added to decal water soak is a great weting agent.

  • I have heard of and seen results of using apple vinegar to turn those shiney metal after-market tracks into something more realistic. Can't vouch for this one.

  • For those tiny decals I use the pointy end of my No. 11 X-acto. Just a little stab and then move it and apply where you want it.

  • Check out your local fly-fishing store if you have one. I find lead wire in spools and handy monofilament in various tiny diameters. Lead wire is good stuff for plumbing engines and such. Monofilament is great rigging material for WWI or antennas. Use the "punk" mentioned above in the same manner. Works great. Monofilament comes in clear (looks like silver wire when installed, and also a grey which also looks like wire. A good store also has special tools for fly tying which are useful for fine work.

  • All those blister packs that you open and throw away are good sources for clear plastic; also good for holding blended epoxy and superglue drops prior to application.

  • Make-up brushes make good dusters for your models. Check Walmart for really inexpensive ones because a dep't store is pricy.

  • Need weights for a/c noses or such? Local tire shop has used ones laying all over the place. You can get them free for asking because they have no use after removal.

  • Nail polish remover is almost always acetone and is good for debonding/removing super glue.

  • Lighter fluid. I use lighter fluid for cleaning surfaces and removing some light over spray. I find it less "hot" than other thinners.

  • Vinegar is great for cleaning photoetch and also "roughens" that surface to help with paint adhesion.

  • Wax paper is great for a palatte for super glue. I line a little plastic thimble, secure it with a rubber band, and pour some ca glue in. I have found the glue to still be useable the next day.

  • Ammonia for darkening brass. Ensure the brass is super clean.Suspend it over ammonia in a sealed jar until the desired patina is achieved. Rinse part with hot water. Seal it with a lacquer overcoat.

  • Finger Nail Polish Thinner (not remover - different stuff) works the same a Ambroid Pro Weld or Tenax 7R. Get it at high end beauty supply stores (Sally's), sometimes harder to find but cheaper per ounce.

In Topic: New To Model Cars

02 May 2015 - 05:36 PM

Spend as much time on this forum as you can spare. You'll learn a lot here. Another thing is to learn how to search the forum. Here's how to do that.



In Topic: 3D Printing Pen?

30 April 2015 - 06:37 PM

Michael's typically has 40% and sometimes 50% off coupons on their website. Just click on the weekly ads at the top. It's 40% this time.

In Topic: Make your own foil.

30 April 2015 - 11:00 AM

I just scored a pack of "Metallic Tissue" from Party City locally. As you can see by the pic, it's pretty shiny and you get twelve 20" x 24" sheets for $4.99 plus tax. I'm concerned about running out. :lol:


I measured the thickness and it's about 0.5 mils thick, as well as I can measure it. BMF measures about twice that thick. Also have a small bottle of Metal Leaf Adhesive I got from HL. We'll see how it works.

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29 April 2015 - 06:26 AM

Harbor Freight has some Dremel knockoffs that work OK.