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Using Alcohol and Distilled Water for Static Charge Removal

20 September 2014 - 06:55 AM

Recently, someone left a tip on the forum about using alcohol and distilled water to remove static charge from models before painting. Can't for the life of me seem to find it and I had more questions anyway.


I'd rather not wipe the part off and prefer to use compressed air or a hair dryer to dry it. Would using the dryer cause a static charge?


What was the mix ratio of the alcohol and water?



Thinking in Scale

21 July 2014 - 04:54 PM

For my 500th post to the forum, I thought I'd discuss some things I've learned. I'm certainly not very good yet, but I have learned a lot in the 2+ years I've been a member of this forum, which is excellent, IMO. When I first returned to the hobby, I was excited to build some of the cars I would have had during my lifetime, but for the lack of money, as well as some of the cars I had actually owned. That was mistake #1. I chose kits that required skills that I didn't possess yet. Things like two tone paint jobs, seams down the center of a kit, etc., weren't apparent obstacles but they sure made for problems with a novice like myself.


One of the things I learned was “thinking in scale”. Kits with small A pillars and body parts are a challenge. If you're heavy handed or aggressive or looking for a quick shortcut, you're probably going to mess up some plastic. I did. I had to keep thinking, “it's plastic, not metal”. I've got several models that I started and put on the back burner because I've got to get better to fix the mistakes I've made. Some may be beyond fixing.


If you're getting back into it or haven't refined your skills yet, I suggest starting with something very very simple and very very sturdy. You'll gain confidence when you finish one. I did. Also, select something that's cheap and easily replaced. Starting out with an expensive and/or rare kit is another mistake I made. Find something cheap and decent in design and have fun. If you mess up, it's no big deal. Work slow, think things through and you'll probably have some fun and success. When it's not going good, get up from the bench and go do something else. Make it fun!

Tamiya McLaren M8A Extra Parts?

08 July 2014 - 04:42 PM

I'm working on the Tamiya McLaren M8A and I've run into something that's odd. This kit seems to have 5 extra parts that aren't on the instruction sheet at all. They are parts A3, A4, A11 A28 and B2. Anyone run into this with this kit?

First Completed Build in Over 50 Years - 1961 Falcon Ranchero

07 July 2014 - 04:44 PM

After many starts and misses, I have finally finished a model. Each model I started presented it's own challenges, especially since I was jumping back into the hobby after about 55 years away. Those await me when I have enough ability and knowledge to fix them. I looked in my stash and pick the Falcon based on simplicity of design and ease of build. I'd suggest the same strategy for anyone that starting or restarting this hobby. Completing one builds your confidence.


As for the Falcon, I had one of these back in the 70s. Hauled a lot of dirt bikes in it. It was a 62 and originally it was a USAEC (U. S. Atomic Energy Commission, now U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission) truck. I bought it in an auction in Oak Ridge, TN. Replaced the transmission with a C4 and rebuilt the straight 6 engine. I think it was 144 cu. in.


The original color was grey so I decided to finish this one in Tamiya TS76 Mica Silver with a few coats of Future on top. The interior floor and door panels and seats were sprayed with a charcoal colored acrylic that I mixed. The inserts in the seats were painted with light grey acrylic. I'm not totally satisfied with the acrylics. Sprayed Future mixed with flat acrylic on the seat and door panels to knock the shine down. This model has a number of flaws, especially the BMF work. Hopefully the next one will be nicer.


BOGO on Super Clean at Autozone

09 June 2014 - 06:50 AM

I got an email today with discounts. They have Super Clean offered as buy one get one free. The stuff strips enamel paint great. Check here to see if your area has a flyer with discounts.