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Filters for Paint

14 February 2015 - 07:38 AM

What do you use to filter your paint before you use it, be it for an AB or for brushing? Doesn't matter what type (enamel, lacquer, acrylic).

A short video of my lab by my talented granddaughter

30 January 2015 - 08:15 PM

It's short but it shows some of the lab and a couple of builds on the bench and a couple that are finished.


Craft Acrylic Spraying Problems - What's this stuff in my paint?

22 January 2015 - 11:51 AM

I'm slowly getting the hang of acrylics. I'm thinning it using Future 1:1 with the paint. Just before shooting this model, I sprayed another body light orange and it came out fine. Cleaned the A/B and shot some red and it seemed to be spitting the paint out. Would not spray smoothly and seemed to be clogging the brush. I let it dry, sanded the spots off, mixed the paint again very thoroughly (I thought) and shot some more. Same problem. Seems like the paint has tiny clumps in it or something. It's not specks of dust. It's hard to see so you might need to click on the pic to see the specks.


Am I not getting it mixed enough? Bad bottle of paint? Throw it away and open a new bottle? What say ye?

Anyone ever use Model Master Acryl Gloss Clear?

14 January 2015 - 07:11 PM

I shot some spoons yesterday and got very good results. I'm shooting with a Badger Patriot 105 with 0.5 mm needle and tip. I set my pressure at about 14-16 psi. It almost seemed to be a little too thick. Still managed to get it to spray and loved the finish.


Have any of you ever used MM gloss clear or any other acrylic clear? What about pressure, distance, multiple mist coats or heavier wet coats, etc.?

What percentage of kits that you start get finished?

13 January 2015 - 07:59 PM

Several folks have mentioned unfinished models/projects. So far, I don't have much of a batting average either, mostly due to paint issues. I'm getting better though. What's your batting average.