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  1. Krazy Rick added a post in a topic eBay Shipping Weirdness Continues...   

    Here's the thing, The Post Office ( both in the States & Canada ) has a monopoly & is super greedy, they have a blank cheque.  The rates continue to rise, as they think of new ways to profit . The executives are laughing & it's gone out of control.  I would love to know the exact average amount it cost them to send an envelope, or a  package; for that matter ........ I'm sure it would be shocking. They've killed the Ebay biz between the U.S & Canada; the rates are so ridiculous; it doesn't even make sense to order anything - an average $20 (U.S ) piece; ends up $75 with the exchange & postage..... it's a bad joke. 
  2. Snake45 added a post in a topic Let's build a " Little Duece Coupe"   

    Yes, but remember they were singing about street cars. Especially that little old lady's.
  3. Slotto added a post in a topic Hello from Maryland   

    Thanks everyone! I used to attend the MAMA get together when it was held at Catonsville Community College.
    Greenbelt is quite a hike for me now.
  4. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic What Happened To The AMT 32 Ford Kits?   

    I love the old AMT kits too, and have been doing a lot of different things with them over the years...mostly salvaged gluebombs (though I've picked up some unmolested kits when the price has been right)

    And a few more...            
  5. Hubert Rollins added a post in a topic Revell 1972 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible   

  6. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Mack R series Tanker   

    A very nice looking Mack. Great job.
  7. Mr mopar added a post in a topic AMT '68 Road Runner/GTX--What Was the Story?   

    I hope Kevin dose do it and he gets them chromed to ?
  8. High octane added a post in a topic AMT '68 Road Runner/GTX--What Was the Story?   

    Hmmm, I wonder if Harts Parts will offer the GTX grille?
  9. paul 54 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    1972 olds
    dose any one sell 1972 olds viset cruiaer resin kit
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  10. Slotto added a topic in Trading Post   

    Slotto's Trades
    Hey all,
    I have a few up for trade. I am looking for anything Mopar like Dart's, GTX's, Coronet's, Turbine, Fury.
    Here's what I got...

    Thanks for looking
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  11. Mike999 added a post in a topic What Happened To The AMT 32 Ford Kits?   

    I also love the AMT 32s and have fond memories of gluing them together while watching "Shock Theater." (Yes, I'm old.)
    Couple of weeks ago at a local swap meet, I found the 32 Roadster kit shown below (along with the original 40 Coupe) for a very good price.  The first owner broke one of the Roadster's chrome wire wheels putting it into the tire. Otherwise it's perfect with most parts still on the sprues.

  12. oldr-n-drt added a post in a topic Modelhaus Dodge D200 Crew Cab '64 kit   

    mike....that is my kit greg is telling you about..there will be a bed avialable,but  it has rear fenders...not like the one you showed..cab will work for you..it is a 1966 dodge power wagon..will put you on the list if you want one??  oldr-n-drt
  13. Pete68 added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Diamond Reo Tri-Axle Dump Truck
    Here's a Diamond Reo Tri-Alxe Dump truck I built back in the early 90s when amt Re-realesed the truck. I took it to Kansas City and won 3rd place with it at the Cowtown Nationals it was a fun build. The dump bed was a Ertl gravel trailer I cut down and used. The third axle suspension on the truck was also used from the same kit. Front flotation tires where's use from the Autocar Enjoy the pics 

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  14. sjordan2 added a post in a topic Larry's '51 Jaguar XK120 coupe....In his own words   

  15. oldr-n-drt added a post in a topic Modelhaus Dodge D200 Crew Cab '64 kit   

    bill...that is my kit, exactly what you will get from me....greg is casting it for me.....oldr-n-drt
  16. DrKerry added a post in a topic NNL EAST....still looking for help......UPDATED   

    Hopefully ya can locate it Dave and it comes back home!!!! 
  17. DrKerry added a post in a topic Let's build a " Little Duece Coupe"   

    I'm with ya on that, I think a lot of the music was written and the guys didn't really fully understand cars. They did to some extent but I think they exaggerated a little in their music... with that being said the band name is The Beach Boys and they sang their hearts out about surfing and the life style there of and none of the band members ever surfed!!!!! I learned that watching a documentary that Brian Wilson did about a year ago!! So yeah the 140 in the top end floored could of been a bit stretched and so on.....
  18. Slotto added a post in a topic Johan 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado (glue bomb resto)   

    Nice clean restore. That dash is killer
  19. Mike999 added a topic in General   

    eBay Shipping Weirdness Continues...
    Has this happened to anybody else?
    Last week on eBay, I bought a set of decals for the Sox '63 Chevy drag car "Good Ole Mr. Wilson."  That's one sheet of decals. The seller is in Illinois, I'm in South Carolina, and the package weighed 3 ounces. It arrived in a small envelope, with a label saying "USPS First-Class PKG."
    And when it arrived, the fe-mail carrier knocked on my door and told me I owed $3.34 Postage Due.  Say WHAT?  The shipping envelope had 2 hand-written notes on it in pencil, from somebody at the Post Office:
    Note 1: "This should be Priority, not a Package."  Note 2: $5.95 - 2.61 = $3.34."
    So the seller had already paid $2.61 and total shipping was a whopping $5.95 for this small, light envelope.
    I emailed the seller and asked for a refund of the $3.34. To his credit, he refunded the whole price of the decals ($6.50). He apologized and said this had happened before on other decal sales. He was contacting the Post Office to try and figure out what's going on. 
    I'm guessing there's some obscure USPS rule about a "First-Class Package" versus a "Priority envelope" or something.  But I'm only guessing, and this struck me as really weird.
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  20. DrKerry added a post in a topic Milner dragster updated pics 4/27/17   

    Body is cut sanded and ready for filler..... I need to add filler on the sides to level it out and filler on the top behind the roll bar to add a curve to the top and round it out a bit more...... 

    Cant see them to well in the last photo, but I added the clamps or whatever they are around the front bar/axle mount like the real rail has!!!!!

  21. crowe-t added a post in a topic Herbie The Love Bug   

    Steve & Bill, thanks for the nice words!
    I painted the interior and started gluing it all together.  The seats, roll bar, door panels and dashboard are painted Testors Acryl Neutral Gray.  I added a couple of drops of Aircraft Interior Black to the Neutral Gray for the floor mats and lightened the Neutral Gray with Flat White for the carpeting.  The carpeting is embossing powder.  I added Bare Metal Foil to the door handles, arm rest...  I foiled the steering wheel and the moldings on the dashboard.  For the speedometer I first painted it Testors Acryl Silver.  After it dried I sprayed on some Tamiya Flat Black and then used a toothpick dabbed in Windex to expose the silver on the raised details.  Windex will remove Tamiya acrylic paint but doesn't remove Testors acrylic.  The speedometer's numbers were made by dipping the end of a toothpick in some flat white and dabbing it on, sort of like dry brushing, just to give a slight indication of the numbers.  Testors Clear Parts Cement was applied over the speedometer to make a lens.  It's not too noticeable in the picture but it's there.  I removed the chrome from the exhaust and heater exchange pipes and painted them with lightened Neutral gray.  A friend who has a VW Beetle said these pipes should be a light gray.  I removed the tail pipes and replaced them with 1.6mm styrene rods which I drilled holes in the ends.  The kit's tail pipes had a seam down the middle and weren't quite round.  The tail pipes are painted with Alclad Aluminum but I might cover them with BMF.  The engine is also painted Alclad Aluminum.  
    I'm in the process of polishing the clear coat on the body so it should be done soon.
    Thanks for looking in!
    IMG_8358 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_8370 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_8363 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_8367 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_8372 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_8374 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
  22. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Let's build a " Little Duece Coupe"   

    Interesting thread here. The more I think about it...
    According to one of the online ET calculators, a 200HP "full race" (NON-supercharged) flathead in a 1500 pound car (just barely possible to get it that light) could be in the high 11-second, low 12-second range, with around a 125 MPH trap speed. In '63, that could very well make it the "fastest car in town" (depending on the town) and it would easily "walk a Thunderbird like it's standing still". The '63 Bird was heavy, and probably only good for a mid 16-second 1/4 mile ET.
    The 1500-pound number is interesting, as in California in the '50s, a car that weighed 1500 pounds or less could legally run without fenders on the street...and there were plenty of roadsters that hit hit the mark, obviously. Getting a steel-topped coupe under 1500 would be more of a challenge. An aluminum-headed flathead weighs over 500 pounds all by itself.
  23. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic 1934 Chevrolet Master 5-Window coupe.   

    Looks great and will look even better when you get all the little accessories added. I look forward to seeing it as a whole. I really admire your willingness to start over and five it another go. Well done.
  24. Mixalz added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    New Aussie
    Hi there,
    Just joined the forum. Name is Michael. Finally got some time to get building. Haven't completed too many projects with the right tools however I finally started working (uni for far too long) and can afford this hobby now!
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  25. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Jaguar XJR-8 Test version   

    Cool build. The black looks great