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  2. 3D printing

    What I see this being used for also is prototyping parts for resin or metal casting. I see it as a way to produce detail parts or small kits of unique subjects kind of like what used to be called โ€œcottage industryโ€ kits. From what I understand a lot of these printers take time but printing masters for molds I see as a good thing
  3. How cold is it where you live?

    mid to high 70s today.
  4. I'd like to introduce the project i'm currently working on: I'm using the body parts from a Tamiya RG250 Walter Wolf and the frame from a Tamiya RG250, all off ebay. I thought they would match without issues, but i had to make them fit. Also the frame needed some extra support to compensate the lack of stability due to missing engine and swingarm. And some facing made from sheet styrene to prevent see through. The jet engine is made from 1/24 car rims and 1/8 motorcycle headlights and some styrene. I won't build the full engine, just the visible parts. So it will be sort of a curbside, or a fake if you prefer. This is how far i am at the moment:
  5. Awesome build, I've always been fascinated by turbine vehicles, this one is really cool.
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  7. Monogram Slingshot, Anyone?

  8. Peter, on this car I used a Rustoleum primer, Krylon colors and Excel Craft clear. All spray bombs. I don't ever plan on stripping paint jobs and have only had to do it a few times with varying degrees of success, but I think the more important part is A: the Iso doesn't harm the plastic and B: did what I wanted it to do. Isopropyl gave me the A and B with minimal fuss and cleanup at a cup 'o coffee price. Nothing about it I don't like so far and a suggestion I'm glad I followed. Incidentally I used the 70% strength from the drug store....I didn't see the 90%, I think you have to ask for it. Anyway, for 3 bucks it quickly and easily solved a heartbreaker problem.
  9. Making a little more progress on the dumper. Got the chase painted and the cummins in. Scratch building shocks, and have to build a cross member for the transfer case. I also opted out for a standard trans. didn't like the auto. trans. that comes with the cummins.
  10. B.R.B.O. IH CO 4070A

    Well I'm almost 3 weeks into this and I did manage a little progress. It's been a long time since I've built one of these old ERTL kits and I'd forgotten how much nicer these were to build compared to the AMT kits. There's absolutely no flash, very little mold lines to clean up, and it didn't require building a jig and weighing down the frame to get it to glue up square. It's in primer now and the basic Detroit is built and has the base color on. 4070A progress 2/20/19 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr 4070A progress 2/20/19 by Jim Gavin, on Flickr Also I've decided to change from my original build plan as a tractor and box van to a west coast truck and trailer flatbed combo. It will be based on this pic that I found on Eric Wizke's Flickr pages. Eric Wizke photo by Jim Gavin, on Flickr It will most likely be the same colors and I'll be using 5-hole Budds all the way around. I'm not sure if I'll scratch build the flatbeds or if I'll use the Great Dane extendable flat as a starting point.
  11. the chassis comes nice , make the adjustment for the front springs and now make the engine and now take the engine away and make the steering part correct and now started with the bottomdump trailer jacobus
  12. Aardvark Maserati Tipo 61

    BEAUTIFUL job on this sweet little racer!!!
  13. '65 Falcon A/FX

    I think you can do it too, bud!! ifit were me, i'd use masking tape for a guide at the peak. do one side, then the other, moving the tape......but you probably know this already..lol
  14. 70's Swinging meat trailer

  15. Last time I used it I used future to lay it down and it worked
  16. 1972 Dodge D200

    That truck looks terrific! Just the right amount of rust. Your stories are getting as outstanding as your models. I hope you write for a living, lol. Jeff
  17. Aardvark Maserati Tipo 61

  18. How cold is it where you live?

    High of 55 today. Snow tonight. G
  19. Yea, I want to get one when I find one that isn't too pricey, or hasn't been opened up and started. This!!! I hope some executive from a model company sees this and realizes the market potential for an xj. It would be huge. The customization possibilities are endless. Jeff
  20. King Cobra drag car

    Agreed!!โ€ฆ..roll-on, Ray!!!
  21. LOL!!! thanks, funny guy!!!
  22. Fujimi 1/24 Lamborghini Gallardo

    Super klean work, bud!!!....I love building these simpler kits! it puts the fun back into building!!
  23. Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Aoshima, 1/24

    Love all the added details!!!
  24. Aoshima Nismo R34 GT-R

    This is looking GREAT!!!
  25. BRBO Mack R685ST

    The R model is looking good! The mica red is a great color choice. I haven't built this kit for about 25 years but I remember having fit issues, especially getting the cab to sit level while still lining up with the hood. I'll definitely be watching to see how you do the blower/vacuum canisters for the bulk tanker. The weather here has been miserable so I haven't made it over to the A&R terminal to try and get some reference pics.
  26. 82 trams am

    Definitely looking tough!!
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