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  2. First Ford Ever!

    This kit is a old MPC kit and it's quite crude compared to more modern toolings and none of the engines are really that accurate to what they are supposed to be and doesn't look right everywhere. The small block in the kit is most likely supposed to be a 351 Windsor based on the shape of the valve covers, and the 351 Cleveland came in late 1969 for the 1970 model year. Ford used a oil filler tube on the 221-260 and early 289 but if it would have been this oil filler tube it would have been only on the drivers side of the water pump going into the upper part of the timing chain cover on that side. But it went away in 1964 beacuse the '64 Fairlaine with a 289 I used to own didn't have this tube, after 1963 they moved the breather to the drivers side valve cover and you filled the oil through it, they also added a PCV valve to the other valve cover, so Ford didn't use oil filler tubes in 1969 and the 351W never had one.
  3. 1952 Hudson Hornet Custom "Barn Find"

    Very cool
  4. Palmer model kit history?

    Keep in mind what they were competing with, scale model wasn't a term in common use. Ever here the term "box scale"? That literally means the model was scaled to fit into a standard size box, that was still common in the early 1960s. Johan's early Cadillac kits are notorious for having shortened proportions, because Cadillacs were large cars and many wouldn't fit into the standard box Johan used. In 1961 plastic model kits had only recently replaced wooden model kits. You think Palmer kits are bad check out a Monogram or Strombecker kit from the 1940s or 50s. Hey kid here is a block of wood sort of shaped like an airplane, here are some pictures of what it is supposed to look like. Here is a knife, go. Their later kits like the 1940 Ford are much better than those early kits, not great, but better. Good enough that some people think they copied the AMT or Revell kit. Their early kits are similar to other brands early kits, kits many gripe about for being bad. Also cars do not appear to have been their strongest effort. Apparently their ship models are considered to be better. I'm not really much of a ship modeller, so don't know from personal experience but I have been told many of the better Lindberg ship models began life as Palmer kits. Monogram's kits from the late 1960s really stand out because they were so much better than most anything else being done at the time.
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  6. First Ford Ever!

    It could be a oil filler tube.
  7. First Ford Ever!

    Do the instructions show anything attaching to this part later in the build? I wonder if it has something to do with the water pump?
  8. I understand the best engine award, well deserved, but if that is second place in large scale there is no hope for mere mortals! Fantastic model, the level of detail is amazing.
  9. Scale Motorsport Stuff

    They're going out of business?Damm.Ive got order some things then.My guess why,is that they're prices are too high.I don't know.
  10. Liberty Walk BRE R35 GTR

    Very sharp looking car. I've always liked the BRE livery, great color combo.
  11. Wheels needed

    Try Fireball Hobbies,or Scenes Unlimited.I just ordered a few sets of Mopar wheels from Scenes Unlimited.
  12. Ok Fellas as promised I was able to get some time at the bench to take some pics of what all I have accomplished on this build since my last update and then my time crunch on getting it to where it was show ready even though it wasn't 100% complete. So as of this point I currently have 2,175 Hours into this build. Yes I was crazy enough to track it as best as I can and honestly this probably doesn't even count the time I had in designing all of the 3D components that I did for this build. Anyway hope you enjoy these pics and this weekend I am going to start chipping away at my final to do list to get this thing 100% completed.
  13. First Ford Ever!

    I need something to do while paint and glue dries, so I bought this kit for $5.00. It is complete except for the headlights. The nicest thing about it is that it comes with two complete engines, a 428 and a 351. I am not sure if the 351 is a Cleveland or a Windsor? I have googled both and 1969 Mustang engines and cannot find anything resembling part # 35. Does anybody know what is supposed to be? Thanks, Greg.
  14. Ray..... Thank you for the Kind words. I was nice to finally call something done and enter it into the show. Although it's not completed by any means and still has some work that needs to be done a few things that need to be fixed on it. Bob... Yes it was in the Competition Even though it was only 95% complete in my book. There are some small minor details that I need to finish up on. It took 2nd place in Large scale and it came home with the Best Engine award as well. Steve... Thank you. I have some pics that I have taken of the car this evening that I am going to post since I really didn't post much when I was putting in some long hours the week or 2 before the show. Lee... Thank you for following along on this long journey of mine with this build. I am super excited to just about have this 100% completed so I can start some fun builds. I am going to probably start out with a basic out of the box build but I do have another 1/16th scale Drag Build that planning has been in the works which I am super excited to build. Art... Thank you Brother, It was so great to see you this past weekend and get to hang out. Although I wish I could of hung out with everyone on the Friday night gathering but as you know I was crunching away on the model until 1 am hoping I was going to make the show....lol
  15. Hillibillies coupe

    Very cool.
  16. Chris, it was so good to see you and the Vega Saturday. I was so happy to finally see it on the contest table, and I loved the fact you surprised everybody. Had a blast hanging with you and congratulations on answering the Bell! Art
  17. Beautiful! I like the color. Were the wooden bed rails in the kit, or did you fab those? The grain on them and the bed are awesome.
  18. Birthday Gremlin

    Finally was able to get the interior pics to load, need to start attacking things with my new Dremel to make the back seat fit.......good thing the weekend is about here!
  19. Liberty Walk BRE R35 GTR

    I like it. That livery suits the car.
  20. Liberty Walk BRE R35 GTR

    That's sweet looking!
  21. What did you see on the road today?

    The Levante. We just leased one out. I think they're kind of ugly. But the interior is something to experience, and it drives beautifully. The V8 is basically a Ferrari engine, so it has some pedigree and performance to go with it.
  22. Palmer model kit history?

    A local antique mall has a couple of Palmer Cougar kits in one of the booths. They've been there a long time. For $10CDN for the pair, I'm tempted to grab them and see what the fuss is about.
  23. Corvette C7.R #3 decals

    Did you check Pattos Place decals? He has most of the GTLM cars by year raced. You may want to check out his web site, although these may be 1/24scale as well, but extremely well done. Hope this helps, Al
  24. Thank you. I have to learn how to stop buying stuff for the project because the collection of stuff is not all gonna fit it. I really need to learn when to say when, lol!
  25. Change......

    A lot of us spend too much time at their keyboards Dave, not just you. Perhaps down the road you'll see that you still have time to chat with us and do the other things you'd like to do as well. Good luck to you.
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