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  2. This has certainly been an experience, putting this together. Just assembling the parts in the correct order so everything fits is a challenge. But it will improve the odds on the other car! Up on all four but no final glue just yet.
  3. Great work, do you have any photos of the hinges?
  4. Your weathering looks great! You've really nailed the "Thousand and one details". David G.
  5. Not sure where the upgrade stands, but I haven't been getting any notifications for a couple weeks now. Also, thanks for the hard work!!
  6. All of Harold's parts for excellent. The guy is definitely a master.
  7. Thanks Richard for the tip but I am determined to make the AMT hood work as I have other plans for the Revell Snapper.
  8. It's time for another update! OK, the weathering is done. I also added some additional detail items. I made a Plexiglas windscreen and affixed it to the front of the roll cage. I also added some padding to the back of the cage. It seems to me that a car like this should have a debris screen in front of the radiator, so I made one and installed it. With the engine assembled and installed, I noticed that the top of air cleaner was sitting level with the hood when it should be sticking up through the hole in the hood. So I made an extension to lift it to a more appropriate height. Now it's time to sort out the body and get it painted. Thanks, everybody! David G.
  9. Follow the directions on the cans for temp and humidity!
  10. modelercarl

    Kit Values

    Just a note for you....back in January this year I decided to sell off some of my stash of resin kits and listed 2 Tom Coolidge kits that I had. These were kits that I bought for friends that wanted replicas of the cars they had after they graduated from high school in 1959. I bought these about 8-9 years ago and I just never got around to building them as the guys just seem to lose interest. I listed them on eBay with starting bids of $90 each and 2 guys got into a bidding war and the winner ended up paying me $642 plus shipping for the 2 of them. The info you got from others for listing is all good, I would suggest taking and posting 2 or 3 pics at least though. Good luck!
  11. The Duplicolor paint will look heavy on the model when wet but will shrink down to show all the detail as it dries. I find the dry times between Duplicolor / Tamiya to be about the same. I've used both on the 24 Hour builds and have had no issues moving fast.
  12. Do you use a lighted magnifier? If not, get one! It makes a gigantic difference! Steve
  13. Well spotted, Gary..... that is exactly where I shall place my telephone kiosk, which I assembled and painted from a white metal kit. David
  14. Sorry, late night. Here they are. PM me your addy and they are yours.
  15. Yesterday
  16. That's your best bet. Experiment and decide what works for you. Another tidbit of information would be to be a little more careful about the Duplicolor primer. I use it all of the time and love it, but it tends to be hotter than any of the hobby primers. Use light coats and you shouldn't have much for issues with crazing. Just from my experience, I lay down several coats of Duplicolor primer maybe 20 minutes apart and then let it dry overnight before spraying color. Not to say that there are not other techniques, but this has worked out to be pretty safe for me. Steve
  17. So did you put down a primer coat first? Or just shoot this stuff on bare plastic ? Just reading the can label it says it's a paint and primer all-in-one. Haven't used that before so I'm curious!
  18. Hey this one looks like a model of mine! Looks like someone is building a car at the curb.
  19. I would send them to you free of charge for some positive feedback
  20. Tom Geiger

    Kit Values

    Very important! Anyone can ask any amount for anything, but the proof of value is when someone buys it! A couple of years ago I was contacted by a guy whose father had died and he wanted to sell the diecast collection. It was all 1/18 scale stuff, all mint in boxes. To his credit this fellow had created an Excel sheet with every friggin vehicle on it.... brand, manufacturers stock number, everything! There were over 300 vehicles. He contacts me very enthusiastically saying, "Some of them are selling for over $100 on eBay!". So I take a look. Yes, on a specific car, there are a few listed. One is over $100. There are a few lower than $50 and down to $10 plus shipping. I check the "Completed Items" and there are a few that have expired without selling at $10. I actually wound up on a phone call with the guy to explain the situation. And I let him know that the diecast ship has sailed, they're no longer that sought after. He said his dad thought of this all as an investment. He's disappointed. He asks me what I'd pay for the lot and I tell him I'm just not interested. I tell him the best thing he could do would be to take the who enchilada to a flea market and sell them for $10 each. That way they walk off without having to list / ship etc. He thanks me for my time and says he'll check a few dealers. About two weeks later he calls me again and asks me if I'd pay $5 a car... um, no I don't want them and a $1500 outlay for stuff I don't want. He then lowers it to $3 a car. Still no sale. I have no idea what he did. One bit of advise from me. A lot of sellers won't sell outside the USA. They think it's a big pain to fill out the very simple customs form. Especially if you are selling foreign kits, your heavy bidders may be from other countries. And some odd things may occur. Over time I sold two different Ford Maverick 1/32 scale kits. BOTH sold to Brazil. Turns out that Maverick's are very popular there. And 1/32 is slot car size, also popular in Brazil.
  21. A few cool (or at least interesting) sightings from around the neighb this past week...that black monstrosity actually drives around here regularly, and I suspect would have been towed if it were not for the cop badge in the window 😂
  22. m3fan

    Kit Values

    Thanks for the replies. I have sold on ebay but very limited so the extra info is appreciated!
  23. I was in the store saturday Bell road and 75th ave nothing going on there
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