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  2. Tamiya: Toyota TS050 Hybrid Le Mans 2018

    It was suppose to be out here this month , but talking to Marc at M&S Hobbies at DSC a week ago, he said his suppliers are saying May for the US, so who knows.
  3. Karmann Ghia Tamiya

    Cool, it was 80s cal look vw's painted like this that got me into cars.
  4. What color is the red for the Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo

    The real car was painted with Ford candy apple red. It is NOT a candy paint, it is just called candy apple red and is a plain, non metallic, none candy Ford color used in the 60's. A good close match would be Tamiya Italian red over Tamiya grey primer. The For4d color is still a little darker but the Tamiya Italian red over grey is close. NOT Testor's Italian red, it is not even close.
  5. What diecast did you get today?

    Couple Bang 1/43 Cobra’s . Silver one is limited edition hand polished. The blue one is a limited edition also this one is 301 out of 427 and has aluminum wheels instead of plastic .
  6. 68/69 Charger glass

  7. Karmann Ghia Tamiya

    Hello ! Well I have just finished this one , I went a little crazy with the paint scheme , this model in particular had its problems when I sold its tires and then the top got broken, so it remained 15+ years forgotten , so well the surfboard is made from a wood tong spatula , well here you have some pic of it and one of the four works I have done in a 2 month period, thanks for taking the time to read and watch!
  8. General Lee Decals

    did you find a set yet? I have 1/25
  9. Revell Boeing B17G Flying Fortress

    Hopefully there are some military modeling experts out there. My dad flew a B-17 and I was was to make a kit of one I'd go to IPMS meetings, search old FSM issues and check for books on the real planes or how-to modeling books. This is one plane that has been covered hundreds of times (as opposed to say building an obscure 1 of 1 show car) and there should be many resources on-line to help with the correct colors. Needless to to say there are dozens of variations of B-17's if you factor in color, where they were stationed, and early versus closer to end of the war production, etc. If you doing a Memphis Belle you're in luck since it is the most famous early B-17. My dad flew a dozen different ones on 30 missions in 44/45 (out of England) and each plane was probably a little different. He took some flak hits but got home safely every time.
  10. Ford to End Ford GT Racing Program

    Agreed, I mean, for that, Ford would need to, oh, maybe continue making cars beside just the Mustang.
  11. 1966 chevy suburban

    I am looking for decals from the 1966 chevy suburban kit, I need the kingsman hardware decals, thank you
  12. Plowboy, the rat tractor

    That is so cool.
  13. Ford to End Ford GT Racing Program

    When Ford announced the start of this program they said it would only last till the end 2019, so this isnt a surprise to everyone involved.
  14. Plowboy, the rat tractor

    This has to be one of the best creations I've seen!
  15. Johan 56 Olds - 56 Pontiac and 56 Plymouth

    Thanks Richard but I am hoping to trade.
  16. 2019 Motorcraft Ford GT

    Very nice. Great job.
  17. Turns out that this member was interested in one of the kits I listed so I will have a '29 coming. Cool beanies! I changed my ad accordingly.
  18. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    still collects $200
  19. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    It's a 1/24 Nichimo motorized kit with a basic race interior. As best I can tell it is supposed to be a GR5 car similar to this one.
  20. SMER MIL Mi-8 Hip SAR

    Thanks Rusty, the Kamov KA-52 sounds good! Twin rotors too!
  21. Plowboy, the rat tractor

    Darn cool !
  22. 2019 Motorcraft Ford GT

    Thanks Jay, so being in the UK, it should be out here! I've got a Ford GT90 on the way. A road car kit so it'll be converted to a race car! We have a team based at the Silverstone Circuit about 5 miles away running a few Ford GT's in the World and European championships.
  23. It's not THAT BAD!!!!! at the 55th show.....
  24. Got back Sunday from the 55th....cold and rainy Thur-Sat.......really hit the show hard. Weather folks called for tornadoes too....didn't happen thankfully. But show attendance was off. The very few photos I took https://public.fotki.com/DaveVan51/mustang-55th-convention/
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