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  2. Got One Finished 1967 GTX

    Well done, except for on thing, spark plug wires just do not come off the distributor in that manner. Their own weight will cause droop. On your next one tuck the wires down along the side of the distributor and run them to the plugs. Other than that you did a excellent job on it.
  3. Should I Build This?

    I think it looks pretty good, do it up!
  4. it is a limited production kit and the first batch sold out fast ,but I got mine off ebay cheep . my LHS isn't even getting them in .
  5. ´40 Ford Custom - Bill Cushenberry´s "El Matador"

    One of my all time favorite customs. Really cool, nice job sir.
  6. Nice kit with a lot of parts. Move parts to get it left hand drive, but now the wipers going the wrong way, I have no spare parts to fix that. I try a new way to make the rubber seal around the windows. Hasegawa “flat black finish” I apply it the same way I apply BMF. It was easier than to mask the whole body and air brushed it. I know that the red car “normally” have black roof but I know that I have seen Minis all red.
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  8. Weird cars Post em here.

    Ewww! The nose looks like grinning face. I think I like Pontiac Aztek's nose better! The rest of it certainly has that '90s look to it.Smooth and flowing.
  9. Lotus Seven Replica - diary of a build

    OK then, after some nice smalltalk back to business: 2018-07-18 I made the lower and upper parts of the frame. To make the cross members between these two i taped a pile of plastic cards together and taped them to top and bottom of the card pile. Doing so i ensured that the frame height will stay correct. Currently i am finishing the front end of the frame. Next step will be to make the suspensions. Therefore i already made the pile of plastic cards a little less high and i will tape the frame on top of it. This will simmulate the correct stance. I'll start with the front suspension.
  10. Some eBay Weirdness...

  11. Mercedes 500 SL

    Really nice!
  12. Some eBay Weirdness...

    Also a member since late '90s. I haven't sold anything there for a while, but I do buy or bit in things.I don't really see anything unusual here. As a seller you should also be able to see each bidder's history of bids on other auctions (or at leas some subset of it). As I see it, bidder #1 is one of those bidders who bids a high amount in their initial bid and eBay does the proxy bidding for them when others start bidding on the item. The 2-4 seconds bids from the #2 are probably manual bids. When you place a manual bid and eBay proxy outbids you, you see that in your bid dialog box - it asks you if you want to place a higher bid. It basically entices you to bid higher, and I think the next bid amount is already pre-filled for you. If you are not a very slow typist and don't have a slow computer or Internet connection, you can place consecutive bids seconds apart. Then #1 looked at the bid status and saw that another bidder is threatening his high bid, so he upped his maximum bid (by outbidding his original amount) to "cement" the chances of him winning the item. If the lower bidders do not exceed #1's first bit amount, then both of #1's bids will show the same amount (since there was no need to go over their fist bid amount. I see that often. I really miss the openness of early eBay, where you could get full contact and bid history of any eBay member. I could for example see whether the person I was bidding against was a sniper or early high-bidder.Or what sort of items they were bidding on. That would make me adjust my bidding method. But it it all is now obfuscated.
  13. Silver RX-7

    Looks great!
  14. Got One Finished 1967 GTX

  15. Ford Capri Mk1 RS2600

    I can't wait to see it. I have the AMT kit and it is actually pretty nice too
  16. That is a really nice set of parts from Fireball. I'm still looking forward to seeing someone make a serious attempt to accurize the topside to justify the time spent on the foundation mike
  17. 1972 GTO

    I'd say ya nailed it!
  18. Got One Finished 1967 GTX

    Looking good. Great details
  19. Some eBay Weirdness...

    The first bidder could see the second getting close to his bid so he raised his maximum bid. It doesn't change what shows as his current leading bid. I've had bidders raise their max bid two or three times if others were getting close. mike
  20. What Kits Were Molded in Green?

    Chris, I got that same tree in a parts bag from Model Empire along with another tree that has a base, some rocket exhausts, and a radar dish; I did some Googling and it turns out we have trees from the Polar Lights 1/1000 scale Star Trek USS Enterprise! So far I've made use of one of the antennae - carved it down to make an ignition coil for my '64 Cadillac .
  21. Should I Build This?

    I love the idea, and the initial impression is positive, but I feel like that body is just very toy-like. Overall I think it has lots of attitude. Might as well build it!
  22. Mega Millions.....

    About 10 years or so ago I was watching a show about lotto winners and there was one from, I think, Kentucky they talked to that had one the biggest Powerball (I think here too, been too many years) just before they city was going to shut off his water. Because of the sudden fame of winning he kept getting calls and letters to "help an old friend out" and decided that they needed to get someplace they wouldn't be easily found, which to him was where there were other rich, if not richer people. IIRC, he settled on Palm Springs and moved into a rather nice place there, but would still get letters addressed to KY Powerball Winner, and somebody still knew where to forward those letters at that time. One thing he had talked about was that he based his spending habits on the interest that he earned. IIRC his words correctly, "Say you get $3,600 a day in interest, try not to spend that much, then if you do buy something more than that, don't buy anything for the following day or two." For some reason, those two things have always stuck with me.......
  23. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    I read about the Mahindra on Jalopnik a while back, really neat stuff. Interestingly, Jeep tried to block Mahindra from selling the things in the USA, claiming that the shape of the vehicle infringes on Jeep trade dress (flat fenders, etc etc etc). *eye roll* Maybe they should have thought of that decades ago. Cat's outta the bag now! But if you want a highway-legal mini-SUV with 4wd, limited slip, body-on-frame construction, and no-nonsense but contemporary appearance....you want a Suzuki Jimny. I know I want one! It's the only thing that comes close to being a spiritual successor to my XJ Cherokee. And it's under $20k new. Like a Jeep Renegade that isn't lame. Of course, it's not available in North America. Nuts.
  24. Mega Millions.....

    I know,I just hope that there isn't just one winner,you know (unless it's me of course).Know but I agree and hope that there are mulitple winners.
  25. Weird cars Post em here.

    Yea I would have to agree with u
  26. L700 Mongoose transporter

    Beautiful and impressive!!!
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