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  2. I've had great models, boxless. I'll look for a meh model with box for cheap, then better car to boxed, and blow off lesser car. We all probably do that. It bumps a bit for my estate sale, that I really should start now. LOL. Been lucky with paint and corrosion thus far.
  3. Looks like it is ready for The Race Of Gentlemen! Great job!
  4. Any word on whether the '68 gto dash is available yet for those building '68 beaumonts ? Could even be used by guys wanting to make their monogram gtos more accurate. Another caster I asked didn't consider it a worthy use of his time ... maybe we can prove him wrong
  5. Great job, Michael. I'd drive this if it was 1:1.
  6. I was confused by the Jeep badge and big tires. The Tomb Raider is built, I painted some stuff on it. Front skidplate covers similar detail, but isnap has normal bumpers. LOL. Dunno if Plastic TR kit has separate hood, snap does. Fortunately only one is green. Wonder how long careful research took on that? Oh wait, he said they're both green Bwahahahaha
  7. Didn't even know this kit existed....I want one now. Should be a cool build.
  8. Great work. Paint and decals look outstanding.
  9. This is my entry into the 14th Annual 24 HRS of Daytona Facebook Group build. This was my fifth year participating and my fourth year in a row completing the build within the 24hr window. Kit is Tamiya's GT-R (R34) 2003 spec car done in a fantasy livery. Paint is Gravity Colors Falken Green and Blue. As well as the new Tamiya LP's (white on the interior and wheels, flat black on the rest of the chassis and interior. Clear is ProForm's Automotive 2K clear. Decals are from NuNu's BMW M6 GT3 kit along with kit decals and a few extras from the parts box. Kit went together like a dream. No issues at all. Decals worked well and again no issues with application. Issues...I've had a cold for 3 weeks now, and of course in the middle of the night it hit me back hard and I lost about 6 hrs of build due to a Dristan induced coma. I managed to finish with minutes to spare so there are a few details I would have like to have gotten better, hence the reason for the weathering to hide some of the flaws. Please excuse the weathering, it needs a good "blow off" as I put the weathering right before taking pics as I was pressed to finish on time. The biggest issue was the difference in colour between the NuNu kit decals and the Gravity Blue. Had I been doing this as a normal build I would have use the scallop decal to make a mask and then masked off the green before spraying the blue. Other than that, I'm fairly happy with the results. Comments and criticisms always welcome.
  10. I believe that George Totoff (earlier MPC president and owner) bought Lindberg with Ernie Pettit( Testor corp.) in the 1990"s. It became part of RPM. Totoff had a interest in a tooling company in Windsor, Ontatio, Canada in the 1960's. In the 1990's when these models were done he would have the connections to get the tooling done in China . Just send them and Amt or Mpc or Johan body and tell them to copy it with the engineering changes made to fit the lowrider/ hopper chassis. The caddy lowrider is basically a copy of Johan's 1977-1979 promo with a moved rear wheelhouse/wheelbase to fit the low rider/ hopper chassis. The Johan Caddilac promo clear glass fits in the Lindberg lowrider caddy. So that probably how they were copied . Mark, your take on this?
  11. Pattos Place in Australia makes a set for the car, but it doesn't have the "Vels Parnelli Jones" text. (FYI: The car didn't always run with that writing on it.) http://members.optusnet.com.au/pattosplace/home.html Stuff can sometimes be hard to find on the site. Click on "M", then scroll to the bottom of the listings to find it.
  12. Nice diorama Shambles, if you're going for period correct ya gotta get that newer Ford truck outta there!!! lol West Coast Precision Diecast https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/west-coast-precision-diecast-wcpd-52791593
  13. I always thought the Mercurys of this era had more of the appearance of a modified car than many stock cars of the era, right off the showroom floor. Agreed, this is very nice.
  14. I see some similarities to the chassis and interior, not identical though.
  15. Note, this model was originally posted here 13 years ago. It still is nice to see it again.
  16. DrKerry

    1/64 Farm Diorama

    very kool… You're right about the JD - IH crowd.. My father in law is a Farmall guy to the bone and I'm a Deere guy, fan all my life and currently working at Deere in the steel stamping division... We go at it from time to time, but it's good banter!!!!
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  18. It's just the finish they have right out of the can, like what you have painted looks coated with 'rubber'... it's not like the look of a cleared lacquer. Your Goat looks really good, btw, I guess because you polished it.......
  19. This is a very valid point he is making, a lot of the "hardware" store masking tapes are only designed for oil based paints, not for hotter type solvents, I just recently learned that about masking tape, its not a one size fits all product.
  20. I do the same, I use Tamiya for the main masking, and then I use Frog Tape to cover for overspray
  21. The only tape I trust is Tamiya Masking tape, and probably Mr Hobby's new line of masking tape
  22. Another couple of coats of Tamiya TS-54 Light Blue Metallic has been applied to the Charger. I applied a coat of Tamiya White Surface Primer to the center cushion to cover the grey plastic. When I paint the center cushion with Tamiya TS-54 Light Blue Metallic, it should match the rest of the interior. I also painted a set of Hemi valve covers Testors Flat Black Lacquer for another 426 CI Hemi I am building. More Charger R/T to come...
  23. Thanks Bruce, nice Cuda ! Well i think this is the first time ive got this far on a project with no definate decision on wheels, but Ive finally found some ! These were stolen from a 37 Ford project that Id started, (no idea what kit their from? ) but Im well happy they are just what i was looking for ... p/e discs should show through okay, so its time for suspension ! Going to need a LOT of cutting about to get it this low, so wish me luck eh !
  24. I believe Round 2 owns both companies now.....
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