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  2. Revell Boss 302

    I saw it in built-up form. The front end was much, much better. TIM

    I've thought about trying to do that, but I can't figure out how to mix and match the two for a cohesive blend. The front fenders have me stumped so far.
  4. Here it is. Different rear springs for the 2wd version. In the ‘73 instructions, they’re called out as part # 7. Also, I found some clean samples of these parts. I’m fairly certain all of the LRE’s got the 4wd rear springs, giving them their rake:
  5. I started this thing somewhere in the 1968-70 timeframe, not sure exactly when. I got it about 80% done—chassis built, body painted and doors hung, wheels and tires selected—and then for whatever reason lost interest and never finished it. It's spent most of five decades locked in its cardboard cell, serving time on the Shelf of Doom. Over the years, I've hauled it out probably a dozen times with the idea of finishing it. After playing with it for a few minutes, I'd always put it away again as taking too much time on a bunch of tedious, fiddly work to produce a mediocre (by my current standards) result. The most recent time was four or five months ago. I pulled it out, and looking it over, I saw a spot of dirt or something on the roof over the left door. In trying to take that off with a fingernail, I managed to take a great big chunk of paint off. Back into the box you go! You can see the chip, and what I was starting with, in this pic: Over the last couple years I've had a lot of fun buying fairly clean glue bombs at the local toy show and spending a few hours polishing them, touching up the paint, fixing flaws and errors, and getting them to somewhat presentable shape. I've often said on these deals that if I can end with a model that looks like something I might have built in 1968, I'm happy; if it looks like I built it in 1969 (when I was getting a little good), I'm ecstatic. This year I decided it might be a good idea to apply this philosophy to a few of my own long-stalled Shelf of Doom projects—things that I knew were now far below my current standards, but I didn't want to strip them out and start over completely. Earlier this year I finished a '69 Charger 500 started in the early '90s and a '77 Monza started sometime in the '80s. So Judge Snake offered this IMC Beetle a parole from the Shelf of Doom on the same terms. I'd treat it like somebody else built it and do the minimum necessary to get it on the shelf, with the full knowledge that it wasn't going to be perfect, nor exactly what I had in mind when I started the project. I carefully washed the body and took care of a couple little problems with the chassis, mainly a missing tie rod (found it and glued it on solid). Next big problem was matching and touching up the paint. The original paint was AMT Burnt Orange Metallic lacquer, long unavailable. Not only did I now have that big chip on the roof, but in cleaning off a few spots of random molding flash on the body edges, I created more chips. Even worse, when I painted it as a kid, I had neglected to paint the taillight housings. Testors Fiery Orange One Shot lacquer turned out to be a passable match. I shot it over black primer on the taillights and if I hadn't told you, you'd have never known. Elsewhere, I decanted some of it into its cap and used a brush to touch up the chips and nicks. The color match on the roof chip is much closer in real life than in these pics, although of course the touchup spot is an obvious lump or wart in the finish. I'd originally painted the hood and side chrome strips with Testor Silver. I did a pretty good job but over the years some of it had worn away and other parts had turned dark from handling (the stuff never dries, and easily picks up dirt). It looked bad, so I just polished it off (mostly, anyway) with Wright's Silver Cream silver polish. The original plan was to then lay razor-cut strips of masking tape on each side of these chrome strips and hit them with my beloved Silver Sharpie, usually an easy trick, but by this time I'd learned how fragile the original paint was and didn't want to risk the tape pulling up big chunks of it, so I just left the chrome strips alone. It is what it is. All the glass requited block-sanding for flatness and then polishing, not a big deal. When it came time to button up the interior, I couldn't find the kit steering column, so had to make one out of Evergreen rod. I just left the seats, steering wheel, and steering column in white for a little contrast in the interior. Front wheels are Baby Moons from an AMT Meyers Manx (my original one, back in 1969) on common AMT Firestone Supremes, and the rears are some kind of chrome reverse wheels on those lovely old MPC solid vinyl Wide Ovals. You saw a lot of Bugs running similar rear wheels/tires back in the day. So it's not perfect, but it's DONE, after all these years. It is what it is, and I can put the stupid little thing out of my mind and move on to other projects. Next time I build a Beetle, it'll be the Revell kit (I think I have a flared-fendered pink one somewhere in the stash). I've had quite enough of the super-fiddly IMC kit. As always, comments welcome. Oh, I forgot to mention, despite all the various snags and troubles, the doors still open!
  6. Merry Chrysler

    I'm working on the F&f charger now...in my queue is also the Bullitt charger Genreal Lee so it's 1 charger from each year and the 500 is in the mix and eventually a 67 charger and 69 Daytona will be added...and fbomb camaro has begun as well
  7. In Box: Revell 1:16 Porsche 356C Cabriolet 07043

    If I were building this, I'd practice getting the easiest way possible to get everything in after the interior is done. Nothing drives me crazier than to get things all built up and then go through tons of drama to get it all together. It's one of the reasons 99% of the time I save painting the body for last. Looking at where those support beams are located, perhaps it might be better to leave those in place after the body is painted and interior put in and then cut those off afterwards? You could always touch up those spots that were cut after the fact.
  8. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

  9. Willy's pick-up

    Yeah! That's a nice piece of work on the conversion. It all fits together so well! Bravo!
  10. Your package went where?

    I mailed a package USPS from Pennsylvania to Perth, Australia on Friday 12-7 and it arrived yesterday 12-17 in perfect condition. I'm happy!
  11. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Those look like the horrid two piece tires I’ve seen in the AMT Mustang II kits. Hopefully it will have new tires.
  12. Penny Marshall

    I've never seen the movie, I can't force myself to watch anything with Rosie O'Donnell in it(oink, oink).
  13. '56 Chevy four door?

    I'm pretty sure that's the same one. Eddie Fluck was casting for him. Same body and door panels. Mine had separate exterior door handles to glue on and doesn't have the bench seat.
  14. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Doesn't look like there is much in the way of optional parts:
  15. '56 Chevy four door?

    Thanks, John!
  16. Today
  17. 1958 Corvette Decals

    Them's the ones. PM sent. Later-
  18. Cab forward Mustang delivery now painted

    Nicely done.
  19. New "most annoying sound"

    Cris Collinsworth. The only thing more annoying than his voice is his 'football knowledge'. He went to twp Super Bowls and was on the losing team both times....and a costly fumble in his first one. I'd rather hear commentary from a guy on the winning side about how to be successful
  20. 1956 road racer.

    Thanks!! The 1:1 scale "V" from the Meteor will not bolt tho the Vicky grille as I did here, as the grilles from both cars are completely different, and AMT only tooled a add on "V" to be glued to the regular Ford grille. I'm just saying that because I was tempted to make it look accurate (only the front end) and gave out as I was just reworking a older build. It's a cool idea tough, to build a accurate Meteor out of the AMT '56.
  21. Audi sport Quattro S1

    Thank you... I was quite pleased with the quality of them.
  22. New "most annoying sound"

    For me, it's a giant subwoofer, usually on such a junky car that the bumpers vibrate. I hear a little too much of that around here.
  23. Nice work on the truck, great looking model.
  24. Name that movie quote

    Gotcha.Like I said there is an endless amount of great movie quotes. Such as:"In town your the law,out here it's me.Drop it,drop the gun,or I'll give a war you won't believe......Let it go,let it go"
  25. What non-auto model did you get today?

    A couple more for the pile, both gifts from different friends.
  26. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I hope they back date the kit
  27. What non-auto model did you get today?

    That's just too cool. Thanks for that.
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