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  2. And this gem from Dodge.....
  3. 1966 Pontiac TEMPEST

    Those exposed headlights look great. How did you do them? I want to do that on a '69 GTO.
  4. And the Flav-A-Flav sized grill lettering
  5. It's definitely not the first time an auto company has desecrated the name of a formerly respected model. Here are three that immediately came to mind: 1980 Dodge Challenger 1977 Mustang Cobra 1991 Olds 442
  6. 1963 Ford F750 Pickup

    Very cool build! Nice work!!
  7. TAT Mack B-61

    Man, that's pretty. Something like this is what I still see in my mind when I think "truck".
  8. Danica Patrick's 2017 Mobil 1 Fusion

    Beautiful clean work.
  9. It's not just you, but I think it's an improvement over the 15 years or so where EVERY SINGLE CAR you saw on the road was "smiling" at you. How I've come to hate that look.
  10. 1964 Dodge 330

    Very nice build on that Dodge. If I'm not mistaken I had won my very first model car trophy with one of those kits back in the mid-60's. Wish I still had that model and the trophy also. I threw out most all of my model car trophies last year.
  11. AMT '65 GTO

    Here's what I mean about the taillights. These aren't glued in badly, as it might look--they're glued in exactly where they're supposed to go, there's just a big gap all the way around them. I've now re-glued them solid, and have been filling the gap with Elmer's Carpententer's Sandable Glue, several applications over a few evenings. I'll be sanding the lenses and bezels together to a better shape, and then finishing the appearance with Stop Light Red paint and foil or Molotow or Silver Sharpie, or something. Whatever works. I even have an idea involving some ruby-red cellophane I carefully saved from some Valentine candy. We'll see what happens....
  12. Just wait......the GMC Jimmy will have a better looking grill!
  13. 1964 Dodge 330

    That is sweet looking! Takes me back to simpler times with cool looking cars!
  14. 1930 Model A Ford Woody

    Wow that just popped off the page, that is real cool awesome work.
  15. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    Hobby Lobby is pretty much old school when it comes to cash registers and inventory systems. The cashiers punch in the department code and price manually, no scanning of bar codes, so it is possible to have stuff marked down in one store and not at the one across town. They punch in the coupon code to manually adjust the price if you present it to them. Not sure how they determine what to re-order if they aren't scanning the items at the register unless they walk each aisle and scan the barcodes on the shelf.
  16. What did you see on the road today?

    I saw an Isuzu Hombre. I completely forgot that these ever existed until seeing this one.
  17. Bucket T Body Restyle Like Tex Smith's XR6 Build

    I misunderstood. Rock on. (It's "you're", by the way) Details make the difference.
  18. 60 Plymouth Rear Bumper & Glass

    No problem and the older you get the more you will do that. Yes I am going to use the resin body I would rather use the kit glass. Elvin
  19. 1964 Dodge 330

    I built this kit for our club theme which was for Lindberg kits and it was a last minute decision to build it and I had less then 3 weeks to get it finished. Paint is Scale Finishes Light Turquoise for the body and the interior is Indian Turquoise. The wheels are Fireball Modelworks Mopar Steelers with dog dish hubcaps.
  20. This is the AITM cab kit, sitting on a scratchbuilt frame with C600 suspension and axles, and a scratch built early '50's ford 9' Express bed. It's done up as a long-neglected old truck dealer's rolling business card.
  21. Looking for the grille from a '72 or '73 MPC Dodge pickup. Not at all concerned with the condition of the chrome. Have stuff to trade.
  22. Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 / Brass Build

    Superb. I have several of the Pocher kit in various stages of rebuilding and upgrading, including a bastard flathead-powered dry lakes car, but nothing even coming close to what you're doing here. Most impressive. EDIT: However, you should probably post this in the large-scale "Big Boyz" section. Don't be surprised to find it moved.
  23. Today
  24. Stop resurrecting once great nameplates

    I don't care for it at all. Looks like 3 people took turns styling it. Just my opinion. I don't see Blazer when I see that thing but the name could be a draw I guess. Is it just me or does the front end of almost everything now look weird ?
  25. Bucket T Body Restyle Like Tex Smith's XR6 Build

    Am too! That 1/25 body is to look at it and modify the shape of it in final 1/8 scale clay. If your demanding I go hunt down a 1/8 scale '27 T roadster body that ain't going to happen. I can post a picture of a piece of clay before shaping in 1/8 scale if you really think it will help.
  26. Carbs

    Thanks you all for the response's. I went ahead and found a cheap parts kit of the 240z and used those carbs. Evans
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