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  2. Very clean work. Well done and model on!
  3. Looking for a decent pair of the plow lights from the revell gmc/ chevy plow truck like the ones below Plenty of trade fodder
  4. Wow! The thing was so ugly that they just sunk it! Out of sight, out of mind!
  5. Again Matt Bacon had an good idea for the next quiz. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type.
  6. I like it. The two models parked together exude real class. Right now there is a Duesenberg Phaeton making the Concours rounds with painted wheels (albiet with stainless steel spokes) It's a knockout of a car. Yours looks great. I'm surprised how well the Packard windshield fits this body. It looks right at home there. Nice job Pat.
  7. This car was designed by Alvin "Spike" Rhiando, a canadian ex 500 cc formula 3 racer, who had clearly no clue about designing a car. The Irish T-Bird as it was called is a mixture of a 1957 Ford Thunderbird and a StudebakerHawk from the rear. It was the first Irish car and specially for the US market. It seems that it is one of the rarest cars ever. The 1959/60 Shamrock was a car that nobody wants. Only 8 - 10 cars were build. From 8 exisiting cars ar 5 in Ireland and 3 in the USA. After the production had stop all tools and remaining parts were sunk in Lough Muckno, Ireland The correct answer were sent in by: Bucky porschercr ChrisR Richard Bartrop MrObessive dw1603 blunc GeeBee Bainford Matt Bacon DonW Earl Marischall Congratulatuons
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  9. Thanks guys! I'm glad I re did this build. Losing the first one was tough but rebuilding it was fun.
  10. Very well thought out tip. Thanks for sharing. Bob
  11. The Torino was the least altered of the series. AMT didn't wipe the emblems, trim, or even the windshield wipers as they did with other kits. Ertl created some new body tooling sections (body sides), tooled separate parts to put the exhaust pipes back in, new stock wheels, and that was about it. The GTO might have been the most butchered kit of the series. A lot of the "new" stock one was new tooling: interior bucket, chassis, all outer surfaces of the body. The GTO was probably chosen for its popularity and sales potential, the Torino Cobra because it was (relatively) easy. All of the others are somewhere in the middle: too much work and not enough potential sales to make them worthwhile.
  12. Happy 63rd Birthday, Harry........ many members on here are missing you, but your skills and wise words live on...... forever........ David
  13. You are like an old girlfriend of mine, teas, teas, teas. Like someone said "always leave em wanting more. You are a true artist, and I'm waiting for MORE!!!!!!!! I know you have a life outside of building, but is there any way you could give just a little bit MORE? Just giving you a hard time. Well sort of. 😎
  14. That is sharp! 10 out of 10
  15. Very cool project . And I think you already know the chassis needs to be chrome 😎
  16. If you look at the 289 motor, the oil pan is flat. Flatten the Chevy oil pan like wise, and I believe it will work.
  17. Phil....very much appreciate your feedback. I posted a link to the entire show coverage under the "Contests and Shows" section down the Forum, but judging from the number of views of that and other similar events, it appears that most people on this Forum don't actually scroll down that far to look at that folder....at times, myself included. TIM
  18. Beautiful Chevelle , great job on the conversion ! I really like the deeper wheels .
  19. Hi John, do you have Bob Sheldon's email? I NEED a Cord 810 sedan body... thank you very much
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