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  3. Great story and awesome build...well done Brian!!
  4. Not only is the weathering spot on, the detailing is excellent!! Well done👍
  5. Refined the taillight fitment. Added to the second and third stake pocket, they aren't wide enough, and drilled square holes (not so easy 🤪). Drilled out the sidelights, will put in backing later. The real truck has a wall inside the bed, but skipping that detail. Cut off the door handle, started on the dip. Removed the top trim. (all this only on the driver side) This is what the door handle looks like on my '68, the knob has the tendency to get stuck inside, remedy was baling wire. 😅
  6. I seem to recall that many, many years ago, there were some fuel altered kits available; perhaps an Anglia and a couple of others. Does anyone recall these, and more importantly, who made them? Google is of no help at all. Thanks a bunch,
  7. That, and look at the front and rear bumper caps - a perfect match.
  8. I would have loved to claim this T-bird but after reading the drama antics of some supposed adults - I'll pass. This kind of shenanigans is why I had my concerns about this type of trade deals. I'll stick to one on one, thanks.
  9. That's a fabulous blue and white paint job! Didn't see that coming! I have one of these kits, and I've looked into it a few times, only to poke it back into the box. I have to say, I never had an idea that blue and white would look that good on it.
  10. Haha.. The founder started his business in my home town. They tore the factory down, but kept the corporate office building as a landmark. Kinda looks like an old bank. Don’t worry, Mr Peanut will be back.
  11. Very sad news. He was a class act all the way. I was just saying to the wife the other day, that I don’t want to ever fly again. There is some sort of airplane problem almost every night in the news. These corporations have more incompetent people employed, and, are more worried about turning a profit, than the safety of their passages/ customers. Not saying this is the case with Kobe Bryant, but just saying.
  12. I'm giving it a trial run! Looks pretty good to me!
  13. Looks like the roof section has no window frames molded to it.
  14. I got a couple of these orange?yellow ZR-1's from Walmart last year, as well.... I always thought that wing was a bit over the top, but I found if I turned the spoiler around, it looked better... Of course, to remain pure, I displayed it the way it should be, but I do plan to rework one with and without the spoiler in various colors...
  15. I actually found a couple of Motormax C4 Vettes at Walmart last year... $10 each... I got 2 yellow ones and 2 black ones.... I'll get some pics when I go to storage, tomorrow....
  16. Again - I really appreciate the kind notice... Although better and finer grade metal files will be required to ensure greater quality, an attempt to open up the front license plate area consistent with allowing a supply of scale air to reach the oil cooler using a spare '69 AMX bumper/grille/headlamp casting largely worked. I hope that sourcing better than average jeweler's files proves possible before working on the '69 Javelin SST bumper which is really no different than the '69 AMX; i.e. what differences exist between the two are restricted to the grill surround and related parts. I'm pondering cutting off the grill entire, although as can be seen nothing wears chrome plate but for the headlamp surrounds and maybe the inset and offset Javelin bull's-eye discreetly made out to the right. Should I do the headlamps and trim separately, or should I simply employ a Molotow pen and let matters be? Cutting everything apart might result in a cleaner build, although the effort may not translate into a tangibly better result. Notice too the three upraised areas denoting mounting hardware dimples along the edge of each headlamp fill cover. A pin vise and some plastic rod should make such possible. The smaller diagonal radiator support to fender braces just made out will be sourced from a Revell '69 Camaro via parts bundles that litter eBay. As seen from the cropped reference photo, the corners of each of the three openings don't seem especially sharp, although the cuts are clean enough. Oh - and although quite dark, a single high quality reference photo suggests the center vent on the air dam comes to a very discreet point akin to a shallow vee across the base of such. Here it looks almost flat across, hence I think I'll leave it alone... ...and just a fairly quick go of it with the aforementioned AMX spare; i.e. it's almost good enough. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  17. I totally agree with you on this. Dyno Don car made from the regular Comet kit. I never thought the front wheels sat correct. I will correct this on the street car I have on the bench, that I have been working on.
  18. On order, from eBay, the complete chassis and engine from the current '60 Chevy pickup for five-and-change, plus a set of resin taillights for the '66 Skylark*. I want the chassis to extend the one I have to add the Open Road camper to it, or really extend it for the Racer's Wedge. Either way it'll get a 409 . (*The AAM kit has rectangular blobs molded into the bezels I'll have to drill out.)
  19. I do like the concept, Man.... Definitely something I'd like to do one day... 1/18 scale, Wow.... This baby's gonna look GOOD.... I like it.... I, also, like looking at your projects... You're giving me all sorts of ideas to do in 1/24 scale... 😁
  20. Looks like it will be a nice place. I am willing to take part. I have a few things to sell and trade and I am not interested in Facebook. Looks like a win/win. Later-
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