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  2. MONO CYCLE in 1/9 SCALE

  3. 66 GTO plus a couple redos

    Haven’t been able to do much lately... life got crazy on me... but I finished a project the other day, and while finishing it, got a chance to improve a couple old builds. I got the reissue of the Revell 66 GTO, and shortly thereafter, picked up the reissue of the AMT 69 GTX. I’m just starting on the GTX, but it ended up lending its pad printed Redline tires to the GTO. I had trouble coming up with a color for my Goat, figuring out an interior before an exterior color. I painted my interior ivory instead of white, then used an automotive pearl coat over it to give a little vinyl metallic sheen. I decided to go with a black exterior at first, but strangely, my Duplicolor black finish came out far more uneven than usual. I polished it out and thought it was good to go, but then my clear bubbled and curdled, so I had to strip it. In the stripping process, my primer refused to give way, leaving me to scrape the remnants off, and in the process, I gouged the right side of the body pretty badly. Black would have shown the damage too clearly, so I needed a different color. I ended up using my Mercedes B300 blue, as it was in the neighborhood of Charcoal Blue, a 66 GTO color. i used the stock wheels and the GTX’s redlines. I wired the engine, but the body issues kept me from going all out on details. Also, my rear wheels aren’t level, the interior wouldn’t fit into the body properly, the front bumper wouldn’t line up... lots of issues I didn’t expect from this kit. In the end, it’s NOT my best, but it’s on the shelf. While finishing the GTO, I pulled one of my two 70 Monte Carlos out and decided to repaint it. I painted it with Testors Root Beer, and used Monogram 1/24 skinny muscle car tires that the kit wheels could actually fully fit into. Finally, I redid my Revell 67 Chevelle for the third time. It started out gray with a red interior. Then I repainted the body silver with a black vinyl top. I changed wheels and tires 5 or 6 times, but I just wasn’t happy with it. This time, I tried Tahoe Turquoise with a two tone cream/tan interior. The other big key was using the tires from the 70 Monte Carlo along with the unpainted Chevy Rally wheels from the AMT 69 Chevelle, which I painted black. I’m finally happy with this build! Anyway, here’s the group... hope you like them and thanks for looking! GTO MC Chevelle
  4. BMW 2002 tii `71

    How cool is this...? Some of you guys just blow me away with your imaginations. That is a righteous ride for sure
  5. Revell Audi R8

    Beautiful finish and eye for detail. Very Nice.
  6. I think the Off-Topic Lounge should stay.....

    I see nothing wrong with having this section. Other online forums I frequent have similar section.
  7. A pair of Airfix 1/32 Ford Focus

    Very slick, Pat.
  8. Tamiya Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R decal badges

    Alex, get me your address. I can send them this week
  9. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    OOOohh...I need to find a station wagon rear end for that,..paint it banana yellow,... First family drive to FLA
  10. 1974 Cuda...

    I used those for fitment only... I gave it a thought and went with the Shueys...
  11. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    I'll STILL buy a case of them.
  12. Think the production Edsel was bad????

    The back of the Edsel Falcon was pretty neat:
  13. I've used 17 year old Dupli-Color over Tamiya primer with good results.
  14. 1960 Chrysler Imperial. 9/25. Out of Foil!!

    Spring is nice too
  15. You da man! 😎👍
  16. Who is this resin seller? Any info?

    I've bought several items from Curtis and while sometimes a little clunky in most cases it's all we have for certain subjects. Some that I want bad enough to go the extra to make it work. Steve
  17. 1960 Chrysler Imperial. 9/25. Out of Foil!!

    You're assuming that I might finish it before the snow flies Bruce! Steve
  18. Rat Fink

    Yes, for about eleven years...
  19. Harry`s Models

    You did a fantastic job on that Frank Harry was a master with the washes,..Still looks great
  20. 1928 Stutz Black Hawk LSR

    Don't worry about who gets to be in the "real modeler" club. I've done some resin figure kits, but no resin car kit, and I have a resin plan kit I've yet to summon up the nerve to tackle, so I'll following along to see what you have to deal with.
  21. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    ( They will never get Gene Simmons DNA out of there !)
  22. Today
  23. Guess I walked face first into that one........ OK , lets see if I can get it right this time.... I have always wanted a 1965 Mustang...... There !!!
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