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  2. MPC Mustang II Cobra kits

    Isn't the 6th illustration, the one next to the model pictured, a reference to it being printed in white? http://public.fotki.com/mofobow/ford/mustang/7677_cobra_ii/
  3. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    We all want to know more. There has been no formal announcement from Round2 on either the 34 pickup or the 77 van. It's only thought to be coming because a retailer put it on their website as a future release. So, there are no details yet.
  4. '55 Nomad - KingDigit Design Replica

    Excellent Build!!
  5. 2017 Riley Weathertech Mercedes AMG

    Awesome build!!!!
  6. Off Road Off Topic

    Tag says it all.
  7. Off Road Off Topic

    Around these parts I have the feeling that a lot of so-called off-road vehicles are only off-road when they're parked in the owners driveway.
  8. I strongly recommend any two-part catalyzing body putty (I use Bondo professional glazing and spot putty - it comes in a tube with a small tube of hardener). You can control how fast it hardens by how much hardener you mix in, it is softer than styrene when hard (easier to file/sand to shape) and does not shrink. Use non-catalyzed only for very small or thin work.
  9. It's still a model

    I'm pretty sure I could do that if the mood struck me. But one has to wonder, "Why?"
  10. Off Road Off Topic

    Slinky's are for kids
  11. Divided by a common tongue

    up here in the Former British Empire, we used Imperial gallons before we went metric, so car ads featured MPG figures calculated with Imperial gallons. Ever so often you'd see various theories floated about as to why cars sold in Canada got 20% better mileage than the same one sold in the states, when all it was is that we used a 20% bigger gallon. A few US vs UK terms I haven;t seen brought up yet: convertible = drophead shocks = dampers cell phone = mobile In North America a "Merc" is a Mercury, where in England, it's a Mercedes.
  12. 32 5 Window Hard Chop (6/20/18)

    Most of the steering components are done, I still have a few little things to do once I start assembly.
  13. Jeep Rubicon Conversion to four door hardtop

    The front looks like a Jeep and the back takes the shape of a Hummer. Gives it a squared off look. I like the redesign.
  14. Nice! I sold a 1/18 on ebay not long ago. Always thought it deserved the detail treatment, but I am trying to liquidate the 1/18s as they just take up too much space. I think I have a 1/43 road legend of this one as well. Randy
  15. Off Road Off Topic

    And check out them Sprangs
  16. Tweaking a Torpedo

    Sweet! Can't wait to see that - tucker is probably my second favorite car from that era. I have a 1/18 and 1/43 Yat Ming versions. Would love the Kyosho version someday maybe. Or the 1/24 possibly.
  17. I have decided to begin the search for one of these. Have set up ebay to let me know when they appear. This has always been my "holy grail" car - my favorite Kustom of all times. I know a lot of people hate it and some just don't care, but this is my favorite of all times in this genre. If anyone has a nice one for sale, pm me. I'm going to try to stay in $100 neighborhood and they appear regularly. No rush on it, just starting to shop for one that is complete. The car mainly, but the boxes and box candy would be nice as well. bid on one for $61 last week that says was missing the windshield (!) even though it was in the pictures. And might be missing other parts. It went for $83 eventually. I see the JF resin body, but I know me and I don;t want to undertake that project to build. Don't want to have to run down parts and fab stuff. In this case, the DM diecast is perfect. Will go with my HotWheels 1/24 merc perfectly. And my other plastic builds. Am starting to look at other "mint" diecasts of things the plastic mfrs haven't made. 58 pontiac and stuff like that. If I can get smaller versions of things I have, I can ebay my 1/18s off which take up a lot of room, too. Randy
  18. AMT/ERTL Paystar 5000 Question

    I think that they all had the same long frame in those kit's, The mixer,logger,dump, and Regular tractor which would be just the truck from the logger kit.
  19. Barmy to Barcelona in a Thunderbird 4.......

    Yes, it looks like much fun indeed. Have a blast!
  20. The model was finished about a year ago, with an AITM resin cab set onto a frame that was a hodge-podge of spares from a couple Transtar and Paystar kits. The plan then was to do up a matching trailer and then load it down with a junked-out old highway tractor or straight truck. Recently I dug out a glue-bomb AMT lowboy that was missing the deck and tie-down cleats, so I repainted it, redid the deck, and lettered it to match the truck. As with the other Loadcraft trailer I have the plan is to eventually make some working tie-downs for the sides. I went with diamond plate for the deck- in real life you'd want to add more cross-braces to the frame of the trailer to do that, but I just added this over the existing crossmembers.
  21. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I remember hearing of Carl Fisher and his history w/ Miami Beach when I lived in Marathon in the Florida Keys in the 1980s..
  22. Scale Motorsport Stuff

    I just had a chat with Matthew about Scale Motorsport and have some news. It seems I incorrectly said the business was closing. The business is definitely for sale and he is working very hard to see that it stays around under new owners. He wants the Scale Motorsport traditions and name to continue. They are still open for business and selling product. I will continue to buy their product as I feel it is the best available and encourage others to do the same. For the auto building fraternity, it is an important source of parts and I am hoping it stays around for a long time. My apologies for any confusion my prior posts may have caused.
  23. Today
  24. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I've heard of this guy.. I think I might be distantly related as he has the same last name and grew up very close to my great grandfather. At least it would be cool if we were Wish I would have known about him when I lived in Indiana as a kid and went to the 500 every year. Also wish I would have known about him when I was a young man and worked on a RCCL cruise ship out of Miami. We sailed by Fisher Island twice a week and I always wondered about it. Thanks for posting this as I didn't know there was a book.
  25. Show Yer Drag Racers!

    Here's a couple more pictures of Tim's Mura Bros. Willys pick up. Such a fantastic build and deserves to be here.
  26. MPC Mustang II Cobra kits

    Several years ago I wanted some Shelby stripes in white, but Kieth only offered them in black. I emailed him and asked if he could run off a set in white, and he obliged me. There may have been a premium charged for this, though I don't remember for sure.
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