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  3. 2015 Mazda MX5

    Very nice!
  4. 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan Resto-Rod

    Very nice!
  5. Aussie VK Commodore

    Hi Phil, no it’s a body I got from ebay
  6. 2017 Toyota Camry, Whats In The Box

    Hmmm.......for whatever reason the pics are blocked on my end as I'm at work and on their Wifi. I had to go on my phone to see the pics and yes..........that is a very nice resin kit! Isn't' that an '18 model though? I've seen a number of them on the road and have to look twice and realize that's a Camry! Toyota really stepped up their game with the design of that car this time around! Gotta give them credit for even doing this car as to my eyes it's mighty sharp! Hopefully that's a trend (signal) for others to do the same. Bring on more modern stuff that's woefully lacking in the hobby.
  7. Peking To Paris 41 Plymouth Rally Car

    Very nice!
  8. el camino 68 "HAYDEN FLOUR MILL "

  9. Oh yeah. I've said for the longest time the plastic we're getting today is NOT the same we used to get even as recently as 15 years ago. It's been mainly the reason I've become paranoid about painting with automotive paints and I'll barrier coat everything. It'll save many a headache (and heartache) from having to see your much prized creation get ruined in an instant from paint that's too hot for today's plastics. On that same note though......have the paints changed recently as far as their chemical makeup? When I was painting my MPC '74 Corvette Coupe, I used paint that I had mixed by a local retailer. Just to see how it would react to the plastic, I airbrushed a bit of it on a junk Monogram '59 Chevy body. What's interesting is the paint with NO primer or barrier coat whatsoever on the Chevy body DID NOT craze the plastic! I was pleasantly surprised as it made me wonder if the retailers are producing paint recently with 'kinder' chemicals. Just thinking out loud as this thread reminded me of that.
  10. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    are Arizona donuts.
  11. el camino 68 "HAYDEN FLOUR MILL "

    Wow, I'm really impressed! Love the color for the El Camino. The vine is a nice touch, delicate. The fact you live in the Netherlands, and have done something in Arizona, blows me away! Now, the drive back to Indiana with that load, hope it didn't rain!
  12. Aussie VK Commodore

    From one Aussie to another, not to bad for a Holden, what I see you've done an excellent job. Is this a Jaymar resin piece?
  13. el camino 68 "HAYDEN FLOUR MILL "

    Amazingly realistic! Particularly entertaining because I could probably see the actual mill building from here if the trees and buildings weren't in the way. Biked across the new dam earlier this year, a glass jungle is rising around the mill these days.
  14. 2017 Toyota Camry, Whats In The Box

    generally im not a fan of the 4 door stuff, or import stuff.... but dang I really want one.
  15. Fujimi Dino 246GT

    Sweeeeeet!!! This is a import car build I could sink my teeth into too! But I think I would really love the taste of that yellow myself!?! LOL!! David S.
  16. DSPIAE Circular Cutter

    Yeah, I got one of those and I just CAN'T seem to get that thing to work right! On my mind is special size redlines for a certain upcoming project. I'm definitely checking that out!
  17. '59 Corvette "Bring out your dead" build

    Okay . . . . . .I have been trying to get some stuff done on this once dead build! So I put the electrodes on it's neck again, and . . "IT'S ALIVE"!!! Well, . . . kinda!?! I have been getting the last of the body work done, and in the process, I broke the the splash pan off the front. Not the worse thing really, cause I had stuff I needed to fix in that area anyhow! Then while looking at it in side profile, it suddenly looked way too tall in the area below the doors. The mods I did on the back and nose are what made it seem that way to my eye. So I'm taking a bit off the rockers on this car! So here is before and after on on the one side done- And the last pic is a spoon test of the color choice I am using for body color. It will have black on the side coves. and somewhere?
  18. The future of offroading?

    But at least it's a functional looking sort of ugly.
  19. Goodyear Tire Stencil

    Sorry! ...............Still use them frequently!!
  20. Chaparral

    Great job Tony! I am also a huge fan of all things Chaparral, I never realized there was so much clean up on these you did a fantastic job with this, well done.
  21. Peking To Paris 41 Plymouth Rally Car

    Wish I could bang 'em out that quick to that quality. Well done. You've set the bar for the rest.
  22. 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan Resto-Rod

    Cool hot rod. The wheel/tire combo really works well on this model.
  23. Porsche 959 camera car

    Thanks for all the comments! I like different and off-the-wall subjects. Today I airbrushed the first coat of primer, which revealed all the missed spots for sanding and filling. I also made a few more parts, one tiny detail was door latches, because the P-D is using them, so I designed a flush lever. I wanted black headlights (Hella does this), so painted gloss black with a mist of stainless steel Alclad.
  24. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    Honey Nut Cheerios
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