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  2. Really well done and not what I expected from the Subject - Mordor is for me where Sauron dwelt and the Ring was finally consumed in fire... From Lord of the Rings: Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them, In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. Just slightly off-topic. Mind you, it's not a bad ride for a Dark Lord... He'd not fear to put a Chevy engine in a Ford!
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  4. I received this kit for Christmas and I'll have to say it was pretty fun to put together. There were 350 parts that's pretty much pressed together and went together quite easily.
  5. Mine too. It seemed so easy but I am now stumped! Can't wait to see what it actually is!
  6. If I'm correct and this kit is the same as my 39/40 kit was then your next fit problem will be the 39 hood to cowl. Might as well check that now. I never got mine 100% there but it is acceptable for my needs. I did mine as part of a build off with another guy from the forum building the same kit as a 39 and his 39 hood was the same as mine. I'd like to eventually build another one too and refine a couple of points a bit further .
  7. And it does. As you probably know, he finished in second place in that race, in a stripped down 4-seat touring car amongst a field of single-seat Grand Prix racing cars. From Wikipedia: 'The Bentley driver used his horn to warn the Bugatti to move over, surely a unique occurrence in Grand Prix racing! With seven laps to go Zanelli made another pitstop and Birkin was up into second place. ' Also from Wikipedia: The car’s outright speed was proved when Birkin set a new 135.53mph lap record at Brooklands. Thanks for re-awakening these memories. -Don.
  8. Finished the bike. Just gotta get the decals on the little Kenny figure now.
  9. The other thread about San Francisco reminded me of my first visit there in the summer of '73. We went into a little discount store in Chinatown where I picked up an Aurora '60 T-bird and a Pyro '48 Continental. Little did I know... I remember seeing a couple of the AMT Double Dragster kits as well. I remember those quite well - just couldn't bring myself to pay full retail ($2.25) for kits there. Only exception was when I just had to have the molded-in-red AMT '32 Ford Vicky fire chief's car.
  10. Getting back on track to let peeves..........Spending loads of time and effort modifying a kit only to find that what you have been modifying is due to be released as a kit!
  11. So far the conversation has been about the marker pens and a good number of suggestilons have been put forward. Have any of you guys used this ink through an air brush? Interested to know what experience anyone has doing this? A number of years ago I had a Rotring technical pen that was refillable, normally with their black ink. I wonder if the Molotow chrome ink would be thin enough to use in one of these. Not sure if they are actually made any more as so many disposable fline line black pens are on the market now.
  12. Everyone, thanks for the kind words. @beeRS: I just cut the support struts off and painted the parts. No further cleanup whatsoever. @peteski: it's made of several parts: block, gearbox, exhaust system, intake plate with stacks, pulleys, distributor, starter with bellhousing spacer. If you look closely you will see gaps between the parts. The problem with kits in too many pieces is the space they take up on the machine and the cleaning effort. That's why I like to print the block with heads and covers on.
  13. Beautiful work Mad Mike! Is the engine printed as one-piece print? If yes, unless one just paints it all silver, it will be very difficult to detail-paint it with different colors. I would suggest making it into a multi-piece printed kit.
  14. Sorry, neglected checking in. Yea, I think there is a flub in the engineering of final assembly, at the engine end of body to chassis, I had trouble too. I was not happy with the wheel well gap over the back wheels. Love the paint color! So close.......
  15. That turned out really nicely. Looking good, staying tuned for more pictures once the clear is applied.
  16. I have a 1mm and a 2mm. I store them capped, tip DOWN. I have not needed to "pump" or shake them yet. Note: they are both less than a year old.
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