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  2. 😎😎😎 Like the "changes"..... and the budd style rear wheels are what the kit should have come with... (just my humble opinion...) πŸ˜‰ DJ
  3. Don't use the valve covers that come with the Revell, they look like SBC covers and not tall enough. Other than that it is a nice engine. B&L Resin makes some nice FE covers. They can also be found in the Revell Thunderbolt and the original issue AMT 64 Galaxie
  4. 😎😎😎 Dennis, If this is going to be primarily a "shelf display" type of model truck, and money is an object, you might consider using one of the SNAP kits as the donor for your resin cab..... If you have a Hobby-Lobby that you frequent, those kits are about $18 using the 40% off coupon. DJ
  5. so, anbody have glass from a 62 300 they can part with?
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  7. When Danica was switching from Indy car to stock cars she was signed by JR Motorsports to drive for them. They built a ARCA car for her first driving test at Daytona in December 2009 (see 88 car pic). After the test, the car was renumbered to #7 for the ARCA Daytona race where she finished 6th in February 2010. (See #7 car).I want to build the 88 car. What would be the best starting kit for this project and who would have the best decals? I have a diecast of the #7 car already. Thanks.
  8. I’ve made a few. Several with fruit last year. My favorites were blackberry, raspberry, and best of all was tart cherry. I recently bottled some coffee liqueur. I made a White Russian and WOW. I’ve never had one of those before. Good thing I only had enough cream to make one. I’ve been using half gallon mason jars to make these. The cherry and coffee liqueurs might convince me to order some one gallon jars off Amazon. I may start an orange one next weekend (and use Tangelos instead).
  9. I drove a flatbed C800 (I think it was an 800, it was in the late 70's, and I've slept since then) It was a factory equipped propane powered 429 and quite honestly it was a bit of a slug in the hills around Northern California, and my brother in law had an early 60's 1/2 ton Ford with a 262 in it, and that was a slug going downhill with a tailwind. I cant imagine a 20,000 lb truck with one of those motors in it. I know gears help, but wow... Those 5 lugs are around, through Modelhaus Tires, and Scenes Unlimited. and I think Ken Kitchen even does a 262. Fireball does an awesome New Process granny 4 speed, also
  10. Here is the main panel of the instructions for the rear suspension of the Super Boss. The kit had the cranks on the outside of the frame toward the rear so you'll have to swap them to the inside and sand off the mounting tab. The axle is also round so finding a match for it with a power divider will be tough. Overall it looks pretty simple to do the conversion, you'll just need a spare set of matching axles or at least a leftover power divider and a driveshaft for the rear axle.
  11. Tom Petty seems to influence most guitar music, I cant remember many artists that dont list him, even ice t has him down as an influence for his bodycount group
  12. Beautiful work Safak, the door is awesome, looking forward to more
  13. Thank you Casey for helping Rich out. I have not seen this 300 amt kit before.
  14. True; but, since George is looking for a Lotus Esprit kit with an engine, those differences aren't a deal breaker if either is available for purchase.
  15. I agree, but I think red would look good.
  16. How about a '62 with a 262. Note 5 lug wheels which would indicate a C 550, the lowest end of the series.
  17. No they're not. Front bumper cover, chin spoiler, wheels, fender flares...all differences between the two versions Monogram offered.
  18. Same kit(I think), different box. Mine says Fabulous Fifties, and has a light lavender with purple roof car. The El Camino is right on. Thanks.
  19. Rich all I did to post these was right click on Picture and click copy. then come back to the site and right click and click paste. These are both from Ebay not my pictures.
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