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  2. Samuel S. is a standup guy.
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  4. Or check splash paints
  5. Thanks guys! It was actually a lot of fun to build! Steve
  6. Whoops, I didn't mean to suggest the blower on the Olds above is a Latham, which is not the case; it's a S.C.O.T as pointed out by Mark! Clarity fail 😕
  7. Got some painting done. My skills are not great with an air brush in these tight spots. Any recommendations? I touched up some spots with a brush, and have more to do. Also what is a good way to create road grime and grit build up underneath? I think this will help hide some of the poor skills with the air brush. And the turbos? Compressor side aluminum and turbine side a rusty color?
  8. That and the 69 SuperBee were the best of that group that Monogram made..Well proportioned.Simple building kits that can be made into tremendous models..You are on your way with yours..Here is one I did many moons ago..
  9. Yes! It’s a great technique
  10. no problem, I would be happy to. its a MPC Turbo Bird kit. I used different wheels and omitted the side pipes
  11. I was going to pick this up for my son this weekend, but could not find it. Where did you land it?
  12. Just got back from the funeral home. There was a nice memorial gathering with a very moving service; Tom had been cremated earlier but they brought a container with the ashes for the altar. There were a lot of family photos and displays of a couple dozen of Tom's amazing models, plus his brothers performed Bruce Springsteen's "Terry's Song (They Broke the Mold)", and I pretty much lost it at that point. Many members of the LMMCC were there to offer their condolences. R.I.P. my friend.
  13. It's from the article I was doing for the SLM site, Mike. Yeah, I know! 😀
  14. Looks great. Hairspray method for the whitewash?
  15. Very cool! I never saw one with skirts. Looks good! Sam
  16. Did you check with scale finishes?
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