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  2. Foose `56 Ford Pickup FD100

    Great looking build. The White color gives it a very clean appearance and it goes well with the light colored interior. The '56 Ford F-100 was in my mind the best looking truck they ever produced and they have offered many good looking trucks.
  3. Racing, Hot Rod, truck and aircraft engines by FTB

    wow! thanks for reminding me.
  4. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Wheels look fantastic. It’s amazing what a little detail can do to make them look so realistic.
  5. Vintage Auto Art

  6. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Looks fantastic Tim. I don't know if temperature and humidity changes caused the fit issues or alien intervention. But it looks great.
  7. 2 Hole 22.5 Budds from Scenes Unlimited

    I have a set of five hole disc wheels that were made by Clint Freeman back in the early 2000s. They are 1/24 scale, designed for Italeri trucks. I plan to use them and they look very good.
  8. Early Jeepster Hood & Body

    Well, I know where I'm spend my Birthday Money! Thanks, Jim. What is that transmission/ X-Fer case for? Jeep or Bronco?
  9. Kenworth snap kit rebuild

    looking awesome, KJ.. Great save.
  10. Primer question

    Certainly, everybody has their own preferences. Personally, I would choose Duplicolor over Tamiya simply for the much better spray nozzle alone. Steve
  11. I realize there are listings on evilbay. .....I want to build it.... NOT...invest in it! Any help appreciated! THX! for reading my post -Kevin
  12. As I understand it it is the same old kit as they have had for years, apparently this time the sleeper is included. With the boxart in mind I thought they would issue the first "Small Window" Unilite version of the wrecker with the Detroit Diesel 8V-71 and Stabil Aire suspension as it had the same boxart but in blue, but as far as I understand it's the later 1100 cab version with the Cummins NTC 350 and Peterbilt Air Leaf suspension. The wrecker body is the same on both kits tho' and it's a bit on the wide side and has to be narrowed.
  13. Keep looking at ebay, there are some who parts out truck kits there all the time.
  14. Early Jeepster Hood & Body

    Those are going to be a while yet, Mike, probably a few weeks or so. The website is updated! www.resincastmodelparts.com
  15. Foose `56 Ford Pickup FD100

  16. Foose `56 Ford Pickup FD100

    great color choice, goes well with interior & wood bed floor colors...
  17. 2 Hole 22.5 Budds from Scenes Unlimited

    Any update on when these will be available Danny? These are a big deal, big plastic never offered these 2 ton rims. This would be a natural for the Dodge L 700 ( the original IMC box art showed these rims) and the Ford Louisville or C series .
  18. KJ Humphries has a fan 3D printed. Take a look here. http://kdhumphr.wixsite.com/double-take-replicas/product-page/cabin-fans
  19. Racing, Hot Rod, truck and aircraft engines by FTB

    Very appropriate with today being the Indy 500.
  20. Parts help question.

    Geno, You might want to check out the NAPA catalog and copy a picture of the fan then reduce it in size and mount the picture within an outer ring and a back. Might be worth a try.
  21. Today
  22. Mercedes AMG GT-3 Beast of the Green Hell

    Some last pics with a driver inspired by Dan...thanks for the heads up on the Stig He seems to be looking for the keys!!!
  23. 2016 camaro

  24. 2016 camaro

    thanks the 3 chargers i posted before were all finished during the time when we were having problems uploading pics with the choose pics plus i tend to work on more then one model at a time sometimes i paint 3-4 car model bodies a day right now on my modeling table i have 2 car models i am working on 2 boat models and 2 star trek models and star trek prop replica i am making
  25. Shark Attack

    wow amazing IT Goods GOOD
  26. Resistance Soldering On A Budget!

    I am that old guy in the corner chuckling! These scales have literally been around for centuries. I took drafting courses in college in the late 60's and buying one of each was required for the class. Here is the history and why they are what they are. . The one you are talking about here is an "engineers" scale. The measurements are inches divided in 1/10's. This gives you scales that are evenly divide in 1000 This is because engineers send plans to machinists scale plans and define the measurements in thousands of and inch. The other scale that you have is a "architects" scale. The main graduations on this are feet divided in 1/12. This is because architects design buildings and there plans are measured in feet and inches. This scale give you scales that easily divide in 12. It also looks like the one you have is a metric version for 1/10s. So, 1:24 and 1:12 scale would be found on an architect's scale because they are factors of 12 and 1:20 and 1:25 scale would be found on an engineers scale because they are factors of 1000. The odd fractions that you find on the ends of a architects scale are in feet to the inch. Most architects scales are designed for the main divisions to represent feet but have a small section on each end that are divided to show inches per inch.
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