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  2. 1969 Boss 302

    Very nice detailing. FYI on the rear spoiler. Don't worry - I have seen real cars with the same issue.
  3. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Two figures, one intake and one set of valve covers - All from Shapeways.
  4. Real or photoshop? one...

    Looks photoshopped to me.
  5. Rick, did you color coat the interior you were flocking in a color close to the color of flocking material you were using? I would think there might be thin spots that would show through otherwise.
  6. 61-63 Thunderbird hardtop glass and hood insert

    I sent you a pm.
  7. So finally finished the dumper, for now, think it came out pretty nice. Thanks to everyone for all the input during the build.
  8. Studebaker Atlantic custom concept

    Agree with all the superlatives looks great
  9. 'recent' Camaro concept car kit

    I was hoping the concept car would be substantially different from the production version. Otherwise why build it, you see my point? If it was quite different I would build it for a friend. He has an actual Camaro and he's a car guy. I built him a '66 Chevelle SS396 and he really liked it. Thanks
  10. Vega drag car

  11. Done with he dump truck for now. made another bumper for it. I thought the other one looked to bulky. Posting the rest of pics in under glass. Going to add a salt spreader eventually as I have one, another member was kind enough to offer up. Thanks for all of the input throughout the build. I will post pics of my next build FORD f250 extended cab 4x4 with a powerstroke. The mirrors were from the parts box.
  12. LIndberg Ford Fooler

    I have built this as both a road and TROG (The Race of Gentlemen Sand/beach race) car. So with fenders/wings and windscreen for the road............ And as an old-timers beach racer (TROG)......Fenders and windscreen removed and a tonneau cover over the passenger seat.................
  13. BMF

    Brand new sheet here of "New Improved Chrome" BMF. Looks more like aluminum than chrome. It responds well to a Novus 2, then Novus 1 polish, right on the sheet. Warning- it will leave a dirty, black soot smears to surrounding area, plus your hands and anything you touch. Use white cotton gloves, or an old tee-shirt. In the pic below, I did about a third of the sheet. Just wanted to see how it would look. Definitely worth the effort.
  14. 1985 Thunderbird street machine

    Hi! No street version of this particular TBird exist... therefore, Iacono Pro-Stock modified with 87 Turbo-coupe quarters blended in to replace widely radiused units to make it a "civilian" version. Boss 429 engine & tranny, with scratchbuilt injection system. Hidden front headlights to smooth-out the OEM front end. Testor's Diamond dust silver. Parts-box wheels. Hours of fun! CT
  15. Krylon paint trick, is it for real??

    I have used shimmer and it works just fine. Do not wet sand it though. Removes color from the flake. This KW is purple shimmer.
  16. Today
  17. 1969 Boss 302

    Looks really nice in white.
  18. 53 Chevy Panel

    Finished the basic paint job. The off white paint turned out pretty good. I will need to clean up a few areas. You can see the front left corner of the bumper. When I removed the masking tape, the paint pulled off. I am also going to add trim to separate the two colors. Bill
  19. 1969 Boss 302

    Very nice clean looking build. I can see you did a lot of paint detailing on the chassis and suspension. The Pearl White color always looks better in person than in photos, it just doesn't seem to show the same shine in photos. I agree with '70 Grande about the white color giving it a more elegant look.
  20. ā€˜69 Dodge Daytona

    Figured I might as well do a wip on this one. Iā€™m hoping to have it done by the 4th for a local contest. Painted Tamiya Coral Blue, it will have a white interior and white tail stripe. Engine will be a wired and plumbed 440, and the steel wheels from the special edition ā€˜68 Charger kit.
  21. Marmon coe Topsleeper

    And we continue! With all the rivetting with the Freightliners, i also complemented the rivets for this cabin. This cabine is shorter than the Freightliners, and that's why I "only" needed about 250 till 260 rivets. The edges of the door handles are made out of 0,25mm thick styreen and i have cutted and sanded this completely to the right size, and i can guarantee you, these edges are quite thin and small. After all this work I sprayed the cabin in a primer and all look good and smooth. The only small spot i found, is an edge in the corner of the left headlight. And with ther cabine on the chassis for the looks..... Looks more better with the primer instead of all that white plastic. Thats it for today guys, and see you next round! Hermann. Hermann.
  22. RorM?

    I run the quiz and if somebody would do a photoshop or real quiz that has nothing to do with the quiz. @admins: You are running the Forum so it is your decision if a Real or Model or a Photoshop or real quiz or a auto quiz should be running or not. So please make a decision and then close this thread. Thanks
  23. Porsche 356 Speedster

  24. 7 Muscle Cars I Hope Will Be Kitted Soon

    The Chassis is decent, the floor is bad. I ended up cutting the rear (under the rear seat) out of mine and raising it to make space for the mufflers so they did not hang down. Revell has the entire thing flat from cowl to rear end, it is not. As for the body, I will not even go there, I do not feel like typing that much.
  25. The McGee '32 Ford Roadster: a Very Important Car

    The pick-up looks like a '32 thru'34 year model. I had one in the mid '60's with a warmed over Flathead and 15" wheels from a later Ford pick up. They had the 5 on 5 bolt pattern. The wire wheels make me think it maybe a '32 but these things got changed around so much and you just ran what ever you could get your hands on.
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