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  2. Phil Bonner Thunderbolt started

    Today's update. I changed the valve covers after these pictures. Tight fit in the motor bay, but it went together without a problem.
  3. Hi Roy, I used some tires I got off the web and put them with my wheels but unfortunately, I can't offer them as they have issues and I can't get them to print consistently without problems. For my build, it took 4 attempts to get success, plus the tires are not my creations so I won't be selling them for that reason also. Here are pics of the latest attempt a few days ago. As you can see, they are full of holes and fill up with resin, then leak for days and days. I may try to make some myself eventually but right now I have many other things to work on first. thanks, Bill
  4. 1/25 AMT '53 Ford Victoria

    Darn Still No Girl....
  5. I realize the topic title refers to painting, but would a decal be an acceptable substitute?
  6. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I am building a 1971 V8 Vega using a $20 promo. Easy to scribe the hoop open
  7. First Moon Landing

    That looks fabulous, Ray. Very well done. I built this kit right after the landing and agin in fifth grade as a member of an after-school science club. There are 3D printed detail parts for Apollo spacecraft of various scales available at Shapeways: Space Models by Vincent Meens A05 To 11-FUD-MS Interior F10-Panels 8-11 Lunar Module Ascent Stage - Fine Detail Plastic
  8. 1/25 AMT '53 Ford Victoria

    Thanks, Casey.
  9. Finest-flake silver metallic paint??

    Zero paint makes an Extra Fine Silver for candy groundcoat https://www.zero-paints.com/Extra_Fine_Metallic_SILVER_Groundcoat_for_Candy_Paints_60ml--product--348.html
  10. Princess de Rethy Ferrari 330 GTC Speciale

    Keep going, looking great.
  11. REVELL Metalflake Kits

    That is the Dart 440 body. This is the '62 Lancer
  12. Racing Edsel

    This would be something different. Another thought that got my attention was on the front cover of Street Rodder Magazine. A customized Edsel hardtop in a dark Burgundy color.
  13. Buddy Baker '73 Charger

    There is definitely a difference looking at the two you can see it, I think I'm going to get some of the Chevy engine red when I get a chance. I was a painter for quite a while and believe me I understand about the different shades and ultimately like you said it's up to me. I want it close but I don't need it exact which is why I will use the Chevy engine red. I get it on the Petty colors, that Petty Grand Prix I started was done with what Testors called Petty blue t the time (early 90's) and isn't to bad but the Petty Red that I bought the same time wasn't even close it was more like a florescent orange and probably the reason I lost interest in the kit.... You can definitely see a difference there, it is amazing how different colors are from photos and in real life
  14. As much as I love station wagons, I would rather had seen round2 find and reissue the old MPC '68 Impala.
  15. Looks like a burl pattern. You might be able to replicate it by masking, painting a light base color, daubing a few darker complimentary colors over the base color, and then clear coating it.
  16. What Irked You Today?

    The ambient temperatures are in the mid to high 90's but at least the humidity is still only in the mid 70%'s. = heat index of 108+ till Saturday. I'm hoping the Jet Stream drops a little south.
  17. Profil 24 Quality question...

    550 spyder obtained from the late John Johnson about 15-20 years ago.
  18. Does anyone have an idea(s) for painting wood grain as it appears in this picture from a Ford Econoline's interior? It's not the typical wood grain that can be painted with brush lines showing.
  19. Clearly Scale

    Bought mine through a US website that had them in stock. Never went through Clearly Scale. At this point it probably isn’t going to turn around.
  20. Plug, made from epoxy putty, for vacuum forming the rear window. I squish it into the opening, then carve and sand it to shape.
  21. What Irked You Today?

    Yea I can see your point, living in Canada like you do.Its just that it gets very humid here on LI.
  22. Today
  23. 1/25 AMT '65 Chevelle Surf Wagon

    Resin 2DW bodies are available, and of course you can always do your own conversion on the kit 4D body.
  24. Check your clearance around the Windshield. The Windshield doesn't want to fit all the way against the roof and a little sanding will go a long way. The Floor and back wall of the interior also catches on the inside of the cab a little. This combined with the fire wall fitment, making the three different parts all fit together takes some forcing.
  25. Dukes of Hazzard Diorama

    Yeah, that is way cool!
  26. Rubbery/Flexible Resin Castings

    The biggest enemy to resin is humidity. Here are a couple of photos of a vacuum chamber I built some time back. It was built out of a ten inch piece of PVC pipe I found in a dumpster at work. I added a interior LED light to better see what is going on inside. I use it to de air silicone before I pour it into a mold box and to remove humidity from my resin material. If you have attempted to try to make your own parts and the resin grows and starts to look like foam in a can it is full of humidity. Resin can reach a 160 degree temperature and the humidity will start to boil and foam up. After some time I bought a dehumidifier. After it was in use for 24 hours, the bucket was full. I could not believe how much moisture can still be in an enclosed shop even using air conditioning and also live in a dry state. A big problem with parts you may purchase that have dimples or warts on them might actually be from the silicone mold not having been de aired first. A silicone product may say that it does not need to be vacuumed but this is a CYA statement on their part. Many times I mix, vacuum and pour and vacuum again even on molds that are not very tall or thick, however you want to view it. Humidity and room temperature can effect the silicones ability to cure. I pour a small amount of silicone over a part with lots of detail like a wheel or grille or a dash and vacuum it. A small bubble can trap in detail crevices causing the part to come out with a wart on it. A small bubble can form just under the surface of the silicone next to a part too. Once pressure is applied that small area will get pushed in and a part can come out looking bad but to the eye the mold can look like there is no problem and from experience that can be frustrating to learn. Sometimes once the mold is inspected the problem is obvious but once it sets for awhile it can look normal again, A Jeckyl/Hyde affect. A air bubble tapped in silicone can be affected by normal air pressure too. if you notice a bump, stick a exacto knife blade in it to relieve the air pressure. The tubing you see has a drain valve attached to it. I usually just hold my gloved thumb over it so the vacuum draws down. The material will start growing and you want to make certain it does not go up and over the top of the container making a big mess. The front clear cover is about a half inch thick. I use a Robinair 2 stage 15500 vacuum pump. You can buy a 2 stage from Harbor Freight, but you should buy the warranty too, just to be safe.
  27. But it's a more-door. It's nice to see what others have done with this and it's nice that it's being re-released. But it's a more-door. It would have been so cool if it had been tooled as the two-door wagon.
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