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  2. Nice haul, and congrats. I'm sure that you'll find the instructions for it. Have you checked the Big Boyz column on this site?
  3. I had asked my daughter to show me how to get pics off my phone and transfer them to my computer. I'm old school and thankful that my wife and daughter can help me with computers/phones.
  4. jefropas

    FHP 02 Camaro

    Nice! Looks like one of the pics I took and are online from Orlando in 02' when they were new. Gonna build one myself someday, just wish someone made the correct wheels. Jeff
  5. Happy Birthday John. Enjoy your special day, stay safe and sound.




  6. this is a promo i got on amazon and got in the mail the other day i painted the body in testors one coat lacquer electric pink and the interior i painted in smokey beige
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  8. Hello everyone, here's a variation of my big block Ford, the 427 with double Holleys, Cobra air cleaner and Cobra - Le Mans covers. Ever since seeing the GT500 in the "Gunsmith Cats" manga I always wanted to build that machine. Thanks to DeAgostini I might actually do it one day, and of course it needs a better engine then. So here it is in 1/24 for starters, as usual, no attention to color, wiring etc, simply made of printed parts with no finish other than an overall thin layer of silver. Parts are: block, pulleys combined, distributor, two Holleys, air cleaner, two valve covers, two breather caps. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  9. Now that's a marvelous idea, thank you sir!
  10. Plastruct offer solid hex rod in 3.2 mm if that is close enough you could make your own. https://www.plastruct.com/products/90877-mrx-125?_pos=10&_sid=e86480cb1&_ss=r
  11. Agreed. Science is fluid and while one vaccine will seem viable, a better solution will be found. I’ve worked in Pharma for a number of companies for 35 years. What has kept development painfully slow are first that drugs need to be commercially viable for private companies to bring them to market. Second, approvals take years and once something actually comes to market companies have a short period of exclusivity to make back the investment. There are so many viruses, diseases and illnesses still needing solving because of the system. (no politics intended here...) The president announced “Operation Warp Speed” grabbing the best vaccine research minds in the country and giving them unlimited resources and funding, along with no government red tape! The objective is to develop a Coronavirus vaccine, target the end of this year. I find this incredibly interesting to see what happens. If indeed this strategy is successful, this could become the model for pulling together global resources for solving the many other needs we have!
  12. No worries, thats actually what I was planning. I've emailed Paul Fisher but don't expect a reply.
  13. Sorry Brian I haven't purchased any of them yet so I don't know the size. Worst case you could replace all the centerlock nuts with these parts from Hobby Design so that they would all match.
  14. Hello all, this is my new topic which is going to be for one of my all time favourite kit builds. I was delighted to accept this commission build and thought it was definitely one to share, I will try and keep this as up to date as possible given that Im very busy at the moment with several builds on the go. The model is going to represent Ronnie Peterson's final drive to victory at the 1978 Austrian GP. After spending a good long while organizing all the parts, I made a start on the engine block. Very early stages but the engine is coming together nicely, still a lot of detailing to be done. Thats all for now, back to the bench to start on the chassis, and the thousand of rivets that need to be added!!! Thanks Chris www.wardsmodelbuilder.com wardsmodelbuilder@outlook.com
  15. Thanks JC. I was looking at them as was wondering what their nut side diameter is. Would you be able to measure?
  16. Thanks. Only problem s I've had was getting that Revell transmission to fit under the chassis ( took a lot of grinding ) and the hinge on the front of the body. Think I'll just scratchbuild one.
  17. Would require minor modification: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hobby-Design-1-24-787B-Wheel-Hex-Nuts-set/401780981295?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  18. One of my grail kits arrived a few days back, the Monogram 1:8 "Big Deuce". The kit was a shelf queen that had fallen into disrepair, so the guy sent it to me for the cost of shipping. Now all I need are the instructions, and I'm good to go.
  19. Wow, can appreciate getting a stalled project off the bench! Love the weathering.
  20. Fujimi Enthusiast series is a favorite, and love this subject! Don't recall seeing the kit before. Huge hurdle for anyone is finishing. If you strategically "weather" it, can cover the rough spots, look for some pictures of the real car during the rally.
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