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  2. How long has it been since it sold for 25 cents??
  3. The soda bottle/heat gun trick worked for me, after I made a resin casting of the back window I needed to replace. It took four tries but I finally got it.
  4. Nick, I also lean toward Mopar models..... I would like to see this again also! I keep hopping that this will show up at Hobby Lobby...
  5. Thanks. Big help. I ordered the Sterling cab kit from AITM. Now to figure what/where to find a chassis for it go on. Side comment on G scale model railroading: Our guys run a lot of 1:20.3, but also 1:22 and 1:29. Different manufacturers have been making things to different versions of scale. I can make 1:25 work. Now to save more money!
  6. Wish I would get off my butt and build a few Mopar kits for awhile. Although I like most all cars, I do lean toward Mopars.
  7. She’s looking great, Geno! I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished.
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  9. I believe that you may be mistaken, at least on the Belair Sport Coupe. It appears to be all chrome from front to back. Steve
  10. Born to Speed, 1947. Fictional story, nice little plot, lotsa old midget racing footage w/ some V8-60 shots
  11. Very cool! Digging the look.
  12. The car in the pic is a Falcon, that’s a screencap right from the film. Whatever they filmed on, it made the cars look squashed. The link I posted earlier does take you right to a 4 door Falcon kit. It looks like the best one available to me.
  13. True- Moebius could rock this one.
  14. Those Mobius kits are so much more detailed than those AMT or MPC ever were. (of course they were great for that time)
  15. Great build Rooster Dave B
  16. I like it.Simple. Clean.
  17. Here we see the number 294 bus waiting at the bus stop, and just to the right there are some long shadows..... one of which is a gentleman in a bowler hat, who is about to take the bus into the city for his day at the office. This is the 1:43 scale diorama, and the AEC Regent RT London bus is by IXO. David
  18. That's really nice. Very well done.
  19. IMHO, a project like this would be a better fit for Moebius these days, for all the reasons you state. I would bet that the wood masters for the Monogram 1/24th Super Bee were discarded decades ago. Obviously, I'd love to see a 1968 Coronet R/T and /or SuperBee as well, and I also agree that it is one of the more obvious holes right now in the model company kit coverage of the first muscle car era. TIM
  20. Looks really good! I used Tamyia Mica Silver on mine.
  21. Thanks for the update, Dave. Much appreciated, and yes, we will continue to be patient as well as appreciative of your e continued efforts to resolve the issue! TIM
  22. Glad to offer you some support! If it makes you feel any better, my Cord is a 36 year long project right now! Never. Give. Up.
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