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  2. Hereโ€™s the kit I used.
  3. And more easily get air bubbles out from underneath. I have installed a few 1:1 Lamin-X bumper protectors and the thin film of water is definitely helpful. But only use 1/25 as much water on the windshield tint. ๐Ÿ˜…
  4. I started this one a while ago, thought it might make an interesting mild custom................ Really need to finish it though....................
  5. Yup. doing it in yellow. I might see if I happen to have a decal close to the Accell decal also. Steve
  6. Looking forward to seeing this Under Glass. It is going to be one very good looking Deuce.
  7. Looking great! I am building the version of this car before the wheelbase was altered.
  8. I'm guessing that the water is there for positioning purposes. So you can move it around once it makes contact with the glass. Steve
  9. I looked at some instructive photos on the BS Models site and it looks like they are spraying water on it - more like a decal.
  10. I bought a open box on the cheap early this year and understand the issues with it. I''m right now in the process of building it and plan to go restomod, similar to Steve's post. All the negative comments (I've heard them all before) almost turned me off but like I said, restomod. My original plan was to use the Delray chassis w/MCW body, but I saw too many issues with it and don't think I'd ever finish it. The positive thing is, the frame is narrower than stock, so wide meats fit well. Molded in exhaust is a negative, for me anyway, as is the fact that mine is molded in green (ugh). I have seen a couple of these well done, so its not as if you can't build one to your satisfaction if you are not one of the more discerning builders.
  11. Thanks Jeff! The stripes are all paint. It took me 2 attempts to paint it, and it still isn't perfect, but it will have to do. If I build another with the same stripe pattern, I will do it differently. I think it would be easier to use a thin decal stripe for the divider stripe rather than try to paint it.
  12. Beautiful work KJ ! All the subtle details really pop, even looks like rubber rub strips on the fuel tank straps ! The stripes are super nice are they from Jerry
  13. gtx6970


    My 2cents. Your not trying to build replica stock. So all bets are off.....build it the way you like. My gut tells me its going to be killer either way
  14. I unwrapped the sheet after my last response and they are printed on very thin flexible film with a mild adhesive. So all that is required is to cut around the edge, peel it off of the backing, lay it on the inside of the glass and burnish it down. Seems like it should work pretty slick. Steve
  15. A great save. These kits were tough to build to begin with and you did a good job. I have mine from when it was built in 1965 and just might do what you have done. Mine has long since yellowed. I have re-visited an IMC kit (Chaparral 2E) and they can be made into a decent model with new paints and techniques. Yours is proof of that.
  16. Okay guys. I was pretty sure that it was not a factory thing, but it's really not necessary for this build anyway. I'm assuming that this is what I was thinking of. I thought it might be nice to add a little extra flash to the engine. Steve
  17. Reminds of the period British car magazine that road tested a newly-imported Pacer, complete with dodgy RHD conversion. They were not impressed. In a container on a ship, probably. It didn't rust out completely on its ocean cruise?
  18. Those are two great looking Deuces. The contrast between the two is very dramatic.
  19. Al I have a scrambler body that is painted, just the body no trunk or hood. If your interested Iโ€™ll send you some pictures.
  20. Congrats on your Grand Sport. Looks good. Really like the interior photo. More photos please. I hope to build one someday.
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