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  2. Oddly enough, pretty close to this
  3. California Ain't What It Used To Be

    ' Um,move.' Can't.Have responsebilities here. To be fair about it.The vast majority do follow one of the old rules.'Mind your own business.' It be Easter tomorrow I will just be quiet about it for awhile. Happy Easter!
  4. Weird cars Post em here.

    Likely for hunting hogs. In Texas, feral hogs are a huge problem for farmers, causing about 50 million dollars a year in crop damage. There is no illegal way to kill wild hogs in Texas. You can pay to shoot them with a machine gun out of a helicopter.
  5. Funny little guy. I hope you like it. Acrylics. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/46736471905_15ee8c0bd9_c.jpg[/img https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/46736471415_59230ef3b6_c.jpg[/img And now...
  6. Today
  7. Good suggestion, Rich, but it violates my First Rule. No New Tooling.
  8. 1957 Chevy convertible

    love it great job
  9. Karmann Ghia build.....

    nice its looking good so far cant wait to see more
  10. Krazy Kustom

    nice cant wait to see more looking good so far
  11. Seems like an opportunity for the Olson Brothers. Hint hint. Malibu bench seat too. Wanna build an L78 !
  12. I have read on here that 105F is OK and will not damage styrene, so I set it at either 95 to warm the paint or 105 to dry it. I have never checked it for accuracy, but have not melted anything yet.
  13. Freightliner FLB 1/25 AMT conversion

    Outstanding work so far.
  14. I'm familiar with Golden acrylics, and have used them on canvas for some time; top-notch stuff, but yeah, top-notch prices! I had a similar problem a few years back as your door issue; it took a change of primer to nail it down. It seemed like there was a difference in densities of the styrene, as if it was not fully incorporated and had hard spots and soft spots. Krylon sandable primer, sanded smooth with 800 grit and followed with a coat of spray-can etching primer (I forget the brand) as a barrier coat, and the enamel paint (Testors red) laid down smoothly.
  15. Interesting that gets a Skill Level 4 on it, but it's a SnapTite kit. What is it with their weird need to neglect to mention that? I get that they think adult modelers are put off by SnapTite kits, but at the same time how many people have seen this in it's "EasyClick" RevellAG box and are going to be screaming all over FB when they pull a SnapTite kit out of that box? Also H.L. - or at least that H.L. - has overpriced that kit. The MSRP via Stevens is $19.95.
  16. AMT 34 Ford p/u cab

    Needing the cab and windows only for that kit.
  17. For those of you who are considering the several Tamiya NSX race cars, I hope you enjoy masking!!
  18. I did some digging and found another 34 cab that I should have used for that build,that one was probably a real nice cab and the one I found would have been better to use since it had many layers of paint. I am gathering parts to make a very nice 34 big truck and will have to soak the new find cab many tines to get all the paint off of it.
  19. Name that movie quote

    Funny,I never saw it,but I remember that line.
  20. 57 Ford wagon police parts

    Yes I do.
  21. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Build--ROUND 2 Is On!

    JYJ. that's an interesting build
  22. 1963 Corvette Z06 "Tanker"

    Nice! The big tank (36 gallons) was an option during all mid years, but the Z06 was only in '63. It included the fuel injected engine, big tank as well as heavy duty suspension, brakes, cooling ducts etc.
  23. Revell 2019

    Of course, there are companies modifying LR's with LS engines, upgraded suspension and interiors
  24. Name that movie quote

    Pulp Fiction
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