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  2. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    and lousy benefits
  3. What diecast did you get today?

    Yes I do .
  4. Help me help an elderly relative out

    I would call the cable company and explain the problem.
  5. 1969 Dodge Charger 500

    I'm trying to fix the hood to match the front fenders on the '69 Charger 500. I've posted again on my WIP thread. When I have updated the hood to my liking, I'll post a final picture on this thread.
  6. What Irked You Today?

    That's sounds like a safe and good investment. My wife keeps telling me we should get those also. Hmmm???
  7. '55 Chevy Street Machine

    Despite the areas that you mentioned,the car is a clean and shiny build.
  8. 2016 camaro

  9. 2016 camaro

    thank you
  10. He has cable, which I assumed was more or less immune to outside interference.
  11. Well, yes & no. The Revell of Germany is a 1973-82 W900 while the AMT is a 1968-72 W900. There are differences in the cabs. I'm pretty sure Gary Wallace makes a daycab rear panel for the Revell of Germany W900. You might even be able to use his panel for the Revell USA W900 Aerodyne.
  12. 2016 camaro

  13. Latest Builds

    They all look very nice. Man doing a half a dozen builds every month doesn't leave much time for anything else does it ?
  14. AMT 1969 Plymouth GTX Decals

    I have a set. PM your address and I’ll get them in the mail for you.
  15. 2016 camaro

    Your build looks great and I like the theme. I have only visited Hawaii a coupe of times, I don't think a black car is wise in the tropics, but I know that's the way it works on TV.
  16. 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Drag Racer

    Very nice build Mike. This is one of my favorite kits. I’ve built one, that I really enjoyed, and got two in the stash.
  17. AMT 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

    Great looking "Stock" A. I don't often see one built this way, and that's a shame because the original is a very handsome looking car.
  18. 1969 A12 Roadrunner (I will need some advice)

    Nice Mopars Ron. I have a Blue 70 GTX, and a 70 Roadrunner, that will be hitting the bench real soon. I just can’t decide which one is getting the Fireball Six Pack carb set up, and which one will be box stock. I also have his rally wheels rubber tires to use too. I’ve used his rally wheels, and tires on a 70 RR I built for a customer, and they looked fantastic.
  19. Revell Miata Mk1

    I have owned three of these cars in 1:1 scale including a '95 M Edition in Merlot Mica. You really are doing a fine job here. The car obviously has a ton of underhood plumbing which could complicate a full detail job. I like the middle of the road path you are taking. I will continue to watch this with interest.
  20. Early Jeepster Hood & Body

    Sorry guys, I haven't had a chance to update the website yet. Hopefully soon. There is also a 'vert top and the full wagon hard top coming, as well as a Jeepster-style snowplow.
  21. '55 Chevy Street Machine

    It's done. I have a couple spots to fix, I hope. I had to fix the alternator. It broke off and I had to try to squeeze it in after assembly. I used super glue and I think that got on my finger. I have a tiny smear on the right door and left upper fender near the hood. Can this be buffed out with rubbing compound? Also the fit was funky. The right side of the body snapped in good but the left side didn't want to go over the frame like the right. Also the wheels are wobbley. I put the axles all the way in the wheel but they didn't seem far enough. Oh well live and learn.---John
  22. 1965 Plymouth A990

    Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the positive replies.
  23. Help me help an elderly relative out

    Does he have cable or satellite? If so, his problems could be with the cable company or satellite reception. I have cable and have occasional problems not unlike those you're describing, and they're the cable co's fault, not my TVs.
  24. Shark Attack

    Awesome custom work!!!!! -RRR
  25. It's only plastic

    I was thinking the same thing. I wish I could do surgery like that.
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