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  2. Just about finished with the '68 Road Runner kit, 1/25, but I have misplaced the front bench seat! Seriously misplaced. I have looked everywhere, including boxes of other kits. Help! Thanks
  3. wow, now that's a paint job! What a cool custom๐Ÿ˜Ž
  4. Gotta love those "California Special" tires that screech and squeal on gravel and sand. Plus the optional colour (and trim level) changing interior on those Ford pickups.
  5. Yes, rear window is also more vertical than on the hardtop, so different C-pillar shape. Basically the whole roof is different, which is typical of the era. 4dr sedans and 4dr hts were pretty different. A resin Biscayne or Bel Air will be nice, along w/ the different interior trim.
  6. Yep. The Mack DM800 mixer has longer chassis rails and a hard bar Mack suspension too. Ben
  7. Yesterday
  8. I'll be getting a Resin Bench seat, and building mine with a 327 from another kit. Those are all the concessions I'm making for my build.
  9. Its' begun! Just a bit of sub assembly and getting everything in primer.
  10. There is an aftermarket company, 'something Squads' that has nice police car pushbars.
  11. I enjoy the odd poem now and then myself.

  12. Very nice!,Tamiya has a winner with this kit.
  13. Thanks, guys. Yeah, they are pretty much all showroom stock. It's not something I stubbornly stick to, I'd like to do weathering, rusting etc but I'm not brave enough to venture there yet as I'm still relatively new to this. My most adventurous build was the Cyclone with the raised rear leaf springs, that and a custom steering wheel is all I did and I was nervous doing just those, lol. I had fun building that one though and definitely want to do another, maybe with a blower sticking out of the hood. I wasn't confident enough to do that with this Cyclone.
  14. Has anyone with definite knowledge confirmed the '63 Chevy II Nova wagon IS the wagon mentioned in the Round2 video?
  15. Hi. I'd like to try 'foil-casting'. But what brand, etc. to use? Thanks.
  16. The most recent re-issue was a limited release (not a huge number of kits produced) and prices are in the $40 or so range now, so it might be best to build your kit and enjoy it. Other than newer radial tires and new decals, the kit has changed very little:
  17. Whoa this is a super clean job. Beautiful conversion man. You even made the correct bumper filler panels!! Way to go man!!
  18. Tamiya has done a full run of 1/24 scooters . They were bonus parts to car kits, and available as a set of 4 . They also did a run of 1/12 scooters .... ask me how I know ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ itโ€™s an obsession ....
  19. I agree there are too many R32s, but as a race car guy it's incredibly frustrating that Tamiya is sitting on a mound of race car tooling that would sell - most of it doesn't even need decals at this point - and none of it has seen the light of day since it's original runs in the 80s & 90s. Hasegawa & BeemaNuNu are throwing that era racing kits out in all formats and Tamiya gives me turned metal throttle bodies on a Lotus. Speaking of which the Lotus 79 isn't the best example, since it's the same race car, at least with an R30 (despite all the Aoshima kits) there are a bunch of civilian and race R30s, and Hasegawa seems to be able to crank at least 5 variants out of everything even if it means putting a resin chin spoiler in the kit. You'd only need one Lotus 79...maybe two if there's a race specific version, but you can build several Skylines however you'd like. ๐Ÿ˜… Aoshima also gets all my thumbs down right now as they've turned into an even more conservative company than Tamiya in terms of their releases. There have been what...4 new tools in the past half decade, and I'd love to see the sales numbers on that Toyota Taxi. The Pro Box is getting it's 4th kit in October, but how many Mazda Familia Vans did they move? The R34 4 Door gets it's 5th version (if you count the original Custom Wheels version of the 1st releases as it's own kit) as a Police Car in October, and the URAS Type-R FINALLY saw the light of day. I know Fujimi is off playing in 1/72 military land right now, but I'd love to get one of the 3 promised Jimny kits instead of the 14th reissue of the Hustler.
  20. 3DScaleparts is AMAZING ! I love dealing with mike . Heโ€™s doing a one off set of wheels for my 1:1 replica currently , also did the wheels and other parts on my Cadillac build .
  21. Great job on the correction Roger! First time I have seen someone do this.
  22. That looks great Steve. I've always preferred the '68 design over the one-piece '69 headlight doors. Interesting note on the '68 h/doors; the Beaumont parts were chromed castings vs the chevelle's stamped anodized aluminum parts.
  23. Stunning collection there! I really like them.
  24. I'm trying to post pics again.....
  25. Detail Master and Pro-Tech (Charlie - he is a member here) sell ignition wire. And if you don't mind something a bit larger diameter, 30 AWG wire wrapping wire also works well.
  26. Thanks Greg. That's a fair answer. When I bought it, I planned on putting it together but the longer I held onto it, the more I thought not to break the seal. I'll pick up the reissue. As a kid I had the 240Z with the red white and blue decals and I destroyed it. I want to get that back too
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