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  2. '68 Chevelle SS 396

    Now that's one sharp Chevelle ! Beautiful work Roger !
  3. 1970 Dodge Challenger Deputy 225ci slant six

    Very VERY nice. especially the color combination. One question, But Im pretty sure the Challenger Deputy have fixed rear 1/4 windows
  4. 59 nash metropolitian

    Excellent job Glen , that's one sharp little bugger !
  5. 1/18 Paragon Jaguar E-type Lightweights

  6. I built a early 30s kit several years ago for a friend. Used thread like this. Run it across a candle to take the fuzz off of it and it actually looks very accurate I have a 33 Chrysler Imperial kit I have on my short list and plan to do exactly this all over again , very soon
  7. So, what would you recommend for cloth covered plug wires? and what dia. do you recommend for 10.5mm plug wires?
  8. '68 Chevelle SS 396

    VERY clean build! At first I was offended by the lack of black body lowers, then realized you went restomod with it, so anything goes. Well done and model on!
  9. If you think the video is bad, go find it on youtube and read the comments. LOL
  10. Tamiya 1/24 VW Beetle

    Looking forward to the build. This kit is really enjoyable, had a lot fun with mine
  11. 1970 Dodge Challenger Deputy 225ci slant six

  12. '68 Chevelle SS 396

    Looks terrific! Very nice build
  13. 1970 Dodge Challenger Deputy 225ci slant six

    Beautiful build.
  14. '69 Camaro LS

    No problem there, you started with a sinister looking beast. Very well built model. I like it.
  15. Revell '67 Corvette Holley 4 bbl carb from kit #85-2050

    Still could use a chrome carb (part # 104) from the Revell '67 Corvette kit #85-2050.
  16. Best Logghe chassis

    I think the Polar lights Mustang FC chassis and tin would serve you well. Correct roll cage, footwells in floorboard, and straight rear frame.
  17. 77- 78 Thunderbird in 1/25th scale. first copy

    Very nice work Paul!
  18. 77- 78 Thunderbird in 1/25th scale. first copy

    The wheel base was 114 inches from 1972 to 1979 for the 2 door anyway. Having said that , I installed a S?H chassis to a Johan and it was tooooooooooo wide. Had to do a lot of whittling
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  20. '68 Chevelle SS 396

    This kit was at or near the top of my want list for a long time! A big thanx to Revell for bringing it out! I first thought about just building it straight out of the box. But, that plan changed. I rarely, if ever, build the same kit twice. So, I figured I better build it the way I want while I was at it. I already had the colors in mind (Bright Aqua and White). On the body, I added a vinyl top/trim, corrected the wheelwell lips and filed/sanded to get a better fit on the grille, tail light panel and hood. Then it was just sand, primer and paint (Dupli Color Bright Aqua covered with Tamiya TS -13 and Tamiya White Primer). I decided I wanted my '68 to be different. Instead of the same old big block and four speed, I went with the blown/fuel injected big block, automatic and A/C from the AMT '68 El Camino Street Machine version. It also donated the dash, console and shifter. Changing the dash was more work than I anticipated. I learned the hard way that the dash from the El Camino is almost 4 mms wider than the Revell dash. But, it's the same width as the body. It's more accurate than the kit piece. But, it was missing one thing the kit piece had and that was the defroster/speaker detail. I cut that from the kit dash and added it to the AMT dash. I then trimmed off 2mms per side from the top of the door panels to allow the new dash to work. I also had to merge the consoles together to get a good fit to the floor pan. Under the hood was fairly simple. I added the dryer for the A/C and built the box to connect it to the fan. I modified a set of headers from an AMT '67 Chevelle Pro Street to fit. I had to rework the belt and pulley system as the piece from the El Camino had no provision for the A/C compressor. I made a down pipe from aluminum tubing . Then just added details. Not much done to the chassis. I lowered the front and rear, boxed the trailing arms, added Pegasus wheels and disc brakes. Thanx for checking it out!
  21. 1961 Mercury Monterey hood

    Perhaps a bit of a long shot, but you never know. Trade?
  22. Best Logghe chassis

    The stage II has a different roll cage shape (thinner?), floorboard tin (footwells?) and the frame goes straight back from the rear axle mount verses curved down on the stage I.
  23. le couronne

    Ken this is amazing work you have going here. I have to ask what are the three sphere things on the upper deck on the stern?
  24. Phil Bonner Thunderbolt started

    Thanks. I did look at some pictures but didn't look far enough down the page to see that. I'll be painting my nice flocking black to correct this.
  25. Best Logghe chassis

    Can you explain the differences between the Stage I and Stage II chassis?
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