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  2. Wow, can appreciate getting a stalled project off the bench! Love the weathering.
  3. Fujimi Enthusiast series is a favorite, and love this subject! Don't recall seeing the kit before. Huge hurdle for anyone is finishing. If you strategically "weather" it, can cover the rough spots, look for some pictures of the real car during the rally.
  4. You don't need a clear coat over decals. The real ones seldom used one. I don't know why so many modelers want to clear coat every thing.......
  5. True, I do have a spare hood but ya never know if I would still have it then.... good point..
  6. Cool build....I always wanted that kit.....never crossed my path.
  7. Colour looks great with the flash on your camera
  8. Beautiful car! And a tribute to his late greatness, fantastic...
  9. Wow that looks great, who makes the 51 fastback coupe?
  10. Well...I got my notice from Model Roundup, but it was for the other order I had placed! LOL
  11. ...got my notice from Cultman and paid for my 2 pre-ordered Supernatural '67 Impala's this morning....
  12. I remember building this a long time ago but you did a MUCH better job than I did. Very nice!
  13. I have tried a few sets of the 19” Pegasus wheels, as well as some of the Japanese rims, and they are too large for the space I have on the car. It could be done, but there would be a lot of cutting and rearranging needed to make them fit. I have considered the mild custom idea, but I would want to take it a bit further with some dechroming and other modifications, and this kit is too clean. If I find a clean builder, I will probably go that route.
  14. Thanks guys. Tom, on the corner windows, I cut the clear plastic I got from Hobby Lobby to shape first. Then I used some superglue (very little) on the edges of the frame and placed the window after putting a curve to it in place and held it in place with the end of a paint brush. Better ways ? Probably but it worked for me.
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  16. This had been a long project. Stalled for one reason or the other over the years. I finally got it off the bench and finished this spring. I combined a 21 window bus front with the rear of the single cab kit. I wanted a long bed double cab. Sitting on a set of 3D Scale Parts rims and tires, lowered and weathered using Vallejo paints and washes.
  17. I looked online to see if I could find a pic of how I would do it, which would be mild custom, but I couldn't find any! That may tell you how many old Lancers were done up custom.... Dare to be different? The Lancer flippers, maybe some lakes pipes, nice paint, and you'll have something unique......
  18. Hi, Would any one happen to know where I can get a wheel nut similar to the one pictured? It came with my Fisher kit that I am restoring and only have 3. It's close to 3.5mm in diameter and to me is the perfect wheel nut. Total bummer. Thanks in advance.
  19. Thanks for the kind words and support. Much appreciated!
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