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  2. '96 and '97 to be precise. for his final 2 years of F1 racing he returned to Benetton swapping his Ferrari cockpit with a youngster called Michael Schumacher ...
  3. There's supposed to be a documentary on the restoration coming at some point. I think I read it on Rik Hovings site
  4. Sweet, both builds will be cool. Can you keep us updated on the real one too please?
  5. Ucsp will probably be your best chance. I dont think they do one currently but it seems like something they may do in the future as they recently did an engine for the audi quattro rally car so this might be a natural next engine. You could also try scale production
  6. Thanks, David! I appreciate it! It's fun, in this wheelhouse! I've wanted and old style hot rod, for a long time, and one night, I opened the closet, and the little coupe called to me! Interestingly, the wire front wheels originally came out of this very kit. I'd shuffled them to several different projects/ideas, over the years. I first built them over 20 years ago! Now, they come home to stay. I have the Revell Woodie and the "Rat Rod" release of Revell's venerable roadster pickup. The engine in the Woodie is pretty nice! I was going to keep this simple, and use the engine from this kit, but, I hated the oil filler tube, and knew it would be way too much hassle to clean its remains from between the cylinders, and, off I went! I think I will make the oil line on the right side of the engine with copper line and brass fittings, just for appearance' sake. What would you recommend for green paint for the Engine? I think I want to go with that early Ford green. Thanks for your comments, Bernard!
  7. Very nice. The rear window really catches my attention. Is this stock (except for chop)? Its reminiscent of a '57 Ranchero. Looks great!
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  9. Part of the same collection as the Grabowski roadster, the Golden Sahara had been restored, and is back on display. Goodyear recreated the light up tires that were on its last public shown version, though unlike the old ones, the new ones are solid, and aren't really intended to be used for normal driving. More here https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/03/07/golden-sahara-ii-restored-to-original-glory More than a little hype in calling it the first autonomous car, though.
  10. Top Shelf job...and I love the Tennessee plates on it!
  11. Great Looking build Jonathan!! Race car and trailer. Looks awesome in tow!!!
  12. I was there at lunch today, the stack looked pretty fresh.
  13. Looks good! I really like the delicate chrome trim on the dash gauges & valve covers, however the headlights appear to be mounted side ways...
  14. Very sharp and stone cold cool !!!
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