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  2. VERY COOL....................THANKS !
  3. Looks great! I need to get back to building my dump. πŸ˜€
  4. I got some more carbon fiber work done this evening. I also had to repaint my wing due to some trash that had to be sanded out. Not much progress, but I’m going to try to lay some clear coat down tomorrow.
  5. Here's my Camaro with mad coil and distributor! vince
  6. Interesting...googling turned up pics from that article and a RHD car (maybe the same car...custom RHD dash). http://www.smcars.net/threads/amc-pacer-circa-1975-rhd.24572/
  7. Excellent work as always! Interesting idea on the exhaust! Looks great!! I like spokes on a Peterbilt!
  8. hey steve kris morgan has the accel coils already yellow and tan with decals and kris's stuff is awsome and fair priced! vince
  9. Here’s the kit I used.
  10. And more easily get air bubbles out from underneath. I have installed a few 1:1 Lamin-X bumper protectors and the thin film of water is definitely helpful. But only use 1/25 as much water on the windshield tint. πŸ˜…
  11. I started this one a while ago, thought it might make an interesting mild custom................ Really need to finish it though....................
  12. Yup. doing it in yellow. I might see if I happen to have a decal close to the Accell decal also. Steve
  13. Looking forward to seeing this Under Glass. It is going to be one very good looking Deuce.
  14. Looking great! I am building the version of this car before the wheelbase was altered.
  15. I'm guessing that the water is there for positioning purposes. So you can move it around once it makes contact with the glass. Steve
  16. I looked at some instructive photos on the BS Models site and it looks like they are spraying water on it - more like a decal.
  17. I bought a open box on the cheap early this year and understand the issues with it. I''m right now in the process of building it and plan to go restomod, similar to Steve's post. All the negative comments (I've heard them all before) almost turned me off but like I said, restomod. My original plan was to use the Delray chassis w/MCW body, but I saw too many issues with it and don't think I'd ever finish it. The positive thing is, the frame is narrower than stock, so wide meats fit well. Molded in exhaust is a negative, for me anyway, as is the fact that mine is molded in green (ugh). I have seen a couple of these well done, so its not as if you can't build one to your satisfaction if you are not one of the more discerning builders.
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