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  2. Wanted Model Cars Mag November 2012 Issue 172

    Ok I couldn't find issue 172. However 174 has an article Tim's trophy tubs which has the Amt 1927 T with the frontec engine. Is that the artic lo e you were looking for.
  3. Trying to create a new WIP thread and I am getting the 404, tried a few times over the spawn of an hour, no luck.
  4. Rubber Duck Mack Update 8/16/18

    Slow progress, just adding a few pieces once in a while and lots of time waiting for the glue to dry. Using mostly white glue at this point, the super glues fog the clear plastic windows and mistakes clean up better. Waiting for some .030 and .040 wire to arrive for the mirrors. Chrome is either BMF or Molotow Liquid Chrome.
  5. Wow

    That's a big model. Looks to be about the right scale for cats.
  6. Dandy Dick Landy cars done!

    Thanks to all! I actually bought the Dart kit off eBay just for the Landy figure to put him with the cars,and it was NOT in the kit!!! I was not happy!
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Thanks Mark, Tom, and Carl for the comments. I'm still kickin' it around. Not sure how far I want to go with it. I'm wondering if I should use the Foose frame/suspension/engine, or try to lower the Mobius suspension a little and adapt it to the Foose engine. I don't think the Foose rear wheels/tires will fit inside the Mobius fenders, so I might have to try switching boxes, or using front tires on the rear and rear tires on the front. Guess I'll play with it and see what works.
  8. Drag-U-la surfboard

    Vince I found a pic. Type in Munsters Surf Slab and you will find it. Looks like you need to use parts from Drag u la and the Koach.
  9. Gto funny car

    I have this kit and you can have the body, etc.
  10. Real or photoshop?

    I was pretty sure that it was an illustration because the way it was lite and the reflections.
  11. Wow

    I only Thought my display case was full !
  12. t.m.resin

    Anyone know if he's still in Biz?
  13. Drag-U-la surfboard

    id like to find that article that might look pretty cool! if anyone finds it maybe they can post it? vince
  14. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    Programmed pizza hut
  15. Pancake mount Cummins

    I built one. Several here helped with pictures and reference. Take a look at the thread here:
  16. Autocar A64B

    Very cool, I never knew that they used Aluminum for the frames. Seems like that would be expensive and lead to problems in salty areas.
  17. Today
  18. Okey Spaulding - Mr. Johan

    I personally talked with him a few weeks ago at the Cincinnati Challenge model contest. He told me he sometimes gets over a hundred emails per day(!) so don't be too disappointed if you don't hear back from him via that method.
  19. James, the Full View window was available on all conventional and LCF cab trucks, even the larger models. The Deluxe cab, which is a separate option, could also be had, but would be rare to find it on a big truck. On the model names, Apache was the model name for 1/2 through 1 ton, regardless of drive configuration. The Viking covered the 1 1/2 ton and 2 ton models, and Spartan was the 2 1/2 ton. Chevrolet used those model names until '62, though they only appeared in advertising for '62. The early name used for the 4x4 models that used the Napco system was the Mountain Goat. That name was mainly used for trucks that were converted by the dealer to 4x4, not the '57-'59 with the factory installed system. Both 4x4 systems are identical, though.
  20. Anyone convert a Revell W900 Aerodyne to a day cab?

    Thanks, that looks good. I want to replicate some trucks used here locally during the fruit harvest season. Mainly I want to replicate the trailer, but it needs to be pulled by some kind of reasonable modern, but not too new day cab. Most are Internationals, but the right trucks are not in kit form and I just can't afford all it would take to do one of the resin cabs out there.
  21. Partial to Monte Carlos too

    - 1983 - White or Blue exterior with blue graphics, two tone white and blue bench seat interior with woodgrain accents. Steel rally wheels with trim rings. - 1984 - White or Blue exterior with blue graphics, solid blue interior, bench or buckets available with woodgrain accents. I seems they went half way with these years to guage interest, since most interior parts were not specific to the SS. - 1985 - White, Silver, Burgandy and Black exteriors, red or burgandy multi toned stripes based on the color, with Burgandy or Gray interiors, black brushed interior accents with red striping, bench, 60/40 or bucket seats. - 1986 - White, Silver, Burgandy and Black exteriors, red or burgandy multi toned stripes based on the color, with Burgandy or Gray interiors, black brushed interior accents with red striping, bench, 60/40 or bucket seats. Aluminum 5 spoke wheels replaced the steels, third brake light was bolted in and and T-tops became available. - 1987 - White, Silver, Burgandy and Black exteriors, red, gray or gold multi toned stripes with purchaser's choice, with Burgandy, Gray or Tan plush interiors, Aerocoupe is added. - 1988 - Same as 1987, however, the brochure listed Gold as an additional color, but was never produced. My previous Montes: '71, '72, '74, '80, '85 SS, Silver with Gray (my first new car), 2002 SS, Silver with Black. I guess I've had a Monte sickness.
  22. 1966 AMC Ambassador

    Beautiful. Great color.
  23. 1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

    wow, that's awesome !!!
  24. Porsche 935, Matchbox, 1/32

    Decals from Patto's Place going on. Excellent printing and thin carrier film, and very easy to use. The only issue is that they are deigned against a 3D model of the real thing, not a specific kit. In this case, the gotcha turned out to be that Matchbox put the NACA ducts on the rear wings/fenders too far forward... That's the majority of the decals on. Still a few small ones to track down, and once they are all set thoroughly I can see that some work needs doing to bed the stripes in around the compound curves. Final clean up and detail painting to do, and she'll be ready for beauty shots... but not for a few days because we're off to Paris for the weekend... best, M.
  25. 1967 Plymouth GTX

    Thank you Larry.
  26. What did you see on the road today?

    Not quite on the road but close. A 3/4 ton 53 International with "borrowed" trim and a plywood tailgate. Anyone recognize the crest?
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