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  2. MP4-30 Mid Season

    Stunning build; both of them!
  3. MP4-30 Mid Season

    Hello folks, Worked on this Ebbro Mclaren Honda for about 3 months on and off and this is my second completed F1 scale model. Paint is Tamiya TS40. Even though its debatably the "wrong color", I am more than happy with the outcome and I think its a good representation of Mclaren Predator Grey. . . . . . . . Two Mclarens, 24 years apart, both Honda powered, both driven by World Champions, one faired much better than the other
  4. GMC 7500 Spreader Truck

    Excellent work Brian!
  5. A Recipy for Financial Ruin

    Looks like there is an ATHS event on my neck of the woods Aug 23-4. I might need to check it out.
  6. '66 Shelby GT350H rescue

    Very good catch. I though something looked odd, but couldn’t quite figure it out. Thank you for noticing!
  7. Big Three engines by FTB

    Not yet..... I'll head that way soon 😏👍🏼
  8. '66 Shelby GT350H rescue

    Thanks! Sounds like some really neat projects!
  9. 1985 Olds Surpreme Brougham

    Nice build! I haven't started but I'm going to build a similar mode,. My first car was also an ,84 brougham, with a navy interior and vinyl top, but mine was painted an off-white/cream. Hiwd yiu tackle the vinyl top? It looks great.
  10. Terrible Box Art

    Here's one for the ages.....
  11. 1985 Olds Surpreme Brougham

    Other than the Regal G.N. / GN-X and , to a lesser-degree , the Monte Carlo SS , the A/G-Specials weren't marketed as performance cars . Yes , the H/O Cutlass was performance-oriented , but... Roger Smith did enough damage to G.M. --- a total unenthusiastic individual .
  12. Today
  13. #2, 1962 Ford Thunderbird

    OK, this is my second time at "Flocking". Don't think it looks too bad. The big spot the drivers side will be covered by the driver's seat. I'll get better. Heard that "embossing powder" works better. Opinions?
  14. '70 Plymouth Superbird

    Wasn't it originally TB3 Corporate Blue ( "999" on the fender tag ) , but was named 'Petty Blue' for the 1970-1971 B-bodies ( then renamed Basin Street Blue [Plymouth] and Super Blue [ Dodge ] for the 1972 model year ? ) The "T" in "TB3" = 1962 model year release . I've heard some conjecture that Petty Blue was actually a different shade of blue vs. Corporate Blue .
  15. Looking for a few sets of the thin stripe whitewall tires found in the Moebius '65 Satellite kit. Not interested in the Moebius Comet tires...the whitewall is wider and kinda goofy looking. Have parts to trade or can do PP too.
  16. '70 Plymouth Superbird

    Looks great! "Super" job! Everybody loves Superbirds, even us Ford peeps
  17. Volvo 850 Estate Wagon.

    Beautiful paint!,I built the same kit a few years ago and I enjoyed it so much I bought another kit.
  18. 1966 AMC Marlin (Jo Han)

    X2. I wish I had one.
  19. 74 Buick Electra coupe

    WOW! I do love Buicks! That is very nice too. I would really rather have a Buick!
  20. Beach Boys Song. Shut Down Dodge Dart

    Well for a real challenge try building Jan & Deans "Schlock Rod" Schlock Rod! Schlock Rod! I own a '48 Buick and it's olive green Schlock Rod! (Oooh! Oooh!) All the kids on the block say it sure looks keen Schlock Rod! (Oooh! Oooh!) There's big chrome stars on the side of the hood And those six extra taillights sure look good! Schlock Rod! Schock Rod! I, er buy all my car parts from a mail-order house Schlock Rod! (Oooh! Oooh!) And everybody says my car is sure Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse! (Squeak Squeak!) I got lights in my wheel wells and Portawalls I burn cheap gas and she always... stalls Schlock Rod Schlock Rod I got one big truck tire that's low on air (That's cool! Cool! Cool!) Makes her sit a little lopsided, but I don't care! Schlock Rod! (Squeak! Squeak!) I got twin antennies with a raccoon tails Spare in the trunk, well, it's full of nails Schlock Rod! Schlock Rod! Look at us go Goodness gracious, we're traveling fast! Schlock Rod Zippity zip down the street Schlock Rod! (Squeak! Squeak!) (You betcha, Red Ryder... Follow me, Muscles) Schlock Rod! (Squeak! Squeak!) Race that Honda Don't wind her up too much Oh, oh, oh oh Take him! I can feel the vibrations We're gonna take off, I bet you I wouldn't bet you... Schlock Rod! Schlock Rod! Zipping around wet corners I can make her brody Schlock Rod! (Oooh! Oooh!) And then I stop at the drug store, well Just for a sody (That rhyme...Ewwww! Ewwww!) With a bright orange bug deflector with a great big jewel When I make the drive-in scene, I sure am cool! Schlock Rod! Look at me, I'm hep! Schlock Rod! I just bought a propeller for the front of my grille (That's swingy... Hi, boys, it flies!) Well, looks so nifty makes my heart stand still (Ahhhh...Uhhhh?) And if you ask me if it's slow I won't lie I can shut down any Honda With the uh, wink of my eye! Schlock Rod! Schlock Rod!
  21. What went wrong???

    Which brake fluid did you use? Dot 4 Brake fluid has always worked for me (dot 3 is the most commonly used stuff for paint stripping so should work too). It even removes 2k clear after a little scrubbing.
  22. Lola T-70 Mk III

    Thanks Mike! I am designing several parts for this in SolidWorks. I have a printer that I'm working with for the 3D parts and he's in the 40 micron range right now. I'm planning to replace the engine with a more accurate SB Chevy. When I mounted the front roll bar to the cowl/windshield frame I paid attention to get a good fit for the windshield. But now the hood/fenders/nose doesn't fit very well to it. Not a surprise and an easy tradeoff. But it also turns out the dark blue plastic the body is molded in is really brittle. A goal from the start was to not have the body panels under tension when assembled, but now it is very important due to how many cracks and parts have broken under just modest stress. Brass reinforcements have been added along the way including the pins and machined tubes for mounting points at the cowl. To cut down on the load/stress I had to add mounting points to the front of the tub and hood too.
  23. Revell 2019

    Can you post some pics of yours Tony ?
  24. Revell 2019

    I thought the bodysides looked better than the latest '70 kit (not so slabsided) and the roofline looks better than the '95 issue (not a chopped top).
  25. '71 Mercury Comet F/C

    Another cool build! I have a few of the Comet Pro Stock kits including a Fast Eddie. Always loved these kits!
  26. What went wrong???

    Thanks guys. This is a 70s AMT interior bucket that was sprayed blue with TS-something. Alcohol, Super Clean, brake fluid, oven cleaner hasn't budged it. Just want to change the color. It's so lightly engraved that I don't want to put more paint over it if I can get what's there off.
  27. Revell 2019

    It's based on the new tool '70 Barracuda/ Sox & Martin kit. I got one last Friday (6-14-19). The Hemi valve covers and dual carbs are left in the AAR kit from the earlier releases but the 4 tires are still all of equal size (unlike the real car's staggered sizes). Maybe the AMT parts pack tires will work (?).
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