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  2. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    all kiddin' aside Tim........you've outdone yourself!!!!! the only thing missing is the smell of burnin' nitro and burnin' rubber.
  3. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    I just turned 50 this past year,and I'm not going to lie,it sucks.Im 50 years old....OMG!!!!! Trust me your not the only one who didn't set the world on fire.But whatever,I'll keep kicking until the lord puts me where he wants me..Jeez,I sound like a priest or something
  4. Weird cars Post em here.

    Oh it's for sale for $16,800.No thanks.
  5. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano(Fujimi)

  6. Revell: 1967 427 Corvette convertible

    Very Nice! I like how you added the touch of primer to the body. It makes me want to sand it up and finish the paint job just like when I see the real cars out on the road. Can I ask a question? I have built this car and the 65 Corvette as well. And I never could figure out how to install the radiator. I tried several different ways and strategies and I just couldn't get it in there. Can you tell me your secret on how you did this? I this same kit in my collection and as soon as I know I want to build it. Nice Job and Thanks!
  7. The Mustang's 55th birthday TODAY....let's see them.....

    Has it been that long ? aren't we due for a decent modern kit of this great Icon ? You have to admit, The AMT promo chassis kit is a little long in the tooth.
  8. 1961 Chevy

    Thank you Bob.
  9. Mercedes 540K

    https://www.ultimatecarpage.com/gallery/Mercedes-Benz-540-K-Cabriolet-A-145780.html Check this out from Techno Classico. Multiple shots under the main image.
  10. Bed scene?Which one?When he stopped using and his parents locked him in?Is that what you mean?Check out Train Spotting 2.It came out in 2017,and it was also hilarious.
  11. And since spring is here, the Boss' club racer has been brought in for some prepping.
  12. 1961 Chevy

    Nice one Jim ! Looks super sharp in that color and i really like the Keystones on it !
  13. 7 Muscle Cars I Hope Will Be Kitted Soon

    can't wait fer this bad boy
  14. 1978 Mack U-Model "Overnight"

    Thanks for the huge compliment! Thanks so much for the compliment as well!
  15. 1978 Mack U-Model "Overnight"

    Thanks for the kind words. Mack brochures say the offset was for improved vision, "putting the driver right behind the tire". Some sources that I've read said it improved vision on winding mountain roads. On a very sharp curve the driver could see farther ahead sitting on the far left side of the truck. Some other sources say it was because of the short hood and the engine does extend back into the passenger floor board. However, Mack made other offset cabs that the engine did not extend into the passenger floor board.
  16. A restoration project has come in. It was found in an old building where the Boss was snooping around for interesting engines.
  17. Revell Auto Transporter

    Looks so realistic.
  18. Krazy Kustom

    Lots of cutting and fitting to be done.
  19. 70 charger promo

    Good save.
  20. Some odd and cool old drag cars

    yes if you look close i believe you can see a passenger seat.
  21. BMW 635 CSi and I8

    Both are very nice.
  22. BMW 635 CSi and I8

    Thanks, one of my model collegue has created them, so we easily can make our own licence plates with the letters from the area you want, it is quite a job to make them, yuo put the white background first, then the letters and the numbers, after that you can put other details like Norwegian flag and at the end a top blank layer to protect all
  23. 70 charger promo

  24. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano(Fujimi)

    It is gorgeous Anders.
  25. Some odd and cool old drag cars

    That one was actually a Street Freak--I remember it from Car Craft magazine. If I remember correctly after all these years, it had a Pontiac engine in it.
  26. LHD Gulf Seven

    Mark, I am glad to see you mentioned the "scale effect". I have long believed one needs to make adjustments when the mathematical scale dimension (and color and shine sometimes) needs to be adjusted to look right in scale. I feel that is one of the issues with 3D generated models.
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